The bride's manicure can be treated as a full part of the image or as a detail that complements the dress. One way or another, you can’t do without it, and it should be neat and beautiful

Wedding Manicure 2023 Fashion Trends

To begin with, let's discuss what fashion trends in wedding manicure (or maybe you decide to use them in pedicure) are in 2023 and look at them in more detail in the photo.


Judging by the trends of 2023, brides have a fairly wide choice.Let's start with the nude palette. This is a classic that is still relevant. You can go for a translucent nude finish like Area and Boss, use light pearl polish like at Pam Hogg, or soft pastels like Oscar de la Renta and Affair.

Pay attention to the shade "Craftswoman" from Essie.

Special attention deserves a lemon-colored manicure, like 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Brides, who are closer to the Hollywood standards of the golden age of cinematography, can get a red manicure (it was done by nail artists from Moschino and Marco de Vincenzo shows).

Or even burgundy like Guy Laroche.

Then Essie's "On the edge of a hairpin" will come in handy.

White bridal manicure is another 2023 trend.


One of the most popular types of manicure in 2023 has become French. True, the masters advise to personalize it to your taste. For brides with almond nails in 2023, a classic jacket in a wedding manicure is also suitable. At the same time, with any form of nails, you can make colored tips, change the usual shape of “smiles”, move them to the side surfaces of the nails - in a word, experiments are welcome.

Get inspired by examples from shows by Kith, Alice + Olivia, Nicole Miller, Bibhu Mohapatra, Rag & Bone, Ulla Johnson, Courreges and many more.

However, before you start experimenting, we advise you to study the technique of creating a classic jacket. Useful.

Other options for concise graphics are also in vogue. But a more complex and unusual three-dimensional design with the effect of water drops (Adeam) and pearl beads is also welcome.

Nail shape

As for the shape of nails in a wedding manicure, you need to choose the one with which you will feel as comfortable as possible. Nails may well be naturally shaped and very short, like models Cynthia Rowley and Coach.

At the same time, if you want, you can build them up and make them extremely sharp - for example, like on the Halpern show. The golden mean is elongated oval nails, like Chromat, Oscar de la Renta, Roland Mouret.

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New in bridal manicure - 2023

Pearl design

We are sure that brides will especially like this gentle trend. Nail artists suggest decorating nails with a delicate pearly sheen or creating a design with voluminous, but not excessive decor.

You can see how it looks in the photo from the Adeam spring-summer 2023 show.

Mineral Texture

If earlier marble manicure and quartz design were separate trends, now they have merged into one trend: mineral manicure with beautiful color tints, mysterious shimmer of crystals and artistic “cracks” is in fashion.

There are no color contraindications for performing such nail art, any shades will do, so you can easily choose the right option for a wedding look.

Matte finish

For those who think that the main thing is a well-groomed appearance of nails, and a wedding manicure should be extremely simple, there is another trend. Namely, the matte effect. It is enough to apply a matte top on the simplest nude polish to make the manicure look much more interesting and unusual.

The soft, velvety finish catches the eye, even if the shade itself is calm and unobtrusive.


Trendy wedding nail design ideas for brides

Flower drawings

If you opted for a fresh, light and airy spring look, paint flowers on your nails.

Use gentle and soft shades, and apply a nude coating as a background so that the manicure harmoniously complements the light wedding outfit.

Matte glitter manicure

If nude manicure has become your usual choice in everyday life, then it is worth improving it in wedding nail art. Make the coating matte, and add small details with glitter on top for a festive mood. It can even be a laconic thin strip. A manicure with such decor will only look more elegant.

Nail art with "jewelry" decor

This is a simple version of a wedding manicure that any bride can handle on her own. You just need to make a powder coating, which will serve as a background for the design, and decorate it with beautiful gold stickers and rhinestones on top.One element for each nail; it’s better not to get too carried away, otherwise the manicure runs the risk of becoming vulgar. In a wedding image, it is better to head for restraint.

Pearl Shimmer Manicure

Nude polishes are a versatile choice that never fails brides. But almost everyone uses them in wedding manicure. Why not pay attention to other coatings - for example, pearl. They combine the softness of light shades and delicate radiance; This is a great addition to a wedding look. Even if you decorate such a coating with small rhinestones, there will not be “too much”.

Watercolor manicure

Turn your nails into a watercolor palette that combines some of the most delicate pastel shades. Pink will fade into blue, lemon yellow or lilac. Use several colors at once, combining them with the details of the image - for example, with shades of a wedding bouquet.

Wedding manicure options - 2023 for short nails

Nude foil design

For short nails, decor will be a better choice than drawings: there is simply no place for them on a short length. As a decoration, you can use the usual glitter or, say, pieces of foil. The metallic effect will look beautiful in a manicure, hinting at the precious reflections of silver or gold.

Heart Manicure

On the day when love is in the air, you can afford a touching and childishly naive nail art with small hearts. It will emphasize your romantic mood on your wedding day and will look good on short nails due to the fact that the drawing is small. In the bride's manicure, it is better to prefer laconic details to the "massive" decor.

Delicate ombre manicure

Ombre effect is another great option for short nails.To make a manicure look elegant with a short length, it is important not to overload it, and in this sense, a gradient design is what you need. Create a transition from light beige to dusty rose. The gradient can be either horizontal or vertical; in the second case, it will also visually stretch the nails.

" Point" decor

To make a festive manicure, just one small detail is enough. If at the wedding you want to be closer to the classics, you can apply a milky-pink lacquer on your nails, and then add a “bead” glitter to the hole of each nail. Thanks to this solution, the nude design will immediately move from everyday to festive.


Manicure for bride with long nails

Wedding manicure on long nails in 2023 may look completely different. Here are some options.

Marble manicure

Mineral manicure is now generally in vogue. Therefore, you can try to make a design with the effect of crystals for a wedding. The main thing is to choose the right shades: light, soft and delicate. And it's easy to complement them with marble veins and shimmering shimmer.

Glitter Manicure

If your vision of a wedding image has a place for bright accents and brilliance, do not hold back. Against a neutral background, even colored glitter will look restrained. Moreover, you can choose both small glitter confetti and large figured sparkles in the form of drops, hearts and stars.


Of course, the classic jacket is still among the favorites of brides. But trends give us a chance to make this design extraordinary. You can leave the nude shade at the base and complement it with colored tips, move the “smiles” to the side contour, or even move it to the hole to get a French flip.

There are still many options, and for weddings they will be chosen in favor of soft and feminine colors.

Flower manicure

An unusual approach to flower design is in vogue: nail artists are increasingly using real dried flower petals in manicure. They are glued to a coating that has not yet dried, and then “sealed” with a transparent top. The result is so refined and delicate that it can be considered as an option for a wedding.

What do you think a wedding manicure should be like? Share your opinion in the comments.

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