There are more important things to worry about at your own wedding than constantly thinking about updating your lipstick. A much more practical choice is fashionable makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. What it can be, we'll tell you right now

Wedding makeup should be not only beautiful, but also practical, because it needs to last all day without losing its freshness. In this sense, bright lip makeup should be preferred to focus on the eyes, and spectacular lipstick should be left for other occasions. Do you agree? Then it remains to choose the appropriate make-up option - it’s good that there are a lot of ideas to emphasize the eyes.

Bridal makeup trends 2023-2024

Delicate rose

In past fashion weeks, bridal makeup artists actively supported pastel shades. They are perfect for those who do not want to do a classic make-up in neutral tones, but at the same time are afraid to take risks by choosing bolder shades.

Let Lela Rose looks serve as an example: matte pink shadows on the eyelids of the models added freshness to the looks and looked gentle - just like brides should.

Shades of pink for every taste can be found in Urban Decay's Naked Cherry palette.

You can find our readers' feedback on this set here.


Metallic shadows

Judging by the trends, in the wedding make-up of 2023, not only nude shades with a shimmer are appropriate, but also more noticeable shades with an expressive metallic glow.For example, gold, as in the Elisabetta Polignano show. Silver looks no less impressive, which also harmonizes with a snow-white dress. We showed the makeup option with metallic shadows in this video. Take note.

Arrows cat eyes

It is not necessary to subordinate the bride's makeup to the idea of total tenderness. If your character requires it, choose the cat eyes effect, like Emiliano Bengasi or Berta. Draw classic graphic arrows on the upper eyelid, and if you want more, connect them with eyeliner on the lower one. Maybelline New York's Hyper Easy liner will come in handy for this job.

Slightly shading the lines will create a haze that will make your eyes even more attractive.

Shimmery smokes

Another possible and very beautiful solution is smoky makeup with chameleon shadows. The coating obtained with their help creates a magical play of light and color play. It remains to add only mascara - and the wedding look is almost ready.

Color Splash

Wedding classics supporters are advised by makeup artists not to be afraid of saturated colors and at least at the rehearsal of the bride's makeup try the option with catchy shadows. This season, Ines Di Santo showed how it works by choosing a combination of pink coral and sky blue: such a duet on the eyelids, perhaps, does not require additions.


Rules for creating wedding makeup with an emphasis on the eyes

Increasingly in the beauty industry they say that there are no rules in makeup. This is a field for free creativity and self-expression. Therefore, you do not need to make coffee-beige smoky if such a make-up makes you bored. Do not be afraid to experiment in search of makeup that will reflect your character.

Nevertheless, there are a number of principles that will be useful to both lovers of the classics and trendsetters.

  1. Choose makeup according to the shape of your eyes

    If your eyes are wide-set, sweeping winged eyelashes are not the best choice. A make-up with darkening and stroking the contour is contraindicated for small eyes: visually, this will only reduce them even more. Wedding makeup (just like any other) should emphasize your strengths, not your weaknesses.

    Therefore, it is so important to focus on the individual shape of the eyes, and on other features of your appearance. There are makeup options that can correct some of the nuances. An individual approach can be evaluated on the example of the material in which we considered the problem of the impending century.

  2. Take eye color into account

    This is another important point, because it is the selection of shades and their compatibility with eye color that largely determine the expressiveness of the result. A win-win choice is shadows or eyeliner in a shade that contrasts with the color of the eyes.The eyes will become visually brighter. However, a shade from the same range as the eyes can also successfully emphasize their expressiveness. The main thing is that it does not match the color of the eyes exactly.

  3. Adjust the brightness of your eyebrow makeup

    If you decide to do rich smokey or wide winged eyelashes, the extra focus on the brows will give an overkill effect: when both eyes and brows are highlighted, the look becomes heavy. Two accents in the upper half of the face with neutral lip makeup immediately lead to an imbalance in the image. It is recommended to emphasize the eyebrows more if there are only thin lines along the eye contour or a translucent layer of shimmer on the eyelids.

  4. Always use eye primer

    To make the wedding makeup look good even under the curtain of the holiday, it is necessary to prepare the eyelids with the help of the base.Both shadows and eyeliner will be securely fixed on it. When the eye makeup is ready, it would also be a good idea to sprinkle the eyelids with a fixative spray. Suitable, for example, All Nighter from Urban Decay.


Bright wedding makeup for brown eyes

Most often, brides with brown eyes are given smokey eyes in brown tones. This is a good choice, especially if products with a shimmer are chosen, due to which a sparkle in the eyes appears. But there are other ways to show the depth and versatility of brown eyes. Saturated shades of blue, purple, emerald can best cope with this. Try it and you won't go wrong.

Double contrast

The contrast of the lower and upper eyelids is another interesting wedding makeup option for brown-eyed brides. You will see, the result will turn out so bewitching that the fear of experiments in the wedding image will recede.Try applying a coral shade to the upper eyelids, and underline the lower eyelids with chocolate.

