Chief Editor of Veronika Gnezdilova testing L`Absolu Lacquer

Juicy glossy lips are a great option for a party and also winning in every way. Bright lips distract attention, so you can not bother with eye makeup. It is enough just to make up the eyelashes.

To give your lips a glossy glow, you can use not only gloss. Lip lacquer is a relatively new product on the beauty market, and I like it better.

  • Firstly, the nail polish looks really glossy on the lips, even vinyl with a pronounced effect of wet shine.

  • Secondly, the lip lacquer has a pigmented formula, so the color on the lips looks more dense than after applying the color gloss.

  • Thirdly, lip lacquers are more durable, which is very important for evening makeup.

I tested L`Absolu Lacquer lip lacquers and am ready to share my impressions. I really liked the creamy texture of these products. It feels more like a balm than a gloss on the lips. It moisturizes and even smoothes the skin.

It's comfortable with him. I can’t say that the polish doesn’t feel on the lips at all, but it’s a pleasant feeling. It is easy to apply, the product seems to slide on the lips, it is easily distributed and does not clog into cracks, if any.

The applicator has an oblong shape, slightly pointed towards the tip, so it is convenient for them to draw a contour. But it’s better to use a pencil in addition - lip makeup with varnish requires maximum clarity.

You can read more about how to apply products with this texture here.

I tested Lancôme's L`Absolu lip lacquers in two shades: 266 Encantement and 366 Power Rose.

L`Absolu Lacquer, shade 266 Encantement

Lip polish looks dark cherry in the bottle, but looks more like dark chocolate in the swatch.

It is important to consider that L`Absolu Lacquer is very resistant, it cannot be washed off with plain water, but it is easy with micellar water. If you paint your lips with varnish and go to a party, you don’t have to worry about makeup: it will remain in its original form even after a few cocktails.

L`Absolu Lacquer lip lacquer, shade 366 Power Rose

Bright fuchsia on the lips looks as juicy and rich as in the bottle.

To achieve this effect, it is enough to apply varnish in just one layer. If you apply in two, the coating will be as dense and glossy as possible.

L`Absolu Lacquer will definitely stay in my makeup bag, I will definitely use Power Rose when I do evening makeup.