L'Oréal has launched a global solidarity program to support those who find themselves in a particularly difficult situation today

" To the whole world - to the whole world" - this is how you can characterize what is happening now on the planet. In difficult times, the theory of small deeds comes to the fore, and in the era of a pandemic, literally every inhabitant of the Earth can benefit. We are moving into home office mode to slow down the spread of the virus, ordering food from our favorite restaurants at home and shopping online, supporting brands dear to our hearts.Of course, large corporations do not stand aside, and today L’Oréal is implementing several initiatives at once aimed at supporting the fight against coronavirus.

  • The Russian plant of the company, which is located in the Kaluga region, in just two weeks converted part of the production for the production of antiseptic hand gel. The first batch of sanitizers is already ready, it - like all subsequent ones - will be donated to regional hospitals.

  • La Roche-Posay antiseptic gels will also be available to doctors and pharmacists. In addition, the brand will donate large batches of Lipikar Xerand hand moisturizer to doctors. L’Oréal Paris will donate 100,000 units of sanitizer gel to Russian hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus infection.

  • In addition to the he alth authorities, employees of other vital institutions also need help.Garnier will donate 100,000 hand sanitizers free of charge to large retail chains that continue to provide people with groceries and essentials. In addition, Garnier is donating an additional €1 million to the fight against coronavirus.

Aid will also be targeted to the most vulnerable segments of the population. L’Oréal will donate a batch of shampoos to the Rus Foundation (their beneficiaries include lonely elderly people). Hospice patients and people living in nursing homes will also receive shampoos and moisturizing body balms: the program is carried out in partnership with the Joy of Old Age and Vera foundations.