The trend to grow nails is gaining momentum. The length is chosen not only by the models on the catwalks, but also by the stars of the theater, cinema and pop culture. Ready to join? Then it's time to get acquainted with fashionable nail design options

long nail nail design: what's new in 2023?

Manicure for long nails in 2023 may look different. Next, we will talk about the latest trends in nail design and show them in the photo.


  1. Matte nails

    Any shade of nail polish will become more "winter" if you give it a soft velvety texture.

    Even black can be "softened" - this was proved by the models that walked the runway at The Blonds show. And at the Rebecca Minkoff show, a matte top was worn over a burgundy lacquer like Essie's Stiletto Point.

    This lacquer is also useful for creating special effects, for example, a manicure with “water drops” on a matte finish, like on the Adeam show.

  2. Wine varnish

    Shades of this range traditionally come to the fore in autumn and winter. 2023 will be no exception.

    Tommy Hilfiger, Guy Laroche and many other fashion show stylists to bring burgundy back to girls' manicures.

  3. Glitter and confetti

    Closer to the winter holidays will not do without sparkles. You can completely cover your nails with glitter, as they did at the House of Holland show. Or replace the shimmering particles with colored confetti - it was used in the manicure at the Vivetta show.


  1. Pearl manicure

    Gentle manicure is relevant in spring. You should not, however, be limited to floral motifs and a pastel palette. The masters who worked at fashion shows offered an idea that many would definitely want to bring to life - a manicure with pearl decor. Pearl beads can decorate both nude and colored coatings. The design will turn out to be voluminous, which is only to your advantage - after all, the 3D effect is just in vogue now.

  2. Animal print

    Let summer be the time to experiment with prints not only in clothes, but also on nails. Try to decorate them, for example, with animal ornaments. Leopard and zebra decor will be especially popular, judging by the frames from the Jeremy Scott and Rebecca Minkoff shows.

  3. Yellow manicure

    Have you dreamed of expanding your palette of shades? The time has come: in the spring and summer of 2023, yellow lacquer is in fashion. It was chosen this season by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chromat, Mark Fast and other brands.

  4. Color French

    On the tips of the nails, any shades are welcome, except for the usual white. This vector was set by the masters who worked at the shows of Oscar de la Renta, Nicole Miller, Bibhu Mohapatra and others.And at the Courreges show, the models demonstrated a multi-layer jacket with two stripes on the tips.

What shape of long nails is in fashion in 2023?

Short nails are most often given a natural shape as close to natural as possible. Girls with long nails have more options: the shape can be almost any.


This is a classic that will not lose its relevance in the season of 2023. You can not be afraid of any associations with retro aesthetics.

Oval nails look beautiful - feminine and elegant; in addition, they visually lengthen the fingers. With this form, long nails are not perceived as defiant.

If we talk about manicure for long nails in 2023, then the almond shape will also be in trend. "Almond" gives long nails a neat look and visually lengthens the nail plate.

Sharp nails

Along with the oval, sharp nails are also in fashion, although this is a riskier option.

Many people think that sharp long nails look vulgar, but trends convince us otherwise: there is nothing outrageous about having long and pointed nails. Yes, they will draw more attention to themselves, but this is just an additional reason to choose a trendy design.

light manicure ideas for long nails

Pastel gradient

Choose some pastel polishes (one shade for each nail). And get a manicure in the ombre technique - as if the color was sprayed with a spray can for graffiti. Let it diffuse beautifully, gradually merging with a clear or nude finish on the main body of the nail. We talked about how to create a gradient on the nails on our own in this video.

Quartz manicure

This trend is more than one year old, but it is still relevant. Pale pink manicure with barely noticeable quartz veins looks very gentle and can become a real decoration of the image. On the one hand, it does not catch the eye. On the other hand, it looks much more interesting than a single-color coating with translucent pink varnish.

This manicure in 2023 is a good design option for both long square nails and oval ones.

Space Manicure

Most often, space manicure is done on a dark background of the color of the night sky. Take a different approach to this nail art and use nude or any other light polish as a base.

Draw planets, stars, crescents, twinkling nebulae on a light background using glitter and add a couple of rhinestones or stickers. Intergalactic manicure is ready! In this version, it is no worse than the "night" version.

Speckled Manicure

It seems that there is nothing easier than a manicure with polka dots. However, he will require you to be careful if you want to get flawless rounded "beads" on your nails, and not shapeless blobs.

However, colored spots of an indefinite shape can look pretty. To make a speckled manicure, you just need to randomly cover the surface of the nails with short colored strokes and dots, which do not have to be even and the same in size.

