Flames on nails are one of the hottest offers from trendy nail artists. But this design is easy to make at home on your own. We tell you exactly how

If polka dots, flowers, stars and hearts have already passed the stage in the development of nail art, take a closer look at the manicure with fire. This is another laconic and stylish design option with patterns that will decorate your nails and draw attention to your hands.

When is a fire manicure appropriate?

Fiery manicure may look different depending on the scale of the drawing and the shades you choose.

The design will turn out bright if you combine catchy neon colors in an artistic composition on your nails. With this manicure you will be the star of the party. Pay attention to "Lilac" by Essie.

And if you make the flames “cold” (white or, for example, light blue) and draw them over a transparent background, the nail art will turn out to be quite restrained.

When considering a fire manicure, consider your own style. However, do not discount the requirements that may apply to an office dress code.

If there are no contraindications, there will definitely be a reason to decorate nails “with a twinkle”.

Which nails does it look best on?

Almond shape

The flame design rhymes perfectly with almond shaped nails. Draw fiery flashes rising up from the holes to pointed tips or, conversely, facing the base of the nails.

Sharp nails

The same tactic can be used with sharper nails. Whichever way the fire is directed, the result will always look spectacular.

Oval shape

The most versatile form is conducive to any experiments. It can even be a small light in the middle of the nails, as if taken from the emoji category.

Square nails

Many flame designs are inspired by racing car designs. This nail art is often used on long black square nails.

Ways to create a fire design on nails


An option for those who have no experience in creating nail art. And also for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time and effort on a manicure.

All you need is to create a background. If you purchased stickers with a pattern on the entire nail plate, you can not do this either.

Hand painted

He who owns artistic techniques can literally create an exhibition sample of manicure with fire. But such options require real skill in owning a brush.

But you can create a truly unique design. For example, combine fire with a chess cage in a manicure.


Another trick you can use is stencils. Try cutting out flames on paper. It remains only to attach the stencil to the nails and fill the slots with varnish.

How to draw fire on nails: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Preparation

    Start with your hand care routine. Then adjust, if necessary, the shape of the nails. Soften and push back cuticles. Apply a base coat and two background coats if you want color under the painting.We talked about how to do a manicure on our own in this video.

  2. Creating a drawing

    When the layers of varnish applied as a base are dry, you can start working on the drawing. If these are now fashionable flames in racing style, first draw their outline, smoothly bending the lines. Then paint over the area inside with the same color. And then return to the contour again - you need to subtly outline it with a different shade. On nails, you can combine fire with checks or leopard print, for example.

  3. Fixing

    To complete the manicure, use a top coat. Drying like drops from Essie will help him quickly gain a foothold.


Trendy flame design ideas for short nails

Fire Red

The fire of passion should be red, right? Paint it on one or two nails on each hand. Others are completely covered with scarlet varnish. If you usually prefer a solid color finish, adding a design will bring variety to your usual manicure. Red manicure with fire is an option for those who are not afraid to look bright.

Nude flame

This design is a great alternative to the classic French manicure. The powdery background and white flames as an accent on the tips look very fresh. This is a nail art option for those who want to deviate a little from the classics, but still get a manicure that is also suitable for everyday life.

Bright accent with fire

Fiery drawing with an emphasis on the tips of the nails can be done in other shades, brighter. Such a manicure looks as impressive as possible in a neon version, especially if your flame is pink, green or purple.

Cold fire

The perception of design with fire is highly dependent on the choice of shades. It is enough to make the flame blue or blue, as the manicure will immediately become “cold”, and the tongues of fire will resemble ice. A small shimmer in the composition of the varnish will help to enhance this effect.

Fiery gradient

Flames usually have a patchy color. It has different shades, from red, orange and yellow to blue! Use them all in your manicure so that one color smoothly transitions into another. The gradient will make your nail art with a pattern more expressive and multifaceted.

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Fire manicure options for long nails: photo ideas

Fire on a black background

When you see such a manicure, racing cars immediately pop up before your eyes with sparks flying from under the wheels and powerful exhausts that seem to be about to ignite. This impression creates a strong contrast between the black background and the bright colors of the flame. Stretch the flames to emphasize the length of the nails.

Neon flame

For those who want to add color to their lives, God himself ordered to make a manicure a bright detail of the image. On each nail you can "light" the neon flame of your own shade. Complete the drawing with a contrasting outline to make it look clearer and more graphic from the outside.

Matte fire

You can complement the manicure with the image of fire with textural special effects. For example, make the flame dull. Or paint it with a “rough” varnish with grains of sand. Thanks to this, the flame will look more alive; the texture will give the impression of crackling fire.

Fiery comic book manicure

The fire pattern may not be the only one in your nail art. Complete it with pictures in the spirit of Roy Lichtenstein's comic book style. To enhance the similarity, the black stroke of the flame and other images will help. It will be a real pop art on the nails.

Golden fire

Fire design looks very noble if some conditions are met. First, strive for minimalism. Draw in gold only the outlines of the flame. Second, think about shades. It looks beautiful, for example, a combination of a black background (especially if you make it matte) and a gold pattern.

Glitter manicure with fire

If you're more into the mischievous shimmer of glitter, first coat your nails with glitter nail polish and then paint the fire at the tips of your nails, a solid color that won't let the design fade away against a dazzling base.


What do you think of fire nail design ideas? Share your impressions in the comments.