Mascara, blush, lip balm are essential beauty essentials. We'll tell you what else can come in handy

It seems that there has never been so much cosmetics as it is now. Therefore, collecting a basic set of funds is not as easy as it seems: there is too much variety. It’s really difficult to limit yourself, so we often supplement the must-have category with products for beauty experiments, although it’s better to have a separate cosmetic bag for them.

must have makeup

Even those girls who hardly wear makeup have a minimal beauty kit with basic tools that are not idle. Let's talk about them in more detail.

  1. Foundation

    Makeup starts with this product. They are often used even by girls with good skin without visible imperfections. After all, tonal means (if applied in a small amount) give the skin a well-groomed appearance.

  2. Blush

    The main advantage of this tool is that it qualitatively changes the image, noticeably refreshing it. To verify this, just compare the photo of your makeup before and after applying blush. It would seem that just a couple of strokes, light shading - and the face appears in a much more favorable light.

  3. Ink

    In order to use mascara, you do not need the special skills required, say, to work with eyeliner or create artistic smoky eyes. You can achieve a more expressive look by just gently painting over the eyelashes with a brush from root to tip.

    The ratio of ease and ease of use with the effect obtained just makes mascara a must-have.

  4. Lipstick or balm

    At least one lip product should be in your basic beauty arsenal. If not lipstick (not all girls like to focus on lips), then balm - it can be used not only in makeup, but also in any situation where lips need care.

Face Basic Set

The right cosmetics will help facilitate the development of basic makeup skills. Having correctly assembled a basic beauty set, you can easily and quickly make a high-quality everyday make-up that will add to your joy of life and self-confidence.

What beauty products should I look for on a daily basis?

A standard makeup kit may include the following items.

  1. Foundation

    As we said, this is the foundation of the foundations. You need a good cream that can not only even out the tone, but also keep the effect of freshness for the whole day. And also to provide comfort to the skin. The cream can be supplemented with powder, but it is better to choose one according to the type of skin so as not to overload it.

  2. Concealer or Concealer

    Another must have: this tool will always help out if you need to hide bruises under the eyes or hide a pimple that has suddenly appeared. Look for a product with a stable formula, otherwise the result of masking will be short-lived.

  3. Blush

    They always liven up makeup. Without this remedy, it is difficult to imagine a he althy complexion - such as after a walk in the fresh air.

    Learn more about how to apply blush in this video.

  4. Eyebrow tool

    It is believed that it is the eyebrows that determine the facial expression. Perception depends on their form. Slightly emphasized beautifully shaped eyebrows already give the face a well-groomed look. Therefore, their makeup should be given special attention.

  5. Eye Pencil

    Choose a kajal pencil with a soft lead. With it, you can literally do everything: bring the mucous membrane, emphasize the contour, draw arrows and even create light smokey. Another handy and versatile option is a cream eyeshadow pencil like Lancôme's Ombre Hypnôse Stylo.

  6. Mini Eyeshadow Palette

    A large palette is definitely not needed at first. Even to master the smoky eyes technique, three or four basic shades are enough. Pay attention, for example, to the Gigi Collection palette from Maybelline New York.

  7. Ink

    Of course, the best option is mascara that can do everything at once: lengthen, curl, and add volume. So that one layer is enough for an optimal effect.

  8. Lipstick Balm

    The best option for a basic makeup bag is a lipstick that also cares for your lips. You can definitely use this tool every day.

Eyebrow cosmetic set

A special place in the basic set of cosmetics has recently been occupied by eyebrow products. Well-groomed eyebrows largely determine the pleasant impression that the image as a whole makes. For a beautiful casual make-up, it is enough to even out the tone and tidy up the eyebrows.

Every girl needs an individual eyebrow beauty kit. For some, they are naturally lush, in which case a transparent gel is sufficient. And someone, on the contrary, has rare ones - in this case, color correction is indispensable.

If you need a complete brow makeup, there are two approaches. The first is to choose the means for the phased work with the eyebrows. Get a small makeup kit. In this case, you will need:

  • pencil or shadows (will help to correct the shape, give clarity to the contour, fill in the gaps inside it);

  • mascara or gel (will add volume to the hairs for a textural effect and fix the eyebrows in the desired shape).

Second is to find an all-in-one tool. So, NYX Professional Makeup has Eyebrow Cake Powder - a set that includes two shades of shadows, a modeling wax, an angled brush and a round brush. This is the most practical solution.

Eye makeup kit: what to choose?

