editor-in-chief Veronika Gnezdilova testing Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara, Dessin Du Regard waterproof pencil and Sequin Crush monoshadow

I love doing eye makeup. I use pencil, shadow and mascara every day, not on occasion. I am convinced that bright makeup emphasizes the eyes and makes the look magnetic - I can not deny myself this effect.

I have been using YSL Beauté products for a long time and I want to tell you about three of my favorites. I confess that I tested them repeatedly.

Dessin Du Regard waterproof eyeliner

The pencil has a soft gel formula. It literally glides over the skin and blends easily. True, this should be done immediately after applying the pigment: due to its waterproof properties, it quickly hardens on the skin. The result lasts about 12 hours, the pigment does not roll even on mucous membranes.

I start doing eye makeup with a pencil, paint over the mucous membranes of the lower eyelids and the inter-eyelash space on the upper ones.

Saturation with pigments provides a bright result. On the skin of the eyelids, the product does not fade for 12 hours.

Bonus - a small sharpener that comes with a pencil. It is convenient to carry it in your cosmetic bag.

Sequin Crush Monoshadow

I tested the eyeshadow in 4 Explosive Brown. The color is closer to a marsh, with a slight golden shimmer that provides beautiful overflows and radiance. Shadows are ideal for evening make-up. I put them on both the upper eyelids and the lower ones.

You can achieve a dense coverage, or you can blend the shadows into a light haze. I prefer the second option.

Macara Volume Effet Faux Cils

Even if you apply it in one layer, the eyelashes become voluminous, and the look is “wide open”. The undoubted advantage of the product is that it can be layered without fear of weighting and gluing eyelashes. Achieving the effect of overhead is not difficult.

I love this mascara also for the fact that, even applied in two or three layers, it is easily washed off with micellar water.

It is important to note the composition of Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. Not so long ago, it was updated by adding a shock dose of caring substances, including a complex of oils and vitamin B5. In general, solid pluses!

This mascara comes in seven shades. You can experiment with colored eyelashes: