Kylie's look implies a dramatic yet natural result. To achieve it will allow the original method of eyelash extension, which is worth talking about in more detail

When choosing between mascara and eyelash extensions, many tend to go for the latter. It is a comfortable alternative to make-up. After eyelash extensions, you do not need to tint every day, but in the evenings do make-up removal. Eyelash extensions give expression to the look 24/7, even if you are completely without make-up.

Recently, the so-called Kylie effect has become a real trend in eyelash extensions. Why did girls like him so much and what scheme should be followed if you want to get eyelashes with the Kylie effect?

Kylie's eyelashes: what is this effect?

This is what they say about eyelash extensions in the spirit of Kylie Jenner. The famous model and creator of her own line of cosmetics has been setting beauty trends for several years now. One of them was a special way of eyelash extensions. At the star, they look long and thick, but much more natural than those who do classic extensions. At the same time, Kylie has an expressive curl of her eyelashes.

The fact is that Kylie chose a "sparse" extension. In her case, the cilia are not glued close to each other, but at intervals. Another nuance is that the extended cilia should be of different lengths. Therefore, instead of an even and overly thick lash line, as if cut along one line, we see a more lively and natural result with Kylie. It may even seem that the eyelashes are slightly tangled, and this cute carelessness only emphasizes the natural effect.

The difference between the Kylie effect and the results of other methods of eyelash extensions

  1. Twiggy's eyelashes

    The image of the 60s style icon was made recognizable by big eyes with puppet arrows and lush eyelashes. It is noteworthy that Twiggy painted sweeping eyelashes on the lower eyelid with eyeliner. When building up, they try to repeat this effect with the help of beams fixed at equal intervals from each other. By naturalness with Kylie's eyelashes, this effect, of course, cannot be compared. But if you decide to repeat, our step-by-step video instruction will help you.

  2. Dior effect

    This extension is inspired by looks from Dior's longtime 2011 show. For this show, they created refined feminine looks in the style of the 60s - with red lipstick, black arrows and lush false eyelashes.

    The lash line was pointed closer to the outer corners of the eyes and emphasized the cat eye effect. Today, it is extensions with the effect of a “cat's” look that are called “Dior eyelashes”. If we compare such an extension with the result a la Kylie, then the latter looks a little softer.

  3. Puppet effect

    A thick, dense and even fan of long and straight lashes is what distinguishes this extension option. It doesn't look like Kylie's lashes, which look like her own, only in an enhanced version, with a slight extension to the outer corners.


Who suits eyelashes a la Kylie?

One of the benefits of Kylie eyelash extensions is that they suit most girls. The reason lies in the naturalness of the result, which can be called a win-win for almost everyone.

The only ones who don't really like this extension are girls whose eyelashes are quite sparse, with gaps. Taking into account the fact that the Kylie effect does not imply a uniform extension along the entire cilia growth line, this may affect the result. In this case, it is better to choose a different technique or, alternatively, first organize an intensive care course for your eyelashes with serums and oils that will accelerate their growth and wake up the so-called dormant follicles.

The Kylie effect is perfect for girls with big round eyes. Due to the fact that such an extension creates an emphasis on the outer corners, the eyes are slightly drawn out visually, which gives the look a special expressiveness. For the same reason, Kylie's eyelashes can be recommended to those whose eyes are set close enough. If you want your eyes to look bigger, this effect will work too. With him, the look becomes "wide open" .

Pros and cons of kylie makeup

The main plus of eyelash extensions with the Kylie effect is, of course, a natural result. After the procedure, others will not feel that a fan of extended eyelashes hangs heavily over your eyes. On the contrary, the effect will be very light. At the same time, the technique promises that the look will be expressive even in the absence of an additional make-up.

Due to the fact that the length of the cilia increases closer to the outer corners, such an extension visually stretches the eyes and creates an attractive "fox" look.

There are practically no cons to the Kylie effect. Perhaps, we talked about the only thing above: this extension is not suitable for girls with naturally rare eyelashes. In addition, as after any other extension, once every 3 weeks or once a month you need to make a correction, as the extended cilia gradually begin to fall off.Therefore, regular visits to the eyelash master will need to be included in your schedule.

What is needed to create the Kylie effect at home?

You don't have to go to a salon to get the Kylie effect. At home, it can also be achieved if you are good with false eyelashes. You will need:

  • bundles of false eyelashes (choose those that are thinner, with two or three cilia in a bundle);

  • false eyelash glue;

  • tweezers;

  • base eyeshadow shade and eyeshadow primer (e.g. Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay);

  • black kajal (e.g. Infaillible from L'Oréal Paris);

  • black eyeliner (like Hyper Easy by Maybelline New York);

  • mascara (like Maybelline New York's The Falsies Lash Lift).

How to achieve the Kylie effect without extensions: makeup scheme

  1. Eye makeup

    You need to start with it - you will work with eyelash bundles at the final stage. Prepare your eyelids for makeup with a primer. Then spread a neutral shade over them, over which you apply eyeliner.

    Draw cat eye arrows with liner.

    You can choose a softer version of the arrows and use black shadows to create them. Be sure to paint over the space between the eyelashes with kajal.

  2. False eyelashes

    Bundles will need to be glued to the base of your eyelashes and fixed one by one with indents.

    Remember that the bundles should be different in length - with a tendency to elongate closer to the outer corner.

  3. Eyelash makeup

    After working with the beams, wait until the glue sets, then apply a little mascara on the eyelashes at the inner corners, in the central zone and paint over the entire bottom row.


Have you heard about such eyelash extension technique as the Kylie effect? Tell us about your favorite hair extensions in the comments.