If glitter manicure has already become a common thing for you, then you will quickly get used to kamifubuki too. Try nail art with this material to create decor - as an experiment

Kamifubuki is used in manicure when they want to create a festive mood. This is one of the varieties of sequins, but it should not be confused with glitter. Next, we will take a closer look at what it is, and also tell you how to do a manicure with kamifubiki in 2023.

What are kamifubuki?

Kamifubuki, which we often call “kamifubiki”, are tiny colored plates that decorate nails. From Japanese, the name of this decor element is translated as "paper storm" . Most often, kamifubuki are round in shape and are very similar to confetti. An example of a manicure in lilac color is below.

Usually kamifubuki are made of a shiny metallic material. However, there are also matte confetti for nails. Both of them are good for creating beautiful nail art.

Kamifubuki types

  1. For the shape

    The most popular round confetti-like kamifubuki.

    But there are other options. For example, stars, as well as rhombuses, hexagons. With the help of this decor, you can create a spectacular manicure with the effect of scales.

  2. By color and texture

    When kamifubuki are needed for a festive manicure, they choose shiny confetti.

    Some of them - with a dense background in color - resemble foil. With them, you can make, for example, a red, burgundy or black manicure with kamifubiki. But there are also translucent shimmering kamifubuki. They shimmer in different colors, creating a holographic effect on the nails.

Features and advantages of manicure with kamifubuki

Kamifubuki manicure is often compared to a design that uses glitter. But if you can simply sprinkle glitter on your nails and create, for example, the effect of scattering star dust, then with kamifubuki the procedure is completely different. Kamifubuki elements are usually larger in size, so they need to be placed on the surface of the nail plate alternately - using a toothpick or dotter.

In this case, you need to take into account some nuances. Large kamifubuki are recommended to be fixed on the most flat parts of the nail plate. This will increase their durability. Masters warn that kamifubuki do not adhere very well to ordinary varnish, even if the top is applied in two layers. It is better to decorate them with a manicure using gel polish. Sequins are carefully “planted” on a layer of gel polish so that the color does not get on them.

Please note that kamifubiki can be used in different ways - for example, small ones can be fixed on large ones, creating even more interesting nail art options than when applying confetti in one layer.

What kind of nails would this manicure suit?

Kamifubuki is a versatile decoration that can be used on nails of any length and shape. You can play with contrasts: apply kamifubuki-rhombuses on round nails, and sharp, with triangular tips, decorate with round kamifubuki with soft outlines. Another option is to choose kamifubiki according to the shape of your nails. Round to decorate rounded short nails or, for example, oval.

Diamonds and stars will look interesting in the design of sharp nails or, say, almond-shaped ones. Hexagons in this case will suit girls with square-shaped nails.


Design ideas for short nails

Kamifubuki on tips

If you cover the whole nails with kamifubiki, the result will be visually heavy, and especially on short nails. To make the manicure light and elegant, decorate only the tips of the nails with the help of shiny colored confetti.Apply a clear or nude polish as a background. For example, "To the fullest" from Essie.

Also, kamifubiki for short nails shouldn't be too big. Try to make, for example, a blue manicure with kamifubiki.

Delicate monochrome manicure

An option for girls with short nails (which, however, is also suitable for those who managed to grow them) is to add a monochromatic coating on one or two nails with kamifubiki in the color of varnish. If you are looking for a way to diversify your manicure while maintaining the neatness of minimalism, this is it. A light manicure with kamifubiki will definitely look gentle and restrained. Try to make, for example, a milky manicure with kamifubiki.

Polka dot manicure

Choosing this simple design option, many put peas on their nails with colored varnish. To do this, use a thin brush, toothpick or dotter.In this case, there is still a chance that the points will turn out to be different or uneven, or even blurry. To reduce the risks to zero, you can do a polka-dot manicure with kamifubuki, fixing them at approximately an equal distance from each other.

Color blocking with kamifubuki

Color blocking manicure can be complemented with other decorative elements. Leave a block on each nail colorless - and decorate them with kamifubuki of any shape and any size. Just keep an eye on the amount: it is better not to fill the transparent section with sparkles entirely.

Garland Manicure

String kamifubiki on a "thread" drawn in a thin line over a plain coating. Use glitter in different sizes. You get a decor with a festive garland - such a manicure can be done, for example, at Christmas or on New Year's Eve.In this case, a bright shade is also suitable as a background - for example, "Fashion Style" from Essie.

Matte kamifubuki manicure

Pay attention to the purple manicure with kamifubiki, where glossy textures are combined with matte.

Don't you like glitter in your manicure? Then choose matte kamifubiki that look like real confetti. Kamifubiki will look beautiful on blue or red nails.

In many materials devoted to manicure, we talked about the fact that texture contrast looks very good in nail design. Kamifubiki can also be used in this sense. Those that shine will look great on top of a matte finish, and vice versa, matte ones will make a glossy design more original.

Kamifubiki nail designs for long nails

Here are kamifubik manicure ideas for long nails.

Kaleidoscope Manicure

With the help of kamifubics, you can create design options that look like bright kaleidoscope paintings. To get the desired effect, you will need to apply a lot of confetti of various shapes on your nails, so it is better to make the background coat neutral - colorless or nude.

Two-tone manicure

Use kamifubuki to combine two contrasting colors in your manicure. Apply a solid color coat: one shade on the nails of the thumb and forefinger, the other on the nails of the little finger and ring finger. Decorate the middle one with a kamifubuki of the same colors that you have chosen for the design. The cover with kamifubuki can be "shifted" by a finger to the right or left - this option will appeal to those who prefer asymmetry.

French with kamifubikami

The classic jacket is too simple and even old-fashioned. To make a French manicure look more modern, try to complement it with decor.

For example, on a pair of nails, give up white stripes on the tips in favor of kamifubuki. So the classic nail design will appear in an original and fashionable interpretation.

Dark manicure with gold

Even if each nail has its own design, the result can be stylish. The main thing is that there should be no more than one decorative element per nail. Somewhere it will be just a monochromatic coating, somewhere - metal stripes, and somewhere - colored kamifubiki on a transparent background, selected so that they harmoniously blend in color with the varnishes chosen for the design.

Kamifubuki nude design

When the basis of a manicure is a nude shade coating, it is difficult to overdo it with the design. Almost any decor looks good against this background.

If you have kamifubuki at your disposal, you can use both circles of soft shades - in the color of the base, and colorful shiny confetti.

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How to do a manicure with kamifubiks: step by step photo instructions

  1. Preparation

    Start with hand and nail care. At a minimum, you need to trim the shape of the nails, as well as tidy up the cuticle, after softening it. Before applying the base coat, be sure to degrease your nails. We talked about how to do a regular manicure on your own in this video.

    Dry the base coat thoroughly before applying the base color. We said above that kamifubuki hold best on gel polish, so if possible, choose it for work.

  2. Creating decor

    The color layer that will serve as the background for the decor should remain "raw" . On it we will lay out kamifubiki. The easiest way to do this is with a toothpick or dots. Be careful not to press the kamifubiki too hard into the polish. Elements can be placed randomly or create a beautiful ornament.

  3. Fixing

    When the decor is ready, apply a top coat on your nails. This must be done carefully so that the kamifubuki do not move. Therefore, it is important to wait until the confetti layer is almost completely dry. If needed, use a dryer after topping to make the manicure set even faster.


Do you have kamifubuki in your manicure set? Tell us if you have ever used them in your designs.