What shadows do you use? Most likely dry and creamy. What about gel eye shadows? There is such a beauty tool, but few are familiar with it yet. We will tell you why you should pay attention to them and in what situations to use

Working on new products, beauty brands try to surprise – with a wide range of shades that are far from the classics, or, for example, with an unusual texture of products. Lipsticks today can have a creamy and liquid texture, the consistency of a balm, a glossy varnish or a flowing tint. Eye shadows are not so varied, but still, in addition to dry and creamy, you can now find products with a gel texture.

Gel eye shadow: what is it?

Gel eyeshadows are eyeshadows with a light, jelly-like gel texture. Unlike rich cream eyeshadows, gel eyeshadows are not as highly pigmented. In addition, the pigment in many of them is supplemented with a small shimmer, which allows you to create a shimmering coating on the eyelids. Most gel eye shadows leave a translucent layer of color on the skin. You can increase the intensity of the shade by layering.

With cream shadows, everything is different: you will most likely get a dense color from the first touch. Gel shadows are suitable for those who need to be able to "adjust" the saturation of the coating. One layer is suitable for a subtle everyday makeup, and if you apply two more, you will get a noticeable shimmer, which is perfect for a make-up for a party.

Thus, gel shadows are a much more versatile tool than it might seem at first glance.

Types of gel eyeshadows

Choosing the right one is not difficult, since gel shadows can be found in a wide variety. We will try to systematize this diversity.


  1. Monoformat

    If you use mainly dry shadows, then one or two shades of gel shadows will be enough for you to experiment with make-up. Gel monoshadows can be found in compact jars (you can pick up the shade with a brush and fingertips), as well as in tubes with applicators built into the lids.

  2. Palette

    This format is suitable for those who have already had the opportunity to appreciate all the benefits of shadows with a gel texture. Different shades of shadows in the palette allow you to vary the make-up, taking into account specific circumstances.

By color palette

  1. Blonde

    A distinctive feature of such gel shadows is that their shade on the skin will be barely distinguishable. It is usually hinted at only by glitter in the composition. The coating is almost transparent.

  2. Dark

    If you choose dark gel shadows, then with their help you can create both a translucent and a fairly rich color coating. If desired, you can achieve an intense focus on the eyes.

At the finish line

  1. Glossy

    There are gel shadows that do not contain shimmery particles. In this case, the accent is created by color and a wet finish. After application, the shadows resemble watercolor that has not yet dried.

  2. Metallic

    Small shimmer as part of gel shadows creates an expressive metallic effect. It is enhanced by the moist radiance of the product, which in some cases remains, and in others disappears (if it is intended that the shadows dry and harden). You will find a version of eye makeup with a metallic effect in this video.

  3. Sparkling

    Gel shadows with large shimmering particles up to noticeable glitter, like Heavy Metal from Urban Decay, are suitable for a spectacular and catchy make-up.

How to use gel eye shadows?

Despite the specific texture, using gel shadows is very easy. Makeup doesn't take long.

  1. Preparation

    Just like cream eyeshadows, gel eyeshadows need to be applied over the base.

    Since the skin of the eyelids gets “oily” during the day, there is a risk that without a base, gel-textured shadows will roll into folds. Be sure to use a primer that will create an even and dry coating on the surface of the skin. Suitable, for example, Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay.

  2. Shading

    You can use different eyeshadow techniques depending on what kind of makeup you plan to do. If your goal is a translucent shimmery finish, spread the shadow over the eyelids with your fingertips. Make sure that the color borders are not visible - blend them properly. You can apply eye shadow with a brush. It will make it easier to layer the color to make it more saturated.

    In the same way - using a brush - you can easily make graphic eye makeup, for example with wide arrows.


  3. Finish makeup

    You can complete your eye makeup by adding thin eyeliner or applying mascara to your lashes. Fixing the result will help fixing spray for make-up. For example, All Nighter from Urban Decay.

Hacks for choosing and applying gel eyeshadows

  • Gel shadows can replace your eye makeup primer. Spread them over the eyelids, and apply a layer of dry shadows of a suitable shade on top. This will give you a more durable and rich coverage.

  • Gel shadows can also serve as a base for blending shades. So you get a unique tool: add some loose shadows or glitter of a different color to your gel-textured eyeshadows to create a new fresh, and most importantly, unique makeup tool.

  • After applying gel shadows, the fixative spray will help you not only make your makeup more durable, but also keep the finish moist even after the product dries on the skin.


Overview of the best cream-gel makeup products

These funds, according to the editors, are the best of those that the beauty market offers today.

  • Shadows Gold Mirage, L'Oréal Paris

    The gel texture of Gold Mirage shadows allows you to get a translucent coating with a quartz effect. This L'Oréal Paris collection is inspired by the frozen beauty of nature, the shimmering of sand crystals in the dawn sun. As part of the shadows there are shimmer particles, the shine of which is favorably supported by the gel formula of the product.

  • Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow, NYX Professional Makeup

    These gel eyeshadows from NYX Professional Makeup have a more fluid consistency. They are light, dry quickly and harden on the eyelids, leaving only the color and shine of glitter, which is very, very much in the tube. Thanks to this effect, Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow will be an excellent solution for evening makeup; besides, they are resistant - the coating will not let you down, the shadows will not fade and will not clog into the folds of the eyelids. By the way, shadows can be used in tandem with dry shadows.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Glitter gel for face and body Heavy Metal, Maybelline New York

    Another option for lovers of the glitter trend. This is a transparent gel, saturated with large sparkles. With them you will get a festive sparkling disco makeup. Heavy Metal Gel can be used not only on the face (on the eyelids or, say, cheekbones), but also on the body, if you suddenly decide on body art. The gel dries quickly and lasts up to 9 hours thanks to its long-lasting formula.

  • Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow, Maybelline New York

    Color Tattoo 24 Hours has a cream-gel texture, so they are both rich in color and light - they are not felt on the skin. Tattoo pigments served as a guide for the creators of these Maybelline New York shadows, so the products turned out to be ultra-resistant - they last up to 24 hours. In addition, "Color Tattoo 24 hours" are resistant to moisture.The shadows can be used on their own or as a base for dry shadows of a similar shade for even more lasting results.

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  • Eye & Brow Maestro Eyeshape, Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani conceived Eye & Brow Maestro Eyeshape as a multifunctional tool. And the texture really allows you to use it in many different ways. This cream-gel is saturated with pigments and differs in density. It can serve as shadows that are easy to blend, and eyeliner for creating graphic arrows, and as a means for eyebrow correction. And some shades can also be applied to the cheekbones - as a sculptor. And one more life hack: Eye & Brow Maestro Eyeshape without a shimmer can be applied to regrown hair roots.In each of these cases, the 5 in 1 gel promises to last up to 20 hours.

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