You can emphasize the slimy contour of the lower eyelid with colored kajal: this fresh and unusual approach to the wedding make-up will only brighten up your look.

Color graphics

Another option for girls who want their wedding makeup to be bright is arrows. Blue, blue or lilac eyeliner will advantageously emphasize brown eyes - such are, for example, in the Vivid Brights Eyeliner collection from NYX Professional Makeup.

Suitable for both matte and metallic effects. By the way, about the shine: a light gold liner will also beautifully “highlight” brown eyes.

Colorful smoky eyes

Brave brides without prejudice will love multi-color smokey - this is a bright trend of spring-summer 2023.Use, for example, shades of blue, pink, lilac, green and lemon yellow. Smoothly transition from one color to another, paying special attention to thorough shading.

Add arrows if desired. They will give the effect of makeup completeness.

Beautiful wedding makeup for blue and gray eyes

Girls with light-colored eyes will suit both gentle makeup in pastel colors and makeup with intense color accents. The main thing is not to darken the make-up too much. If you choose, for example, black smokes (which, however, hardly correlate with the wedding look anyway), then blue and gray eyes will simply “get lost” against such an aggressive background. And the task of makeup is to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, revealing their smallest color nuances.

Gentle shimmer

Take note of makeup with highlight effect. The shimmer sparkles on the eyelids for a radiant look.In the case of gray and blue eyes, this is a very competent choice. Rose gold, champagne, shimmery nude - these and other similar shades are recommended for use on the eyelids as a base. You can supplement it with a stroke of the contour or cat eyes arrows.

Contrasting arrows

If you are ready to add some color details to your wedding make-up, arrows can be one of them. The key point is the choice of shade. Allow yourself to move away from the classics - draw lines in blue, light blue, pink or, for example, burgundy. All these shades, due to the contrast, will make both blue and gray eyes more expressive. In addition, they will help make the image lighter and more youthful.

Pastel shades

An interesting color accent option for the eyes is mono-makeup with pastel shadows. Such shades can be distributed throughout the eyelid without fear that it will turn out “too much” - the result will not be flashy.In this case, the brightness of the color will be sufficient to draw attention to the eyes. Pay attention to cream shadows. They will provide a denser coverage that allows the color to reveal itself to the fullest - and beautifully emphasize the eyes. Use, for example, shades No. 87 "Mysterious Lilac" or No. 65 "Rose Gold" from the "Color Tattoo 24" collection from Maybelline New York.

Cat eyes with colored details

How to combine classics and experiments? Try cat eyes with feathering on the upper eyelids, and add some color to the bottom of the makeup. It can be a strip of eye shadow in an unusual shade or bright mascara (such as in the Worth The Hype collection from NYX Professional Makeup).

Alternatively, you can use both. In this interpretation, the bride's makeup will not argue with traditions and at the same time will pleasantly surprise with its freshness.

Eye makeup for a green-eyed bride

Green-eyed brides are wearing a “warm” summer make-up with a bronze glow – as if the bride spent a couple of days in the sun. In general, makeup can be classic with basic shades of black and gray, but experimental looks with green accents and other contrasting details are also welcome. Each girl will be able to choose an interesting option.

Cat Arrows

Think that there is nothing better than cat eyes? Well, for a wedding make-up, this is really a great option. Green-eyed girls can draw classic black arrows. Or choose a softer gray for them. If you slightly shade such arrows, green eyes will be surrounded by a beautiful foggy haze. Grab a shimmery liner (like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil collection) for a festive effect.

60s makeup

You can do otherwise and look at the usual arrows from the position of beauty trends. If you are not afraid to follow them even in wedding makeup, take a closer look at the arrows in the spirit of the 60s, a la Twiggy - with an arc in the crease of the eyelid. Ready for a bold decision? Make the arrows green to match the color of the eyes.

Smoky makeup cut crease

Soft smoky eyeliner always enhances the look; It is no coincidence that brides like this make-up option. It can be supplemented using the cut crease technique - apply shadows along the orbital line with a bend at the outer corners of the eyes. This technique will visually enlarge the eyes and add depth to the look.

Makeup artist's bridal eye makeup hacks

  1. Lipstick liner

    If you haven't found the right shade of bridal eyeliner yet, try searching for it in our liquid lipstick collection.

    They are great for drawing arrows! And surprise with durability. Bright color combined with a beautiful matte texture will provide a spectacular result.

  2. No mascara

    Do you want color to be the center of attention in your wedding make-up? Then discard the mascara. Makeup artists have long used this technique when they want to emphasize the "purity" of the shade of eyeshadow on the eyelids.

  3. Fresh look

    So that by the end of the holiday your look is not perceived as tired, apply white kayal to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. A nude pencil with a shimmer will do. This technique neutralizes the redness that can appear in the eyes towards the end of a long day.

What would you emphasize in wedding makeup: eyes or lips? Write about your choice in the comments.