Foundation to create a trendy dewy finish, or a matte foundation to hide shine and make skin velvety? L’Oréal Paris has both in the arsenal

Not all foundations are equally good at evening out skin tone. But even if they cope with this task, they are not yet guaranteed accolades from users. Tonal foundations have long been subject to complex requirements. An ideal product should not only improve the complexion, but also even out the microrelief of the skin, visually improve its texture and, most importantly, provide care and a feeling of comfort.

Do L'Oréal Paris creams meet all these criteria?

L'Oréal Paris foundation highlights

There are not so many funds in the L’Oréal Paris foundation line - perhaps precisely because they are all multifunctional. The all-in-one format is an undeniable advantage for many.


L'Oréal Paris offer classic creamy foundations. Despite the growing number of new unusual formats, they remain the most relevant.

The creamy texture allows you to combine pigments in the formula, which are responsible for the decorative effect, and caring components. The result is a lightweight foundation that allows skin to breathe and feel comfortable.



All foundation manufacturers strive to ensure that their products even out the tone as naturally as possible. L'Oréal Paris is no exception. Therefore, for example, Alliance Perfect "Perfect Fusion" contains microscopic pigments.

Skin care also plays an important role. To make foundations effective in this sense, L’Oréal Paris adds oils, vitamins (such as E), sunscreens and many other beneficial ingredients to the formula. How to understand the composition of cosmetics, we told here.


L'Oréal Paris foundations have both matte and radiant textures. The latter are suitable for those who like a fashionable wet finish and the most natural result in makeup. Such products are optimal for girls with dry and normal skin.

For those who have oily or combination skin, mattifying creams like Infaillible "Matte Tint 24H" are more useful, which can control oily sheen and make the skin velvety.

L'Oréal Paris foundations: color palette

  • Infaillible Fresh Tone 24H Foundation

    Infaillible Fresh 24H is an amazing combination of longevity (lasting up to 24 hours is no joke) and airy coverage that feels like a second skin. The cream has a velvety texture, thanks to which it fills all the irregularities of the skin, including wrinkles and enlarged pores. And the composition with mineral pigments gives it a matte freshness, neutralizing the oily sheen. The formula is also complemented by care components such as vitamin E.

    There are nine shades in the range, each of which adapts to your natural skin tone, literally merging with it. Among the shades for "cold" skin - No. 15 "Porcelain" , No. 20 "Ivory" and No. 25 "Light Pink" ; their pinkish pigments "enliven" pale and very fair skin. Girls with a warm color type should suit shades No. 130 Beige, No. 120 Vanilla, No. 110 Vanilla Rose, No. 145 Beige-pink and others.

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  • Infaillible Matte Foundation 24H

    This long-lasting foundation promises to last up to 24 hours, but it still has a light texture that gives you airy coverage without a mask effect.The cream is weightless, despite the matte texture. This is partly due to the Ultra Serum contained in it. Sun protection in the form of an SPF 25 filter will also benefit the skin.

    As for the range of shades, there are 11 of them in the collection. These are mostly light shades for skin with a pinkish undertone. No. 25 Ivory, No. 90 Porcelain, No. 110 Pink Vanilla, No. 155 Natural Pink, No. 145 Pink Beige - these are what girls should choose, whose skin tone is devoid of yellow undertones or warm redheads. At the same time, there are shades for those whose skin has a warm undertone of medium intensity. These are No. 115 "Golden Beige" , No. 135 "Warm Vanilla" , No. 200 "Golden Sand" and others.

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  • Alliance Perfect Perfect Fusion Foundation

    Unlike previous creams, Alliance Perfect "Perfect Fusion" only slightly mattifies the skin, while maintaining its natural radiance. Pigments obtained by dry grinding, as stated in the name of the product, literally merge with the skin - due to the high content of softening caring components in the composition. These are hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf juice, vitamins E and B5, glycerin, panthenol, essential oils.

    In the line of Alliance Perfect "Perfect Merging" 14 shades that adapt to the natural skin tone thanks to hybrid pigments in the cream formula. There are neutral shades (N0.5 Beige, N1 Ivory, N2 Vanilla), shades with pinkish pigments (R1 Porcelain, R2 Vanilla Pink, R3 Beige Pink) and warm tones. (D2 Beige, D3 Golden Beige, D4 Golden).

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How to choose the right shade of foundation?

  • Rule number one is don't rush. To find the perfect shade of foundation, you need to test several products, and even in different conditions. You will find a huge palette of colors, for example, in the Alliance Perfect Foundation from L'Oréal Paris.

  • It's wrong to try shades on the wrist. The skin tone here is different from the skin tone on the face. It is best to apply a small amount of cream to the skin near the lower contour of the face. By seeing how the cream looks in this area, you will understand if it will create a mask effect on the face.

  • It's even safer to take a sample of foundation and apply it not only on the lower part of the cheek, but also on the forehead and wings of the nose. Try to distribute the tone on half of the face and compare with the other half - the one that will remain without makeup.

  • Be sure to check out how foundation looks in daylight. Under the light of the lamps in the store, it gives a completely different impression, and this is misleading.

  • Of course, it is important that the foundation matches the skin tone in color. However, how the shade behaves on the skin depends largely on the formula of the product and its texture. Read labels carefully.


How to use foundation: makeup artist hacks

  • Apply with a synthetic bristle brush that won't absorb the texture of the product.

    You can also use a sponge. Both dry and wet application is welcome. In the second case, the coating is especially smooth, invisible and resistant. We showed three ways to distribute foundation in this video.

  • Use the Stippling Technique for a better hold: this method involves "driving" the product into the skin, rather than spreading it with horizontal and vertical movements.

  • Always start with a small "pea" of cream. It’s better to add another layer later than to immediately get a “heavy” coating that will determine the overall impression of the make-up.

  • To make the texture of the cream lighter and more airy, mix it with a couple of drops of moisturizer, primer or caring oil. And to get a foundation with a radiance effect, adding a small amount of liquid highlighter to the cream will help you.

  • Change your foundation depending on the season. In winter, the cream can be more dense and dense, in summer it is better to switch to light fluids.

What foundation do you use? Leave feedback about your product in the comments.