First you need to master the basic techniques of eye makeup. This does not require large multi-color palettes and specific tools. The minimum makeup starter kit that is suitable for different women may vary. The following tools will definitely come in handy:

  1. Primer

    Even beginners can't do without it. The base for the shadows will help the makeup to be firmly fixed: the eyeliner will not be smeared, and the shadows will not roll. Check out Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

  2. Pencil

    Look for a soft pencil like Maybelline New York's Tattoo Liner with a gel texture.

    With its help, you can easily draw both the outer contour and the mucous membrane, and also draw arrows and even get a smokey effect, since the lines are easily shaded.

  3. Eyeliner

    If you want to learn how to draw beautiful graphic arrows, start practicing with a gel liner.

    This texture will make it easier to avoid blemishes than liquid liner, which requires some skill and more confidence. Find out what our readers think of this product here.

  4. Shadows

    Add a small palette with the most versatile shades to your basic set to hone your casual makeup skills on a daily basis.

    With this palette you will quickly learn how to create expressive color transitions on the eyelids.

  5. Ink

    Determine what is more important for you: volume, length, bend? Or all at once? Mascara in the basic cosmetic bag can be any. Choose, for example, Hypnôse by Lancôme with the ability to adjust the volume by layering the product.

the most needed for lip makeup

  1. Lipstick

    The classic base set includes nude and red lipsticks.

    If you're still not sure if you can handle graphic lip makeup, try a lipstick pencil with a convenient rod that's easy to sharpen.

  2. Balm

    Natural shine on the lips will successfully complement the images with an emphasis on the eyes and at the same time moisturize the skin.

The minimum set of beauty tools for every day

They say that 50% of makeup success comes from tools. Let's not do calculations, but simply accept the fact that tools play a significant role, otherwise makeup artists would not have huge cases with hundreds of different brushes and sponges. But which ones should be in the base set?

  1. Brushes

    You will definitely need a foundation brush (kabuki or duofiber).It would be nice to get a brush for spotting concealer. A beveled brush for blush will come in handy, as well as a large and fluffy one for powder, a round brush for eyebrows and a beveled one for their color correction, as well as for drawing arrows. A brush for applying and blending shadows is another must have.

  2. Spongy

    Instead of a foundation brush, you can use a sponge. In this case, the coating will turn out even smoother, without traces of application - stripes that brushes sometimes leave.

professional makeup kit: makeup artists list

A professional beauty kit differs from a basic “amateur” cosmetic bag by a large range of products, textures and shades, because pros work with different models, which means they must take into account different color types and other features of appearance in each individual case.

The list of products from the basic set of makeup cosmetics, which can be found, perhaps, only in the makeup artist's arsenal, looks like this:

  1. Primers of all varieties

    They use not only an eyeshadow base - perhaps the most necessary for beginners - but also a foundation primer and a lip base. They also have specific primers in their kit - for example, for glitter (NYX Professional Makeup has such a Glitter Primer).

  2. Multicolor and layered palettes

    Eight, twelve, sixteen shades of shadows in one palette - this is far from the limit. There are products in which as many as forty shades are collected under one cover (Swear By It Shadow Palette of the same NYX Professional Makeup).

    In addition, palettes produce not only shadows, but also blush, highlighters, lipsticks and other products.

  3. Loose pigments and adjusters (pigments with a creamy texture)

    Many makeup artists create individual shades of products. Loose powder and glitter help them with this. And cream pigments like NYX Professional Makeup's SFX are just color in an easy-to-work texture that you can use as you like, as eye shadow, eyeliner or lipstick - without limits.

  4. Sculptor, highlighter, bronzer

    Many people do without these funds in their basic cosmetic bag, but not makeup artists. For professionals, they are indispensable for playing with light and shadow, visually correcting facial features and creating various special effects.

  5. Professional brushes

    There are countless makeup artists in their arsenal. For eye makeup only, they have separate brushes for applying shadows and for shading them, a smudge brush for “blurring” lines, cone brushes for working out the crease of the eyelid and much more.


Makeup storage tips

  1. Order

    It is best to store cosmetics in a special organizer. It has everything in sight. In an ordinary large cosmetic bag, products can get lost - it's so easy to miss the moment when they expire. Many makeup artists, however, prefer to keep their makeup kit in a special suitcase.

  2. Light and temperature

    Be aware that creams and liquids can deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures. Store them in a dark place at room temperature.


What's in your basic makeup kit? Tell us in the comments.