Editor-in-chief of FashionVIPdergisi.com Veronika Gnezdilova is testing Color Queen oil monoshadows

Mono shadows are good because you don't have to carry a bulky palette with you. Compact packaging takes up almost no space. Color Queen shadows, for example, seem weightless. Having decided on the color, I put them in my cosmetic bag in the morning, which I take with me to work, and during the day I correct my makeup with their help. If in the evening, right after the office, I have a date or a meeting with friends, I apply the shadows in a denser layer to enhance the eye makeup.

  • L'Oréal Paris Color Queen eyeshadows are well pigmented and I love it. The color on the eyelids looks just as vibrant as it does in the package. This is especially true for shadows with a shimmer (they give the most saturated coverage): to create an evening make-up, it is enough to apply them in just one layer.

  • Color Queen differs from other shadows in composition, it contains 30% oils. Due to this, the elasticity of the texture is ensured: the shadows do not crumble under the eyes, even if they are applied thickly.

  • Applying and shading is also easy, the shadows can be spread even with your finger. In addition, the shades blend well with each other, without visible borders.

  • But, in addition to the composition, Color Queen has another important advantage - it is a palette that includes 36 shades, from matte neon to metallic shimmer.

I tested three of them.

Shade 40 "Unique"

Very pigmented formula with big shimmer. Shadows are ideal for creating evening eye makeup. If applied thickly on the eyelids, the image is glamorous and bright.

By the way, this shade can also be used as a highlighter, but in this capacity it must be applied pointwise: under the eyebrows and on the checkmark of the upper lip. For large areas, it will not work - the radiance will turn out to be too intense.

Shade 36 Magic

Shadows of this color can be a good alternative to black shades when creating evening makeup. For daytime, they are not suitable - too saturated color plus intense flicker.

With their help, you can make a smoky eye, the image will turn out spectacular and seductive.

Shade 14 Elite

Grey-black eyeshadow is a must have in your makeup bag. Specifically, I liked these because, despite the matte finish, they give a slight glow, as there are small shimmering particles in the composition.

I will use the shadows of this shade in my makeup for the exit (even if in the current situation it will be access to the Internet: no one has canceled video conferences). They are ideal for smoky eyes, as they are easy to blend and do not leave clear borders.