Gold is always valuable, even when it comes to golden glow in makeup. At the same time, precious brilliance should not be considered the prerogative of exclusively evening looks. In a daytime make-up, it is also appropriate and, judging by the trends, even welcome

What to get out of a cosmetic bag when the soul asks for a holiday? Many take on lipstick (first of all, red, because this is a proven solution), but there are other means that can set the right mood and become the basis of a bright image. Brilliant shadows (for example, gold ones) are definitely suitable for this purpose.It is believed that with the effect of radiance it is easy to overdo it, but we will show you how to handle golden shadows so that they look harmonious in casual makeup. We will also show you step by step how to make spectacular eye makeup with golden shadows.

Features of gold eyeshadow

Most often, golden hues are warm. However, despite this, they can be used with any color type. Gold beautifully emphasizes the beauty of the skin of swarthy tones and at the same time expressively contrasts with the "cold" features of the face - for example, with gray or blue eyes. This suggests that golden shadows can be safely attributed to universal beauty products.

If you follow fashion, you probably noticed that trendsetters often add shine not only to evening looks, but also to daytime ones. True, in the latter case, golden shadows with a small shimmer are used, creating a delicate radiance effect.

Kinds of gold eyeshadow

Which do you like more - the soft glow of golden light, the metallic effect or the dazzling shimmer of disco glitter? Each of us has our own preferences in makeup, so golden shadows are produced in many different shades, formats and textures. It remains only to choose the ones that you like. Let's tell you what golden shadows are.

By texture

  1. Powder

    Shadows with this texture are the most familiar to many. It is convenient to work with them, especially for beginners, because dry shadows are easily distributed over the eyelids and lend themselves well to shading.

    In the case of golden shadows, this is important, because their radiance should, as it were, dissipate, and the dry texture just allows you to achieve the desired effect. You can find all the variety of the golden spectrum in Urban Decay's Naked Honey palette.

  2. Cream

    Working with creamy golden eyeshadows, it is easy to get a thicker coverage with a metallic sheen, while dry eyeshadows lay on the eyelids in a translucent layer.

  3. Liquid

    Shadow tint like Shu Uemura's Eye Foil is even more concentrated.

    But liquid is lighter than cream. Even if you apply such shadows to the entire eyelid and even draw wide arrows, you will not feel discomfort - the coating will be very thin and light. But very persistent at the same time. Liquid shadows dry quickly and adhere well to the skin.

By effect

  1. Sparkling

    This finish creates a fairly large shimmer or even glitter. The shimmery eyeshadows are mostly made up of glitter, while the other effect eyeshadows contain a shimmery gold pigment.

  2. Glossy

    This effect can be achieved with cream eyeshadows applied wet, as well as some liquid eyeshadows (not all of them become matte when dry).

  3. Matte

    Sometimes the metallic effect is a steely sheen from under a matte finish. This result can give both dry shadows with a fine shimmer, and liquid shadows.

Metallic makeup option we showed in this video. Why not use it for inspiration?

Everyday eye makeup with golden shadows

As part of everyday makeup, you definitely shouldn't combine gold eyeshadow and red lipstick. But the options from the list below can be safely taken into account.

For brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes often choose a light translucent haze of brown shadows along the contour as a casual make-up.The make-up will not lose its ease if the matte color is supported with a precious glow. Try applying shadows with fine gold shimmer over matte shading. You can apply them, for example, only in the middle of the century or closer to the inner corners - to create sun glare.

For blue and gray eyes

Even smoky eyes with golden shadows can be made so that makeup does not lose its everyday lightness. The main thing is not to darken them. And choose a golden shade that is softer and lighter, without large sparkles, with a delicate glow. Blend these shadows from the inner corner to the middle and create a soft transition to coffee brown shadows applied in a translucent layer towards the outer corners.

For green eyes

The radiance of gold goes well with any shades of green.Therefore, green-eyed girls can safely use golden shadows in a variety of variations - both for everyday makeup and for evening. To create a casual look, cover the eyelids with a light layer of beige-golden shimmer and complement the make-up with mascara.