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Manicure pattern for long nails

Flower manicure

This design from year to year retains the status of an ideal solution for spring and always helps out when you want tenderness, maintaining a romantic and dreamy mood. On the nails you can depict a beautiful bud of a rose, tulip, iris, orchid (choose to your taste) - or draw a fantasy bouquet of wild flowers.

Checkered Manicure

Checked manicure is not only for lovers of strict graphics and business style. The cell can be small and large, it can be colored, shine with glitter or glow with neon. Another variation of this nail design is the “dog tooth” ornament. The appropriateness of such a manicure in a given situation determines the choice of colors and textures.

Fruit Manicure

You can make any drawings on long nails. Closer to summer, fruit motifs are organic. They will help to add several juicy shades to the image at once. One look at the nails with fruity nail art is enough to get a boost of vivacity and vitality.

Heart Manicure

This simple and cute manicure is also always uplifting.

It is easy to make on your own and in any available shades - not only in pink and red, but also, for example, in blue or green.

Emoji Manicure

Another way to add some positivity to your look is to get a manicure with emojis using neon nail polish shades on a neutral background.

Yes, this version of nail art cannot be called serious, but sometimes you just need to allow yourself frivolity - at least in nail design.

Ceramic manicure

Ideas for a manicure with drawings will always be found. Sometimes it's enough just to look around. Patterns are easy to borrow, for example, from painted dishes in the Italian style or, say, in the Provence style. Volumetric patterns on ceramics can also be repeated on nails - using acrylic powder. This is a more difficult option, but the result will definitely impress you.


Current versions of French manicure on long nails

French with divorces

Many masters refuse the classic version of the jacket - with graphic white stenciled arcs. Now, perhaps, any design with an emphasis on the tips of the nails can be considered a French manicure. Such nail art options successfully emphasize the length of the nails.

Beveled jacket

French manicure with a beveled edge is another idea for those who are sure that the French manicure is no longer relevant in its usual form. Move the "smiles" to the side - as if the arcs have moved a little from their usual places. A beveled jacket looks most impressive on long oval-shaped nails.

French ombre

Use two shades at the tips of your nails at once, connecting them with each other using the ombre effect. If you're ready for more, go for a rainbow-tipped jacket. True, the work to be painstaking and the length should be really noticeable.

Reverse French

Turn the jacket upside down: let the colored arc follow the contour of the nail plate at the cuticle line. The same version of nail art will appeal to those who are looking for an alternative to the usual moon manicure.

Flaming French

Flame manicure is a real trend. It is not necessary to draw them in fiery colors.

Use different shades of polish. Try to focus on the tips of your nails as if the flames are escaping from the french stripes. Such a manicure, by the way, also visually stretches the nails and is suitable for those who want them to seem even longer.

what can be a bright youth manicure on long nails in 2023?

How can youth manicure for long nails look like in 2023? Here are some ideas.

Neon Manicure

Neon is one of the main trends of spring and summer 2023. Even if you choose a solid color, your manicure will be quite in line with the trends.

But if you have already decided on a bright choice, you can also make nail art - a manicure in any case will attract attention.

Watercolor nail art

If you, on the contrary, do not like eye-catching neon brightness, apply shades with a translucent layer, as if blurring the color. Such an artistic decor is a win-win solution, especially since it is quite easy to make it, because you do not need to draw perfectly even lines and draw intricate patterns in detail.

Animal print nails

Combine two trends in your manicure: animalistic motifs and neon glow. Use bright neon shades as a backdrop for a leopard or tiger pattern.

Or, on the contrary, make such a manicure in neutral colors. If you choose a beige palette, then animal nail art can organically complement even a casual look.

Color blocking

On long nails, you can create a spectacular picture of different geometric shapes. The color blocking technique is still in fashion and allows you to combine several of your favorite shades in a manicure.

Most likely, the nail design will turn out to be concise and neat, even if you choose not calm and muted colors, but shades close in brightness to neon.

Tai Dai

This trend from the 90s is loved by many nail artists. It allows you to connect a variety of shades no worse than the ombre effect, even if the colors seem to be incompatible.

Trendy monophonic coating for long nails

Cat Eye Manicure

Cat-eye looks great on long nails. Dark shades of varnishes additionally emphasize the length with beautiful tints.

Volume Manicure

To make a monochromatic manicure look original, experiment with textures. For example, cover a colored polish with a matte top coat, then apply a few drops of clear polish on top to create a wet look. Like other 3D manicure options, this one is at the height of fashion.

Negative space

There is another idea for those who are not ready for a multicolor manicure. Use the negative space technique - and get nail art with colored inserts or a coating from which one or two fragments seemed to be cut out from different sides.To achieve the desired effect, these very "fragments" must be transparent.


What kind of manicure do you like to do when you have long nails? Write a comment.