You can look for inspiration for a manicure in everything that surrounds us. It is quite possible that the idea that illuminated you will later become a real trend. This happened, for example, with the idea of a veil manicure

What is a veil manicure? The name of this type of design immediately suggests something light and airy, similar to organza or translucent tulle, which adorn hats and decorative hairpins. In part, this idea of \u200b\u200bmanicure was inspired by them, but, in addition, fishnet stockings, lingerie and other seductive items of women's wardrobe serve as inspiration.

One way or another, nail art with a “veil” is an attempt to repeat the texture of very thin and delicate translucent fabrics, decorated with an elegant print or appliqué. Not only painting will help to get the desired effect on the nails, but also more accessible and simple techniques.

Who is the veil manicure suitable for?

Manicure-veil refers to the universal ways of decorating nails. Almost any girl can make it if desired. This nail art does not rhyme in the best way only with very short nails: it is difficult to decorate them with small patterns so that the pattern looks harmonious. If you're thinking about getting a veil manicure, let your nails reach at least medium length.

Detailed manicure-veil with laconic embellishment of several nails will be an elegant addition to any look. It will perfectly complement casual outfits, if you adhere to a feminine style in clothes, and made in classic colors, such a manicure will be appropriate as part of an office dress code.

Ways to create a veil on nails


As a rule, stencils for nails are an adhesive film with patterns cut into it. After the background layer of varnish has dried, the stencil is fixed on the nails in order to apply a different shade on top. The surface layer is allowed to dry, after which the film is removed, and a neat pattern remains on the nails without blots and bumps.

Such stickers are usually designed for a single use, but there are also reusable stencils that can last for a long time.


Manicure stickers are very similar to transfer tattoos. There is a finished drawing on a thin film, which remains only to be carefully transferred to the nails - over the varnish applied as a background. Please note: it is important that the base coat of varnish is thoroughly dried.

Decals, as well as stencils, will serve well for beginners who do not have much experience in creating nail art. They will also help to create a manicure with drawings quickly and easily if there is no time for painstaking manual work.

Hand painted

This is the most labor intensive and time consuming option. It is within the power of those who draw well. However, skill in nail design is also needed. Drawing with a thin brush on nails and on paper is not the same thing.

If you practice, then over time you will be able to decorate your nails with the finest lace.

How to make a veil on nails: step by step photo instructions

Before you do a veil manicure, make sure you have all the supplies you need for a nail design. Firstly, varnishes - for the background and for the drawings. Secondly, decorative elements. If you want to decorate the lace on your nails with sequins or rhinestones, they should be on hand.Thirdly, prepare the tools: brushes, stencils.

  1. Preparing nails

    Start with care: shape your nails, soften and push back the cuticles. Degrease your nails and apply a base on them, and then, when it dries, two more layers of varnish, which will become the basis for the pattern.

    We talked about how to do a manicure on our own in this video.

  2. Creating a veil

    The next step is to “weave” the lace. It all depends on which way you choose to create it. It is easier for someone to use stickers or, having fixed stencils on the nails, apply another layer of varnish on top.

    Others will choose a thin manicure brush and draw lines by hand. Many masters get the desired result with the help of acrylic powder, but it must be "dry" under a UV lamp. Therefore, it is used only in manicure with gel polishes.

  3. Fixing the picture

    If you used classic lacquers, then all you have to do is apply a top coat and, if desired, complete the manicure with decor.

    By the way, for those who are just starting to experiment with nail art, many are advised to start with gel coatings: they have a thicker and denser texture. It is easier to draw with such means than with ordinary “fluid” varnishes.


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Voil Design Ideas for Short Nails

Polka dot stockings

Initially, in a manicure with a veil, they tried to recreate the effect of capron. Remember how black nylon stockings look on your feet. The color is not lost on the skin, but at the same time, the layer of translucent fabric is almost invisible. Just this result is achieved in the manicure, which we are talking about today.

For the background coating, the black color is “diluted”, and then this translucent base is decorated with a pattern. The pattern can be the simplest - up to the usual polka dots; it is not necessary to display complex openwork patterns.

Colored veil

The fashion for manicure with a veil began with black. However, the experiments were not long in coming. Very soon, in addition to black, white and all shades of nude, brighter colors began to be used in this design, including red, blue, green, purple, pink and many others.

Want to draw attention to short nails? Add color to your veil manicure.

Veil mesh

The basis of a manicure-veil can be a pattern of fishnet tights - simple and effective; just right for short nails, where a "complex" design, overloaded with details, does not look the best.

The mesh can cover both a transparent base coat and a colored background. The result will look equally interesting.

Try a combination of a shimmery background and a matte pattern. We are sure that you will find this solution very effective.

Lace Nude Manicure

For girls with short nails, stickers with a lace pattern will be very useful when creating a veil manicure.

The drawing will turn out beautiful and neat - if you don’t have enough skills yet to depict lace with your own hands, this will be a great way out of the situation.And neutral light shades will provide a neat manicure, which in the case of the design of short nails can be difficult to achieve.


Veil manicure options for long nails

Nude veil

If most often you choose a neutral nude manicure, then most likely, sometimes you want to diversify it. In this case, a design with a veil can come in handy.

Add white lace designs to a couple of nails. By the way, a manicure with a nude background and a white veil can also be suitable for a wedding look.

Veil French

Long nails are the perfect base for a French manicure. They allow you to make the emphasis on the tips more noticeable due to the wide colored strip. On one or two nails, this classic French element can be complemented with lace painting.Or decorate the “smiles” themselves with lace patterns.

On long nails there is definitely enough space for drawing delicate details.

Glitter lace manicure

If a veil manicure is your choice for the holiday, then openwork painting can be made shiny and done with a metallic effect varnish.

Or fill in the space between the lace lines with glitter here and there. Another option is to apply a veil over the shimmery finish.

Matte veil

When creating a manicure-veil, many masters use the contrast of textures as the main expressive technique.

Matte background plus glossy lace. Or vice versa: glossy varnish in the base and matte patterns painted on top.

Sometimes acrylic powder is used to create the effect of a veil with flies and more complex curly elements - in this case, the lace decor is also voluminous.

Neon with veil

Lace is a delicate work that is perceived as something very delicate. Therefore, in manicure, it is better to combine such patterns with the same gentle and delicate shades: milky white, beige, “dusty” pink, pastel blue, pale lilac, and so on. But it is possible that going beyond the usual perception will allow you to find successful combinations of lace patterns with bright colors. Even with neon! Apply lace designs on a couple of nails and neon polish on the rest.

Do you think it's worth trying a veil manicure? Write about your impressions in the comments.