Summer mood is created by bright images. To feel the joy of life, it is enough to have lipstick in one of the trendy shades on hand. What colors are relevant in 2023? Let's talk right now

Lipstick is a tool that can hold all makeup. With its help, you can create a full-fledged accent, which will only have to be balanced - with the help of mascara on the eyelashes or, for example, underlined eyebrows. Lipstick of a beautiful rich shade not only decorates the make-up, but also gives self-confidence - like any other successful detail of the image.

Ready to diversify your makeup with lipstick this spring-summer season? Take a closer look at the trendy shades, decide on your favorites and find them in the new makeup collections.

What lipstick colors will be fashionable in the summer of 2023?


A classic red like Perfect Red from NYX Professional Makeup's Matte Lipstick line has managed to maintain its top spot on the fashion chart.

Dolce & Gabbana, Badgley Mischka, Moschino, Prabal Gurung - these and many other beauty brands preferred red color, complementing the looks of the models entering the catwalk during the spring-summer 2023 shows.

As for the texture, this season red lipstick can be matte, creamy or glossy - your choice.



This trend is for those who are ready to move away from the classics. Wine lipstick shades like Burgundy Twist from L'Oréal Paris's Color Riche Matte Addiction line are more likely to be worn in the fall/winter season, but this time they will also be relevant in the summer.

Pay attention to these rich shades are advised by Jil Sander, Max Mara, Koché and other designers.

Pink and purple neon

Notable spring/summer trends include 2023 neon shades like 05 from NYX Professional Makeup's Line & Load All-in-One Lippie collection.

Make-up artists experimented a lot with acid shadows, eye-catching eyeshadows and other eye-catching make-up options. So neon on the lips is really relevant. And in any shade - up to the blue, which was demonstrated by the models at the Chromat show.


At the Dries Van Noten show, we were offered another idea for the summer - to decorate the lips with "liquid gold" - lipstick with a metallic effect. If you are ready to go beyond the usual, the trend will definitely suit you - it's easy to check it out at one of the summer parties.

Moreover, there are more and more "metallic" lipsticks of different shades - not only in sticks, but also in liquid format.

It is worth mentioning separately that lip glosses are back in fashion. They disappeared from fashion radar for a while, giving way to ultra-matte products, which have been at the peak of popularity in recent years. But now the sparkles are taking their toll - their return can be called triumphant. So this summer you can alternate color lipstick with a transparent glossy finish.

And in this video makeup artist Yulia Kazantseva presents a complete wardrobe of YSL Beauty lipsticks:

What lipstick color should brunettes and brown-haired women choose this summer?

Girls with dark hair generally go for catchy accents, including bright lipstick - almost any shade. If we take the popular red scale, then the most advantageous for both brunettes and brown-haired women will be a noble cherry shade.

With burgundy lipstick, there is a risk of creating a vamp look that is hardly summery. But it makes sense to take a closer look at such a trend as neon. Neon fuchsia may well be your favorite shade for summer 2023.

Summer palette of lipstick shades for blondes and blonds

In the make-up of girls with blond hair, bright lipstick will be a strong accent. The shade can be anything - the main thing is that its undertone is in harmony with your color type. Classic red lipstick is a versatile option that you definitely can't go wrong with.

We showed a make-up option with red lipstick for a blonde in this video.

Burgundy color is a bolder solution, but for girls with a cool blonde (for example, platinum blondes), this lipstick will be a good choice.

"Cold" blondes can also try makeup with neon shades: pink, purple and others. And also - combine two trends in your make-up by choosing a bright color lipstick with a metallic texture.

Which shade of lipstick should redhead girls wear in summer 2023?

Metallic lipstick will additionally emphasize the radiance of fiery hair color. Red and burgundy metallics, as well as creamy nude and caramel shades with golden shimmer - that will definitely go red-haired. As well as matte lipsticks of the same colors.


Review of lipsticks in the most popular shades of the spring-summer season - 2023

Editors liked these lipsticks. We advise you to pay attention to them first.

  • Liquid lip tint Rouge Signature Metallics, L'Oréal Paris

    This lipstick combines a metallic effect and a matte finish to create a trendy make-up with an unusual accent on the lips. Thanks to the texture of the tint, the coating is rich in color, but at the same time light - it is not felt on the lips. And yet, quickly drying, the tint hardens and stays strong for a long time. If you need trendy colors, choose No. 205 "I control" (cherry), No. 202 "I hypnotize" (golden caramel), No. 203 "I delight" (red metallic) or, for example, No. 204 "I enchant" (purple ).

  • Tatouage Couture Velvet Cream Liquid Lipstick, YSL Beauty

    A distinctive feature of Tatouage Couture Velvet Cream is the ultimate brightness of shades, flawless matte and durability. At the same time, the liquid texture makes the application very comfortable, and with all the persistence (it is no coincidence that the wordtatouage is present in the name), the lipstick does not dry out the lips at all, the color and by the evening looks as if the lips had just been made up . At the same time, lipstick is removed almost as easily as it is applied. It contains moisturizing oils and waxes that care for the skin of the lips and contribute to the even distribution of pigments. Among the more than 20 different shades, I want to pay attention to unconditionally red, scarlet shade 211 - a timeless classic.

  • L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream, Lancôme lipstick

    Lancôme tried to recreate the radiance of precious stones in this version of L'Absolu Rouge lipstick. All 15 shades differ in color depth and noble shine. The formula contains 25% more pigments than the classic L'Absolu Rouge Cream; in addition, the composition contains proxylan and rose extract - ingredients that take care of the softness and smoothness of the skin of the lips. In the summer of 2023, the hits of the collection will be shades No. 481 Pigeon Blood Ruby (burgundy), No. 02 Queen Ruby (cherry), No. 133 Sunrise Ruby (pure red) and No. 01 Bad Blood Ruby - another version of the red classic.

  • Lipstick stick Superstay Ink Crayon, Maybelline New York

    Hot Pink No. 35 Treat Yourself, Wine No. 55 Make It Happen, Plum No. 65 Settle For More, or Red No. 45 Hustle In Heels? In the summer of 2023, you can choose any of the shades of this comfortable stick lipstick or several at once to experiment with accents more often.Superstay Ink Crayon is easy to apply due to the thin rod, which can be quickly sharpened if necessary using the sharpener built into the package. The coating promises to last up to 8 hours and all this time please with color saturation.

  • Moondust Lip Eclipse Shimmer Stick, Urban Decay

    Do you want to use not only bright lipsticks, but also lip glosses this summer? Then check out Urban Decay's shimmery Moondust Lip Eclipse Stick. There are four colors in the palette of shades: pink Rising, gold Nova, purple Retrograde and red. Matter is not limited to mother-of-pearl, Moondust (star dust) quite accurately describes the effect - the lips are literally strewn with small sparkles, like the sky with myriads of stars. The cosmic effect is combined with earthly comfort: the stick is non-sticky, the gloss adapts favorably to the natural color of the lips. The gloss is based on a vegan formula.

Which of the shades of lipstick that will be in fashion in the summer of 2023 do you like the most? Write a comment.