Understanding how to use makeup to turn into a kind (or not) sorceress

To begin with, let's look at the characteristic features of a make-up that will allow you to look like a fairy-tale heroine.

Fairy makeup features

There are many ways to transform into a sorceress. Someone will choose a gentle image of a forest fairy sorceress in airy pink and light green tones, complementing the makeup with flowers, matching outfit and styling with large curls. Others imagine the fairy in a completely different way - as a dark sorceress who prefers rich colors: burgundy, emerald and sapphire.

Whatever solution you choose and wherever you go with such makeup (and there are many options: from Halloween to stage performance, masquerade or costume party), you will find useful tips in this article.

What cosmetics do you need for makeup?

Prepare the necessary makeup for the fairy.

For face tone:

  • Stay Naked Foundation by Urban Decay;

  • Maybelline New York The Eraser Eye concealer;

  • holographic halo powder from NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Maybelline New York Fit Me blush.

For eye makeup:

  • The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline New York in shade 450;

  • Ultimate eyeshadow palette by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Paradise White Base by L'Oréal Paris;

  • Maybelline New York Master Ink white eyeliner;

  • The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara by Maybelline New York.


How to make a forest fairy make-up: step by step photo tutorial

The modern fairy godmother knows exactly what draping and colored kajal are. Follow our photo tutorial to recreate the fairy look. You don't need a magic wand. After you are done with the care, you can start making up.

  1. 1

    Apply Urban Decay's Stay Naked Foundation all over your face.

    The tone color must match the skin tone or be one tone lighter.

  2. 2

    Apply concealer under the eyes, highlighting the back and tip of the nose, as well as the chin and center of the forehead. This will make the face visually narrower and slightly sharpen the chin.

  3. 3

    Set creamy textures with reflective or shimmery powder. In this case, we allow gloss of different intensities: from the natural radiance of the skin to intense wet overflows. Suitable, for example, Holographic Halo from NYX Professional Makeup.

    The main thing in working with such textures is grinding. Apply the powder first with patting movements all over the face to set the cream base. After a minute, brush over the face with light but quick circular motions so that the shine reveals itself in full force.

  4. 4

    Fairies prefer draping to sculpting. Apply blush not only on the cheeks, but also on the temples and areas at the outer corners of the eyes - this will instantly create a magical mood.

    We talked about the draping technique in more detail in this video.

  5. 5

    Intensify the draping effect with a color gradient, such as blue shadows. Add pink shadows to the back of the nose. This makeup is typical for girls who have chosen the soft girl style - they love everything cute and pink, as if they live in a country of unicorns. Therefore, this make-up is suitable for a fairy like no other.

  6. 6

    To get pink eyebrows, you don't have to have special pink mascara in your arsenal. You can do with either a white base for eyelashes, or a white pencil.Apply one of these products to your brows to make the colored shadows applied on top look as bright as possible. Suitable, for example, Paradise from L'Oréal Paris.

  7. 7

    Using a small brush, paint over the eyebrows with bright shadows. You can choose any shade. For example, pink, blue or pale green.

  8. 8

    Over the base, spread bright shining shadows over the eyelids. You can make monomakeup in pink tones, or you can add accents. In such a make-up, light green, yellow, blue or peach shadows will look organic.

  9. 9

    Add a contrasting arrow. It is better to use kajal for the eyes. In this case, you will have the opportunity to apply the same shade on the mucous membrane so that the eye makeup looks complete and there are no gaps between the eyelashes.

  10. 10

    You can't do without sparkles in such a make-up. An excellent solution would be to use a glitter eyeliner, which is easy to apply both over the arrow and pointwise on the lower eyelid.

  11. 11

    Add The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara by Maybelline New York.

    You can use either colored or lengthening black, which will not create excess volume. Eyelashes should not look heavy.

  12. 12

    On top of pink shadows and blush, place magical freckles in the form of stars or other small shapes. White eyeliner is suitable for this purpose.

  13. 13

    Apply a glossy lipstick to your lips. Makeup will be more effective if the glow is duochrome or holographic.

  14. 14

    Magical image is ready!

Halloween makeup ideas

If you want to try on fairy makeup for Halloween, try one of these looks.

  • Fairies are not always sweet and gentle. An interesting mystical image can be created with neon eyeliner. Use it to draw chaotic lines from the inner corners of the eyes to the bridge of the nose. And closer to the outer corners, use black eyeliner. A few touches can be added to the lips.

  • If you still want to use pink, here's another option. True, it is suitable only for those who are willing to spend several hours creating a make-up.The entire surface of the face, neck and hands will need to be painted over with a blue pigment, and pink should be applied to the lips and eyelids. You can also draw arrows. You will only need to choose a shade of eyeliner that will be noticeable against the background of shadows from the same pink range. It remains to wear a pink wig or dye your hair with a temporary dye. For example, Colorista Washout from L'Oréal Paris will do just fine. where to find?

How can you complete the image of a fairy-tale sorceress?

If you choose a delicate pink makeup from our photo tutorial, then the rest of the image should match.

  • Decorate your hair with flowers. You can make a wreath with your own hands or randomly arrange flowers along the entire length, securing them with invisibility.


  • One color manicure with glossy pink polish is the best solution for a fairy. Other options include French, pretty florals, minimalist lines and dots on a light background, as well as moon manicures, winged designs, and pastel gradients.

How do you like the resulting image? Share your opinion in the comments!