Ombre is one of the few color trends that manages to stay at the peak of fashion and stay relevant for many years. The thing is that this is a very practical trend. And not the most difficult technique - such coloring is done even at home

At first, with the help of this trend, summer was extended, achieving the effect of regrown sun-bleached hair with a soft border of transition from light shades along the length to dark ones at the roots. And then they began to use the ombre technique for other purposes - to combine several unusual shades in their coloring.

Ombre - what is it?

Ombre is a coloring technique that originally created a sunny effect on the hair. At the same time, the hair was lightened approximately from the middle of the length to the tips, and the border between the shades was made blurry, smooth. Thanks to this technique, you can "make friends" of fairly dark shades with a blond so that they do not contrast, but harmonize.

Later, ombre staining technology was no longer used exclusively for natural staining. With the help of a gradient (ombre is also called that), they began to combine other shades on the hair - from pastels to neon.

And it is not necessary that the ombre coloring be two-tone - you can use many more shades.

Pros and cons

Girls who try ombre coloring will hardly find any cons in it. But its main advantage is that this coloring technique allows you to get a new look in a way that is gentle on the hair.

Only part of the hair has to be lightened. And to do re-staining in order to maintain color, it is not necessary every month - as required, for example, by coloring in one tone. Hair can be allowed to grow back without being damaged by frequent coloring.

Types of ombre staining

What types of ombre are there?

  • Firstly, ombre can be natural - with the same effect of sun-bleached hair.

    At the same time, a gradient is often achieved in coloring in bright, flashy shades.

  • Secondly, ombre can be sharp - with a very slight blur at the junction of shades. This option is suitable for those who love bold beauty solutions and expressive contrasts in their image.

    For lovers of naturalness, an ombre with a smooth "stretch" of color is more suitable, thanks to which the result looks more tender and softer.

    Both effects are easy to achieve with Colorista Ombré by L'Oréal Paris.

Who would suit ombre?

Ombre is one of the coloring techniques that suit everyone, because every girl can choose the right option for herself, regardless of the length and color of her hair.

Dark hair

Brunettes can do an ombre with a slight lightening of the hair at the ends by one or maximum two tones: this will refresh the natural color and make it more "summer" .

And for girls with dark hair, an ombre with deep shades of blue, emerald, purple and smoky gray suits.

You will find these colors in the Colorista Hair Makeup collection.

Blonde hair

Gold blonde girls can lighten their hair towards the ends for a "burnt out" effect.

With white blonde it is better to try other ombre options - with contrasting shades.

On such blond hair, even pastel is perceived as bright, let alone neon; however, the ombre effect just allows you to combine them harmoniously.


Blonde hair

On blond hair, the “kiss of the sun” will turn out much more noticeable and expressive than on a light blond.

And just like in previous cases, fair-haired girls can choose bright shades for unusual ombre coloring.

Red hair

The ombre effect will help create golden tints on fiery red hair. They will give them a voluminous shine, especially noticeable in the sun, if you use oils and other hair shine products after dyeing.

Ombre coloring technique on hair of different lengths

Short hair

It's hard enough to create a full ombre effect on short hair. If you have a pixie haircut, you can only slightly emphasize the ends of the hair with a lighter shade. If you have a square or a short bob, even with a "stretch" of color, the length will seem clearly divided in two.

An option that works in this case is the ombre effect, which can be obtained by using the balayage technique on some strands.

Medium length hair

But for girls with medium-length hair - from the shoulders and below - the ombre technique will suit without reservation. Ideally, the transition from one shade to another should in this case begin just above the middle.

However, the border can be moved closer to the tips, but this should be done if you have color staining.

Long hair

On long hair with ombre coloring, there will be no problems. For hair growth, use a hair growth mask.

Moreover, the length in this case allows you to combine not two, but three or four shades in coloring. In general, there can be more if you use different colors on different sections of hair.

Ombre fashion ideas

Kare with caramel ombre

How to lighten rather dark hair with the ombre effect? If you have a warm color type of appearance, you can choose shades from the honey-caramel range. Their advantage is the effect of natural lighting. If you use these shades mainly on the top layer of the hair, and leave darker strands on the bottom, you can achieve an expressive volume that will be easy to emphasize with curls.

