Tell you how to extend the durability of makeup for the whole day

If you use decorative cosmetics, then the fixing spray will definitely come in handy for you: after applying it, you won’t have to correct your makeup every hour. Don't believe? So you don't know anything about NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Sprays yet.

NYX Professional Makeup Fixer Benefits

The fixing spray feels like regular thermal water when sprayed on the face, but its functions are completely different.

  • Make Up Setting fixing sprays are designed to increase the durability of makeup and maintain its original look.

  • Sprays increase the durability of any color cosmetic, be it foundation, eye shadow, lipstick or mascara.

  • Make Up Setting spray has a convenient dispenser that allows you to instantly spray the product all over your face. One press is enough, so the consumption is very economical, and even with daily use of the retainer, it lasts for a whole year.

  • To fix makeup, just a second press on the dispenser.

  • The spray has a liquid texture. Due to the fine spray, the product is not felt on the face and does not weigh down makeup.

  • After applying the spray, cosmetics do not spread or roll, fixation occurs instantly.

  • Removing make-up after using a fixing spray is as easy as without it - no special tools are needed for this.

  • Make Up Setting fixers do not dry or tighten the skin - on the contrary, they moisturize it and give a feeling of comfort.

  • The line includes two types of spray: Dewy Finish gives radiance, and Matte Finish mattes the skin.

  • The setting spray can also be used to restore broken eye shadow, blush or powder. We wrote about this life hack in detail in this article.

Composition of fixative spray

Make Up Setting Makeup Fixers are vegan. This means that they do not contain any ingredient of animal origin and the components have not been tested on animals.

When is a make-up setting spray appropriate?

If you are going to a party and do bright makeup, you just need a fixer. It will prevent the shedding of rich and shimmery shadows under the eyes and will not allow thickly applied mascara to be imprinted on the lower and upper eyelids.

When creating daytime makeup, you can also use a fixing spray. If you're wearing foundation, using concealer, sculpting and adding some blush, be sure to finish off by spraying your face with Make Up Setting Spray to keep your tone in perfect condition until the evening.

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish

In order for the spray to securely fix the makeup, it must be applied correctly.

  1. First, do your makeup: apply foundation, blush, lipstick and make up your eyes.

  2. When your makeup is complete, apply a setting spray to your face. To do this, shake the bottle and spray the product from a distance of 15-20 cm. One or two clicks is enough.

  3. To cover all areas, make the first press at the top of the face, the second at the bottom. The main thing is that the spray is evenly distributed.