Freshness and radiance - that's what will be the main thing in the makeup of the summer of 2023, judging by the latest beauty news. They make it easy to follow trends and achieve a variety of effects, whether it's "glassy" skin, metallic shine on the eyelids or a dewy blush

Sequin Crush Monotone, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

If you're up for experimenting this summer, you won't want to miss out on the radiant novelty presented by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

We are talking about Sequin Crush shadows with shimmery particles of rather coarse grinding. The coating is obtained with a metallic effect: shimmers in the light and impresses with its dazzling brilliance.


The texture of Sequin Crush shadows is rich in pigments, complemented by pearl particles.

The main shade reveals differently (but always spectacular) depending on the lighting. When applied thickly and wet, you get a foil-like finish.


1 Legendary Gold and 2 Empowered Silver are "base" in this collection.

Legendary Gold

Empowered Silver

Besides them, the Sequin Crush line has Brown No. 4 Explosive Brown, Peach No. 6 Confident Nude, Blue No. 8 Louder Blue and Emerald No. 9 Bold Blue.

Explosive Brown

Confident Nude

Louder Blue

Bold Blue


Matchy-Matchy eyeshadow palettes, NYX Professional Makeup

Matchy-Matchy is the new NYX Professional Makeup for those who love color-coordinated makeup. The collection includes five compact palettes that are designed primarily for eye makeup; However, their possibilities are not limited to this.


Eight shades of color powder in each Matchy-Matchy palette.

NYX Professional Makeup has included both matte, satin and shimmery shades in the kits, so that you can create “voluminous” makeup by playing on the contrast of textures.

Let's list all the colors. No. 05 Berry - shadows in berry shades.

No. 04 Lilac - in shades of lavender and lilac.

03 Camel - coral palette.

02 Melon - with refreshing watermelon shades.

01 Taupe - with shades of basic colors for a calm casual make-up.


Using eight shades of shadows, you can create an infinite number of eye makeup options - both daytime and evening.

At the same time, many shades from these palettes can be used not only on the eyelids. So, in the berry palette No. 05 Berry there are pink tones that will perfectly cope with the role of blush.

And in the No. 01 Taupe palette there is a beige shimmering powder that can replace both a highlighter and even a bronzer.

All Nighter Fixing Spray by Antonia Lev, Urban Decay

Among the novelties of Urban Decay is a limited edition All Nighter fixative spray, which once again "changed clothes" . The label design for this product was created by the artist Antonia Lev. The pattern she drew plays on the theme of the stone jungle - as unpredictable as the jungle in the wild.

The result is a print that hints that no matter how the weather changes during the day, it will not affect your makeup if you cover it with a protective layer of waterproof All Nighter.

Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss, NYX Professional Makeup

Everyone thinks to try the glass skin effect on the face, but you can't find a tool that would help create it? Looks like NYX Professional Makeup's Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss can do the same.


According to reviews, this face and eye gloss has a comfortable non-sticky and elastic texture. Even with active facial expressions, the product will last on the skin for at least 6 hours.

Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss creates sheer coverage with a dewy finish. Fine shimmering particles in the composition provide the effect of delicate radiance.


Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss can be used in eye makeup instead of eyeshadow - or layered on top for a glossy finish that gives the impression of a wet finish. In addition, Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss can easily replace a highlighter. Blend it on the cheekbones with your fingertips for a trendy “mirror” skin effect.

Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation, Urban Decay

For those who can't imagine their makeup without an even tone, Urban Decay offers to pay attention to Stay Naked The Fix. This tool looks like a powder, but it can also serve as a full-fledged tonal foundation.


Stay Naked The Fix is long-wearing - once applied, the foundation promises to last up to 16 hours. Its formula is resistant to water and sweat, so you can not be afraid that during the day (even if you spend it actively or, for example, get caught in the rain), the tone will “float”.

The tool perfectly masks skin imperfections, especially enlarged pores; the skin acquires a pleasant velvety matte finish. In addition, Stay Naked The Fix takes care of the skin: it contains moringa seed extract.


Stay Naked The Fix can be used as a powder or foundation if you have normal, non-breakout skin. In this case, one layer of the product will be enough to even out the tone.

At the same time, Stay Naked The Fix can be used to fix make-up by applying it with a fluffy brush over a liquid foundation. If you want more coverage, apply Stay Naked The Fix over foundation with a sponge.

Cheek Heat Blush, Maybelline New York

One of Maybelline's most relevant summer novelties promises to be this light gel blush. Cheek Heat is the one that will give you a truly natural glow.

It will seem that the skin is literally glowing with a blush, like after yoga or jogging in the fresh air.


The product has a weightless gel-cream texture. A tiny drop is enough to blend the color with a translucent layer on the “apples” of the cheeks. The finish will have a slightly dewy finish, making the blush look natural.


Cheek Heat Blush is available in four shades: 15 Nude, 10 Cool Pink for cool complexions, 20 Pink with warm undertones, and 25 Fuchsia.

Learn more about how to apply blush in this video.


What new products do you plan to replenish your cosmetic bag in the spring-summer 2023 season? Tell us in the comments.