The effect of naked skin does not leave the list of makeup trends, and “naked” nails are at the peak of fashion in manicure. Nude - for those who love discreet and natural looks that emphasize natural beauty

The main advantage of translucent coatings with a “bare” effect is that they give nails of any shape and length a well-groomed and neat look (of course, in combination with a well-made manicure). In addition, these varnishes serve as an excellent base for nail art. On a nude basis, you can create design options that will appeal even to those who are categorically against the decor on the nails.

"Naked" manicure: what is it and when is it appropriate?

A "naked" manicure is a manicure that gives the impression that there is no coating on the nails. To create it, they use tools that look as natural as possible. In the "naked" manicure, varnishes with a nude effect are used. These can be translucent shades with a pink undertone, which are indispensable in a jacket, or dense powdery shades, as well as some pastel colors - for example, the color of a smoky rose.

Essie's "To the fullest" polish is perfect for such a manicure.

Despite the provocative name, a “naked” manicure is appropriate in any situation. It will harmoniously complement a business look, a casual outfit, an evening dress with a rich decor, and a disco-style suit.

As for the nail art with a “bare” varnish in the base, it looks especially elegant, restrained and neat. Drawings, rhinestones, glitter, and graphics look good on a nude coating. So it is quite possible to experiment with a “naked” manicure.

"Naked" manicure: fashion trends and novelties - 2023

Ultimate minimalism

If earlier in the “naked” manicure all kinds of powdery shades were more relevant than others, this year nail masters offer us to use even more restrained and even ascetic coatings like Essie’s Masteritsa varnish. .

" Clean" colorless polishes were favored at the Cynthia Rowley and Boss shows, and at the Coach show they were complemented by a matte top, making the manicure look extraordinarily attractive.

Wet effect

How to make a nude manicure more original without depriving it of a “naked” effect? The masters at the Adeam show suggest to give the coating a matte finish, and then add glossy drops of transparent varnish. So you get an unusual "wet" design.

Classic French

The last few seasons at fashion shows have most often experimented with a jacket. And this year, a classic French manicure is declared a separate trend. It can be considered one of the options for a "bare" design, because its base is colorless. A small nuance: it is better to draw thin “smiles” for a jacket in 2023, as they did for Prabal Gurung or Khaite shows. You will find detailed instructions that will come in handy if you decide to make a jacket yourself in this video.

Grey nude

Diversity in your usual nude manicure this year will bring light gray shades, which were also popular among the nail artists who worked at the shows.

At the Tibi and Marco de Vincenzo shows, the models showed just such varnishes on the catwalk. They look impressive and in this sense they can easily compete with nude shades or a palette of pale pink nude tones.

Beautiful "naked" nail design for nails of different shapes


Medium oval nails can bring any nail art ideas to life, so it's hard to find a design that doesn't fit this universal ratio of shape and length.

A monochromatic coating in nude shades will give such nails a nobility, and a minimalist design like a jacket (including reverse and beveled) or, for example, simple graphics with neat lines - grace.


Almond shaped nails are slightly tapered towards the tips. This slight point makes them very feminine, even if they look a little predatory (this effect occurs when the nails are long enough).

Try not to clutter up the nail plate with a lot of details. Choose one clean pattern, one motif, one decor option and use it on a "bare" finish that smooths out the boldness of any design decisions.

Soft square

This shape is perfect for graphic manicure lovers. It just encourages you to experiment with lines, geometric shapes, color blocks and other elements of nail art. The shape of the soft square itself suggests ideas; if you want, you can round the corners even more or, conversely, make them sharper to “tweak” the design.By the way, the graphics just look great on a nude background - much better and cleaner than on a color one.

Sharp shape

On sharp nails, a manicure with an emphasis on the tips always looks advantageous. And it's not just French - there are countless options available. You can apply a clear coat as a base, and emphasize the sharp ends with broken graphic lines, sparkles, patterns or ornaments. And if you leave the coating monophonic, the sharpness of the nails seems to soften and cease to give the impression of predatory.


Naked manicure options for long nails

Naked French

Long nails can be designed in different ways, and this is their big plus. Most often we talk about this in relation to complex nail art. But the classic jacket will also look very beautiful, in which the effect of “naked” nails is maximally manifested.Apply translucent nude as a background, and draw either white or colored “smiles” on the tips.

Pearl manicure

A separate trend of the 2023 season is voluminous pearl manicure. Delicate pearl beads replace flashy rhinestones and benefit from the fact that they create a romantic mood. However, you may well use both pearls and small rhinestones in manicure. In this case, the result will be festive.

Ombre with nude shades

Who said that you can't add color to a "naked" manicure? Such a simple and familiar technique as an ombre will help to cope with this task. "Stretch" the bright color from the tips of the nails to the middle and here combine it with a nude shade. Gradient manicure, by the way, perfectly emphasizes the length. If you're growing your nails, take note.

Pastel nude

Another option is to complement the “naked” design with pastel shades that go well with the nude range. Divide each nail into sections, leave some "bare" and fill the others with your chosen colors.

Color blocking

Color block manicure is also a good choice for nails that have grown out. You can play with the shape of the nails by configuring the sections themselves that make up the design. Paint them with different shades from the nude range and get the effect of a delicate mosaic.

Star nude

Space motifs fit perfectly on the nude background.

You can safely decorate the nude coating with gold stars or, for example, glitter that creates the effect of a starry sky. Such decor, by the way, softens the “aggressive” impression of sharp nails.

Half Naked

Divide your nails into two parts with a vertical line (another trick that emphasizes the length), leave one half with a nude finish, and fill the other with a pattern - an animal print with leopard spots or, for example, a tortoiseshell pattern.


If you have been doing a “naked” manicure for a long time and nude varnishes have already bored you, try giving the coating a matte finish. With a matte top, even a plain manicure will look much more interesting and unusual. And you can complement it with glossy patterns or drawings that will create a beautiful contrast of textures.

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photoNaked manicure ideas for short nails

Jewel decor

If you like "rich" decor with stones, gold, sparkles and other catchy details, you don't need to restrain yourself and make excuses for guilty pleasure. Just try to put all these details on a neutral nude background. Over such a varnish, jewelry will look noticeable, but less catchy than on a bright color base.

Minimal Nude

To make a colorless manicure not boring, add a couple of designer touches to the nude background. A few thin stripes or small polka dots are fine.

If the nails are short, you don't need more - it is not advised to overload an insignificant length with drawings and other design elements. And small details, on the contrary, work for an elegant and neat result.


Have you ever tried a moon manicure with a cream base? If not, then be sure to try it. To enhance the "naked" effect, leave the wells empty - no color. Or, on the contrary, use a contrasting color. And at the same time add a different shade to the tips of the nails - you get the original moon jacket.

With sequins and rhinestones

Sequins are almost always associated with disco and party wear. But what if you want to add a little shimmer to your everyday look? This is where the “naked” manicure will help out. Cover your nails with nude polish and then apply glitter.

Even if several nails are completely covered with glitter, the “naked” effect will remain.

Naked pattern

"Naked" manicure can be without allegories. Draw graceful contours of the body against a colorless background, using noble, expressive shades of varnishes for graphics - including gold or silver.

And secure the drawings with a colorless top.


One-color "naked" manicure is a great option for short nails. It guarantees them a neat appearance. For the sake of variety, you can choose your own shade of nude polish for each nail and create a horizontal gradient with a transition from the thumb to the little finger or vice versa. However, the classic ombre manicure on short nails also looks good.


Do you like naked manicure and what versions of it have you already tried on your nails? Tell us in the comments.