Summer is your favorite time of the year? So, you definitely will not mind a manicure with tropical motifs. It will suit those who are not afraid of bold accents and are ready to deviate from the classics for bright nail art

Tropical pattern manicure gives a summer mood at any time of the year. Such nail art will create the right atmosphere, no matter what the weather is outside the window. Palm trees, waves, fruits - these elements can add holiday lightness and cheerfulness to the image. Next, we will tell you what a tropical manicure should be like in 2023.

Tropical manicure: what is it and when is it appropriate?

Tropical-style manicure is a bright summer nail design, in which everything reminds of holidays in hot countries: rich colors, patterns with palm trees, ocean waves, sun, fruits and exotic animals. The only thing missing is fragrance.

Of course, this nail design is most appropriate in the hot season. Tropical motifs are very good for a vacation manicure somewhere by the warm sea, but they will bring no less joy in the city. If the dress code does not prohibit wearing catchy colors, then you can safely choose tropical nail art in everyday life.

True, you need to understand that against the background of business suits or, for example, elegant evening dresses for going out, he is unlikely to look perfect.

How to create a tropical design on nails


Need the easiest and fastest way to design your nails? Stickers will help. With them, you will need a minimum of effort. They are applied according to the same rules as transfer tattoos. Beforehand, it is enough to apply a transparent or colored background on the nails and let it dry properly.

Another option for nail stickers is sliders. They are glued to the entire surface of the nail plate, obtaining a finished coating with a pattern.


They will be useful for those who are not sure that they can cope with tropical drawings on their own. Thanks to the stencil, they will definitely turn out neat and graphic.

Drawing by hand

On the one hand, stickers and stencils are a win-win solution.

On the other hand, finished drawings may not meet your expectations. In addition, their choice, although wide, is still limited.

If you want to bring your own ideas to life, then you need to create nail art yourself - learn to work with a thin manicure brush and other tools. But the result will be exactly what you intended.

Tropics on nails: step by step photo instructions for creating a manicure

  1. Preparation

    First, make sure that you have everything you need for a manicure at hand: care tools, varnishes, decor elements. Correct the shape of nails, soften and push back the cuticle. Then degrease the nail plate and apply a base coat on it. We talked about how to do a manicure on our own in this video.

  2. Working with color

    When the base is dry, cover your nails with a couple of coats of colored lacquer, which will serve as a background for the drawings. Suitable, for example, the shade "To the fullest" from Essie.

    You can also use clear polish. Drawings on a colorless background are a trend. Be sure to dry all layers before proceeding with the design.

    The next step may well be drawing tropical motifs: palm leaves, starfish and shells, delicious tropical fruits, exotic flowers, animals or colorful birds, such as flamingos, toucans, parrots.

    But you can do without drawings, replacing them with stickers - then the process of creating a manicure will be much faster.

  3. Fixing

    To complete the design, apply a topcoat and, if necessary, dry on your nails - thanks to it, all layers of varnishes will harden faster, and you can return to your business without fear of smearing the result.


Tropical nail design ideas for short nails

Neon tropics

Tropical manicure is distinguished by bright colors. So neon shades in it will be most welcome.

Draw palm leaves or, for example, monstera leaves with them. You can create a layering of patterns using stencils: first create the first layer in one color, dry it and, after applying and slightly shifting the stencil, apply another one or two.

Tropical minimalism

Are you afraid that the abundance of bright colors will ripple in your eyes? Then follow the principles of minimalism. Yes, they do not contradict the tropical manicure. Cover all nails with plain varnish (you can even take translucent products), and then add some of them with a pattern - concise and simple.It can be a palm branch or, for example, an exotic fruit.

Manicure with palm trees at sunset

For inspiration, you can review the album with photos taken on vacation in warm climes, and then recreate the most picturesque landscapes with beautiful shades of sunset on your nails. Use the ombre technique to get the same play of colors as in the evening southern sky.

Flamingo Manicure

It is possible that you have not seen these birds in the wild, but you can hardly argue with the fact that they have become one of the main symbols of trips to the tropics. Therefore, flamingo drawings often appear in tropical manicure.

They can be depicted in delicate pink nail art or made the centerpiece of a bright neon design.


Trendy tropical motifs on long nails

Tropical ombre

You can do without drawings in a tropical manicure.

A hint of landscapes with palm trees, exotic flowers, bright blue skies and sea waves will be the choice of shades for the design.

Apply a different color to each nail (blue, green, pink, yellow, purple - they all work) and create a blur effect using the ombre technique.

Pastel tropical manicure

Tropics always delight the eye with bright colors.However, you can make a manicure with tropical motifs using delicate pastels. This option will be closer to those who prefer soft shades to "screaming" . Another option is a gentle background and catchy drawings. This combination will create an expressive contrast that will make the manicure one of the accents in the image.

Tropical fruit manicure

In the tropics, fresh, juicy fruits are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they are not only tasty, but also beautiful, so they constantly flash in social networks during the holiday season. They also look great in nail art.

Show on your nails orange and grapefruit slices, watermelon and pineapple slices, a slice of pitaya or papaya with seeds. By the way, they are easy enough to draw - a great opportunity to practice your artistic skills.

Tropical cocktail

When doing a summer manicure, it's easy to imagine a bar in the tropics by the ocean - and together with palm trees, flowers and fruits, depict bright cocktails with colored tubes in figured glasses, with orange slices or sweet cherries on your nails.

Have you ever tried to paint tropical motifs on your nails? Tell in the comments.

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