If you don't have them in your basic cosmetic bag, then in our article you will find several reasons to supplement your usual beauty set with this tool

It would seem that white is the same basic color as black. Despite this, not every girl uses it in makeup. But white shadows can, firstly, serve as the basis of a make-up and focus on the eyes. Secondly, complement the images with other shades.

Features of white eyeshadow

It is most common to see white shadows in smoky eyes makeup.The most common trick with this beauty product is to apply them closer to the inner corners, making a smoky makeup. White color in classic smokey is most often balanced by dark shadows, shaded from the middle to the outer corners. White is combined with all shades and therefore appears often in smoky eyes, regardless of the chosen range.

At the same time, white shadows can also be the soloist in makeup. True, this option is more often chosen by lovers of experiments. If white shadows are on the eyelids without color support, you will get a noticeable accent that will definitely attract attention. For those who like to bring unusual make-up ideas to life, this option is definitely worth taking note of: makeup with white shadows can surprise.

With all the versatility of white color, white shadows cannot be called universal. And this is one of their features. White shadows should be chosen by girls with a cold color type of appearance and with fair skin.On skin with warm undertones - both fair and dark - they do not always look good. In this case, shining shadows will help out if you apply them with a translucent layer, achieving the effect of a shimmering haze. Or dense cream shadows of white color. They can draw, for example, contrasting wide arrows.


Variety of white shadows

When choosing shadows, all these nuances are important to consider. Fortunately, white shadows are now produced in such an assortment that it will not be difficult to find “your” among the many options.

Glitter shadows

Glitter white eye shadow is an indispensable tool for those who in eye makeup strive for the effect of an open look and a fresh, rested look in general.

Add some of these shadows on the skin at the inner corners of the eyes - for "highlighting" : it will provide the desired result. In addition, radiant white shadows can be applied in a thin layer throughout the moving eyelid and get a gentle addition to the accent on the lips.If you want to try it, take a look at Infaillible Eye Paint in shade 101 from L'Oréal Paris.

Matte shadows

Another thing is matte shadows. If you have dry ones at your disposal, then it hardly makes sense to distribute them throughout the eyelid. They will be much more useful as an addition to the dark haze at the outer corners of the eyes. But cream shadows can be used to create an original graphic make-up.


Shadows with a pearl effect shimmer in blue, pink, green and other shades in the light. This is an option for those who like unusual textures. A great choice for a "cosmic" make-up with sparkles and other shades of shimmery shadows.

Eye makeup with white shadows for every day

For brown eyes

Blend white eyeshadow with golden shimmer to accentuate the inner corners of the eyes. External try to "pull out" with the help of soft arrows.Draw them with brown or black shadows. Love brighter colors? Blend purple shadows all over the eyelid, and highlight the crease of the eyelid with white. True, only the most daring girls can call this option makeup for every day.

For green eyes

Green-eyed will also go for a make-up with soft arrows on a white base. For a casual look, they can go for a light smokey look with a soft transition from white to dark green or gray at the outer corners or in the crease of the eyelid.

To make this makeup possible to wear on weekdays, avoid heavy darkening. Emphasize only the contour of the eyes and the outer corners. And carefully shade the shadows. It is important to get a weightless translucent coating.

For blue and gray eyes

Apply a pearl eyeshadow on the eyelids in a translucent layer. Don't forget to create a highlight effect at the inner corners of the eyes. Cover your lashes with mascara.If desired, you can work out the inner contour of the eyes with a kayal pencil. Do you want to try on a brighter make-up? Blend light green shadows over the entire surface of the upper eyelids, and draw white arrows on top. You will need an eyeliner with a rich formula.

Evening makeup with white shadows

This is where the full potential of white shadows can be revealed. What can you try? The first option is to focus on an expressive combination of colors. Use white in a duet with gray, blue, emerald, plum or, for example, swamp green (many options). The second is to make white shadows the basis of makeup with sparkles. The third is to experiment with geometric designs using cream eyeshadows.

For brown eyes

Brown eyes in an evening make-up are advised to emphasize with contrasting colors. White is also great for this purpose. Take white cream shadows and draw wide arrows. Another option is to make double arrows: draw them closer to the eye contour, say, in blue or black, and repeat the line a little higher in white.

For blue and gray eyes

Give yourself a make-up with a dazzling glow. Sweep matte white eye shadow over lids and top with silver glitter mixed with a colorless glitter base (such as Glitter Primer by NYX Professional Makeup).

Outline your eyes with a dark gray kohl and apply mascara to your lashes to complete your look. Another version of the glitter make-up can be seen in this video.

For green eyes

To maximize the expressiveness of green eyes, use smoky eyes with chameleon shadows. Let some be white, while others match the color of the shimmer. So they will harmoniously complement each other. In addition, with this combination, it will be easier to combine them with an ombre effect when shading.

How else can you use white shadows: life hacks

  1. Eyeliner

    White cream shadows easily replace eyeliner. Surely for the arrows you often choose darker colors. To diversify your makeup, try drawing a white graphic line along the eye contour.

  2. Shadow pad

    Surely you have come across the fact that on the eyelids the colored shadows are not as bright as in the package. To achieve the desired degree of brightness, apply a layer of white as a base. It will enhance the intensity of the main shade. Read more about how to make shadows brighter here.

  3. Highlighter

    Shimmery white shadows can be used as a porthole tool. Apply them on the cheekbones, or under the eyebrows to define their contour, or on the skin at the inner corners of the eyes for a “sparkle” in the look.


Best white eyeshadow review

The choice of white makeup eyeshadow is a matter of taste. We have collected several options that, according to the editors, may well be in the top and come in handy when creating a variety of images.

  • Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow in shade 45 Infinite White, Maybelline New York

    For a beautiful shimmery look, choose 45 Infinite White from Maybelline New York's Color Tattoo Collection. Shadows are easy to apply and “stretch” over the skin of the eyelids due to the gel texture; The cool white sheen will last up to 24 hours without smudging or creasing. The cream format allows you to use the product also as an eyeliner.

    Check out what our readers think of Color Tattoo shadows here.


  • Moondust shadow in Cosmic, Urban Decay

    Shadows are literally distinguished by cosmic radiance. This is a common feature of the Moondust collection, but thanks to the white color of Cosmic, they look like stardust. Fine grinding of shimmering particles creates a 3D effect. The tool can act as a solo makeup, but it can be a company with other shades. It can also be used as a highlighter.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Infaillible Eye Paint 101 Sparkling White, L'Oréal Paris

    For lovers of bold graphics in makeup, I can recommend Infaillible Eye Paint liquid shadows. With a soft "plush" applicator, you can easily spread the color over the entire eyelid. And if you take a beveled brush, you can draw arrows with such shadows. Shade No. 101 "Sparkling White" is a dense silvery color with an expressive shine. Durability - up to 12 hours.

    Check out what our readers think of Infaillible shadows here.


  • Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow in shade 6 Moonlight, Giorgio Armani

    The very name of these shadows speaks of their soft glow. This shimmery white shade covers the eyelids with a light veil. Alone, they can be used in everyday makeup, and in the evening they can successfully complement the smoky eyes makeup, no matter what color scheme you choose.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


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