Which will you choose this summer: neon shades at the limit of brightness or a festive shimmer of a metallic texture? Beauty brands offer both; the main thing is to decide on the rejection of long-proven and reliable solutions in favor of bold experiments

Wired Collection, Urban Decay

Those who are interested in catwalk trends know that neon accents are especially relevant in the spring-summer 2023 season. To create them, Urban Decay prepared the Wired collection, in which each product is distinguished by uncompromising brightness.

  1. Wired palette

    Perhaps the protagonist of the new collection is the 10-color Wired eyeshadow palette, thanks to which you can experiment widely with eye makeup.

    Neon pink Savage, electric blue Chaos, acid yellow Jolt - these and other shades will help trendsetters create a trendy make-up that will set the summer mood. If you want something softer and more delicate, the Glitch white shade can help turn neon into pastel.

  2. Wired 24/7 Eye Pencil

    In the Wired collection, the pencil, already well known to fans of the brand, has appeared in new shades: blue-blue Vivid, pink Amped, purple Shock and yellow-green Jolt. Arrows drawn with them will literally radiate color.

  3. Wired Transforming Liner

    Another makeup product in the Wired collection is a double-ended transformer liner. At one end is a thin brush that can be used to draw graphic black arrows, at the other end is a soft sponge.

    It's soaked in a powder that will give a metallic finish when applied over a black line.

    Detailed instructions for creating arrows with a liner can be found in this video.

  4. Wired Vice Lip Chemistry

    This product features a caring balm-like formula, a light tint texture, the brightness of a well-pigmented lipstick and a dazzling lip gloss.

    Another feature of the formula is its ability to adjust to the pH of the skin. Thanks to this property, you will get a unique shade, whichever you choose. The line has purple, pink, orange, red and brown colors.


Lancôme and Mert & Marcus collection

In summer, the new After Dark collection, created by Lancôme in collaboration with the duo of famous fashion photographers Mert & Marcus, will be especially relevant. It is literally made for parties and will suit everyone who loves boring looks. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, inventing new beauty products with Lancôme, relied on their experience with lighting, thanks to which they created incredible effects in the frame. Knowing the rules of the play of light and shadow, you can also correct facial features. This "ability" of radiant textures formed the basis of the collection. It includes:

After Dark eyeshadow palette with 10 shades, most of which are metallic.

Yellow and pink gold, blue, lilac, green - among them; these shimmery shadows stand out against the blue neon with a matte texture that provides the effect of "electric" brightness;

The Teint Idole Ultra Double Ended Stick is a practical tool for those who pay great attention to the development of skin tone. On one side is a matte base that can be applied before foundation, and on the other is a highlighter. You can complete your makeup with them;

Transforming Liquid Eye Shadow can really surprise you.

First coat will give a metallic sheen under the matte finish. And if you blend the shadows with your fingertips, the color will become shimmery.

Sequin Crush Monoshadow Collection, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté this season is also for the festive shimmer on the eyelids. For the summer of 2020, they presented a new collection of Sequin Crush monoshadows, the radiance of which, in the very name of the product, is compared with the brilliance of fabrics embroidered with sequins.


To achieve this effect, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté combined concentrated pigments and shimmering pearl particles in an eyeshadow formula. As a result, upon application, you will receive an intense accent due to the bright color and expressive radiance that complement each other.


You can choose between 1 Legendary Gold, 2 Empowered Silver, 4 Explosive Brown, 6 Confident Nude, 9 Bold Blue and 8 Louder Blue.


Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liner, NYX Professional Makeup

There are never too many liners, NYX Professional Makeup experts are sure. Therefore, among the latest novelties of the brand is Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liner, which is released, of course, not only in basic shades, but also in bright colors - for those who love daring beauty solutions.

Texture and formula

This eyeliner has a fluid texture that dries quickly on the skin. Once dry, the finish becomes matte. The lines are waterproof - they are not afraid of rain or tears (let them be tears of joy).


Black and brown in the new collection of Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liners, of course, there are, but in addition to them, you can choose white No. 04 White, gray-blue No. 03 Stone Fox, lilac No. 06 Lilac , blue No. 05 Sapphire or, say, No. 07 Red - bright red.

Ultra-thin flexible brush will help you apply color as accurately as possible and get, as NYX Professional Makeup jokes, "deadly sharp" arrows.

Rouge Unlimited Flaming Reds, Shu Uemura lipstick collection

Shu Uemura's Flaming Reds Collection is inspired by the allure of red flames and includes Rouge Unlimited Matte lipsticks with a matte texture and Rouge Unlimited Lacquer Shine with a lacquer shine.

The former are distinguished by a formula rich in pigments, moisturizing ingredients and ultra-fine powder that fills in the unevenness of the skin of the lips and creates the desired matte effect.

And the second one, Rouge Unlimited Lacquer Shine, is characterized by a combination of intense color, light melting formula and glossy finish.

Flaming Reds lipsticks are easily recognizable by their elegant red cases, which will become a real decoration of your beauty collection.

Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Collection, NYX Professional Makeup

Another novelty for those who are crazy about expressive accents on the lips - a collection of lipsticks Shout Loud Satin Lipstick. The funds are released in the usual stick format and designed in such a way that it is difficult to resist. Each lipstick is embellished with heart-shaped prints. The packages are also decorated with a "heart" print. But the main thing, of course, is inside.


Cream lipstick lies on the skin of the lips with a dense and rich in color layer, but does not create a feeling of heaviness - the product has a fairly light texture. In addition, the formula includes caring ingredients.

The coating is shiny, but very soft, delicate - without glossy moisture. Lipstick gives a natural satin sheen without unusual special effects, which many are already tired of.


The lipstick contains shea butter and mango butter, which take care of nourishing and moisturizing the skin of the lips. At the same time, the Shout Loud Satin Lipstick formula is resistant - lipstick promises to last all day.

Which of the summer collections did you like the most? Tell us about your impressions in the comments.