Neon ombre

When neon shades are used on dark hair, a glow effect is obtained, with which the coloring becomes even brighter and more unusual. On blond hair, such a contrast with “highlighting” usually does not work out. So brunettes who want to attract attention should take this idea into service.

Grey ombre on black hair

Using smoky shades in coloring, you can get an unusual and very beautiful matte finish. This is a winning choice for black hair. The transition to graphite gray will be smooth. The result will not be bright, but it will be simply impossible not to pay attention to it - this is a very effective coloring.

Ombre on medium hair in marine shades

Ready for a bold makeover? In the summer, you can make coloring in a marine style and combine darker shades of blue at the roots with turquoise azure at the tips. These cold colors will contrast with the usual summer range and therefore look non-trivial and fresh.

Ash ombre

Ombre is a technique that is always ready to help out brunettes who want to be blondes, but do not dare to say goodbye to their natural color.This is not required. Without fear of contrast, you can use very light shades in the middle and ends, up to ashy hair color and ash blonde.

Fiery ombre for blondes

When doing ombre coloring, blondes often choose pastel shades: pink, mint, blue, lavender. But orange on their hair appears extremely rarely. Why not create a fiery effect on the tips with yellow and orange shades and add a couple of red accents? Oddly enough, this option is recommended even for girls with ash blonde.

Natural ombre on long hair

On long hair, gradual lightening can be started closer to the tips. To make the result more natural and softer, add a few thin strands to the gradient, on which light highlights will appear already in the middle of the length or even at the roots.

Soft ombre for brunettes with medium hair

Balayage and Shatush left the ombre in the shadows in part because the technique divides the hair quite noticeably into two sections. But if you correctly select the shades - so that they differ from the original by only a couple of tones - the result will exceed expectations.

How to make an ombre at home?

Now let's figure out how to make an ombre. When making an ombre at home, it is better not to experiment with bleaching your hair. Use gentle products. If your hair is too dark, you should turn to professionals, as you will not achieve the desired effect with home remedies. If you still decide to achieve the ombre effect at home yourself, follow this procedure.

  1. Preparation

    You should have everything you need when coloring at hand: the dye itself, a container for mixing the coloring composition, a comb with a separator, a brush, disposable gloves. A towel should be thrown over the shoulders so as not to stain the clothes with paint.

  2. Lightening

    The ombre coloring scheme is quite simple. After mixing the components, apply the product sequentially to the hair, but not in one line - make strokes either higher or lower. At the transition points of one shade to another, avoid strong pressure with a brush. But paint over the tips more carefully. By the way, to soften the border, you can use a comb - it will "stretch" the color. We clearly showed how to do it in our video tutorial.

    There is a suitable comb, for example, in the Colorista Ombré ombre set from L’Oréal Paris.

    Leave the dye on your hair for the time indicated in the instructions, and then rinse.

  3. Care

    Home color kits usually include a conditioning balm to be applied after the paint has been washed off. Use it, then dry and style your hair to see the result.


Rules for hair care after dyeing

  • First, you need to provide enhanced care. Coloring, as a rule, dries the hair, so they will need intensive hydration and nutrition. Use masks, balms, oils.

  • Secondly, you will need products for colored hair, which fix the color, preventing the pigment from washing out. These include, for example, the Elseve "Color Expert" hair mask from L'Oréal Paris.

Ombre color review

According to the editors, these funds are worth paying attention to.

  • Colorista Ombré paint, L’Oréal Paris

    This L'Oréal Paris hair product was created especially for those who want to achieve an ombre effect on their hair.It has several features. The first is that the paint allows you to lighten even fairly dark hair and is suitable, for example, for a brown-haired woman with milk chocolate-colored hair. The result will definitely be noticeable. The second feature is the presence of an expert comb in the set. It will help you create that very smooth transition between shades, for which ombre is made.

  • Color Sensation The Vivids, Garnier

    If you have blonde hair and are ready for a bold ombre contrast, try The Vivids, part of Garnier's Color Sensation collection. These tools will help you create a gradient transition from blonde to pink or, for example, blue on individual strands or at the ends of your hair. The result will be bright and shiny: the composition of the paint includes floral oils and mother-of-pearl.

Have you already managed to appreciate the benefits of ombre staining? Write a comment.