Bright evening makeup with golden shadows

For brown eyes

In an evening make-up, combine golden shadows with bright tropical shades: blue, blue, purple or, for example, emerald. They may well “make friends”, despite the fact that the golden color has a warm base, and those listed above have a cold one. They will successfully contrast with each other and with eye color.

For blue and gray eyes

In the evening make-up, shades of gold simply have to be more expressive.

If during the day it makes sense to give preference to beige or nude variations, then in the evening you can use bright yellow gold - noticeable, catchy, with sparkling large sparkles.

If you have blue or gray eyes, the contrast will be really advantageous. Apply "gold" on the eyelids as the main, base color and complement it with graphic black arrows. Or you can do otherwise - draw wide arrows with golden shadows with a liquid or cream texture.

For green eyes

Green-eyed girls have access to a variety of make-up ideas with a golden glow, up to multi-color smokes, in which gold "dissolves" in shades of a different color (for example, dark brown or burgundy).

Also smoky eyes can be complemented with a golden highlight at the inner corners of the eyes. It will turn out especially expressive if the very haze of shadows on the eyelids is matte. Another spectacular option is makeup with a scattering of large gold sparkles that look like confetti.

How else can you use golden shadows?

  1. On the cheekbones

    Golden shadows with fine shimmer will do a great job as a highlighter. This solution will look best on warm skin tones.

  2. In eyebrow makeup

    Do you like experiments? Then mix a clear brow gel with golden shadows and apply as a finishing touch after correction. The more shadows you add, the brighter the accent will be.

  3. For emphasis on lips

    Apply some beige-gold eyeshadow to the check mark on your upper lip. The radiant highlight will not only be a beautiful addition to the lip makeup with bright lipstick, but will also create an effect of additional volume.


Best Gold Eyeshadow Review

We talked about proven products that the editors liked in this collection.

  • Color Queen eyeshadow (shades 33 Fancy and 24 Limitless), L’Oréal Paris

    Eyeshadows from the Color Queen collection have an unusual texture: when applied, you feel its creamy softness (shadows are 30% oils), but pretty soon the coating acquires a velvety finish, like dry shadows. Thanks to the oils in the composition, the product is easily “stretched” over the eyelids, and the color is bright and saturated. In addition, the shadows stay on perfectly, do not roll into the creases of the eyelids and do not crumble during the day. For a golden make-up of 36 Color Queen shades, No. 24 "Boundless" (bright yellow gold to emphasize the eyes) and No. 33 "Unusual" (this golden shade is softer and more restrained, with the addition of beige shimmer) are suitable.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Eye Foil Liquid Eyeshadow in Champagne Gold, Shu Uemura

    These Shu Uemura shadows create a foil effect thanks to an unusual oil-in-water technology. The product has a liquid consistency that is soft and comfortable for the skin of the eyelids. After drying, the layer of shadows turns into a light veil, which nevertheless shines intensely and fascinates with the beauty of color. Try the Champagne Gold shade - soft, discreet, with a noble sheen; it can be safely used in make-up for every day.

  • Sequin Crush eyeshadow in shade 1 Legendary Gold, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    On the other hand, Sequin Crush shadows are made for those who want every day to be a highlight.Shining shade No. 1 Legendary Gold can turn even the most gray everyday life into a holiday. These shadows will create a dazzling radiance on the eyelids thanks to a rich texture with a high concentration of pigments, which are also mixed with pearl microparticles. Do not be afraid that the shimmer will fade during the day - the formula is resistant, so that the makeup will not let you down.

  • Naked Honey, Urban Decay palette

    If one shade is not enough for you, there are large palettes at your disposal, among which there are those that fully reveal the golden theme. This is, for example, Naked Honey: in it, honey and caramel shadows are diluted with the radiance of gold in a variety of ways. This is a warm golden shade of Golden with a shimmery shimmer, and a shade of Honey that creates a yellow gold coating with a metallic effect, and a shade of Queen - brown with the addition of gold sparkles, and nine more equally interesting colleagues in the gold workshop.With this palette, you can create a variety of looks - with a scattering of golden shimmer, with a contrast of matte textures and golden shine, with gradient overflows of gold, bronze and copper.

Do you have golden shadows in your makeup bag? Write a review about them in the comments.