Editor-in-Chief Veronika Gnezdilova is testing the iconic Superstay Matte Ink lip product

There are dozens of lipsticks in the Maybelline New York collection, and each has its own distinctive features.

Superstay Matte Ink has an ultra-resistant texture.

  • The lipstick is moisture resistant and stays on for about 16 hours.

  • With a high concentration of pigments, the color on the lips looks rich, and the super-long-lasting formula provides brightness throughout the day.

  • Superstay Matte Ink has a matte finish, lips feel like velvet after application.

  • It is convenient to apply lipstick with the applicator, shaped like a petal. Its pointed tip is easy to outline.

  • The fluid, creamy texture of the product facilitates easy application.

I tried out three shades of Superstay Matte Ink lipstick from Maybelline New York.

Shade 60, Poet

I think this nude shade is perfect. It is suitable for both daytime makeup and evening makeup, if you combine it with bright smoky eyes.

Lipstick does not dry lips and does not pull them together, gives a feeling of comfort. It spreads easily, does not clog into cracks.

Shade 25, Heroine

The name of the shade speaks for itself. Lipstick is really addictive beauty - you want to use it again and again. Lip makeup looks great! For a daytime make-up, the color, perhaps, is not very suitable, but for an evening make-up it is what you need. I will test it not only at home, but also at summer parties.

Since the color of the product is bright, I first apply a moisturizing balm on my lips, let it soak in, and only after that I spread the lipstick - this is how I get the perfect result!

Shade 50, Voyager

The wine shade looks darker on the lips than in the package. The coating is dense and maximally saturated. Lipstick does not smudge or spread beyond the contour, so you can do without a pencil.

Warning: Superstay Matte Ink lasts super long! And it will not be easy to wipe it off even with micellar water - you will need more than one cotton pad.