Stock up on bright nail polishes, glitters and stickers: French manicure is designed to amaze the imagination in the new season!

The popularity of the jacket is explained simply: with such a manicure, both in a feast and in the world. There are no situations or circumstances in which a French manicure would look out of place. But this rule applies only to the jacket in the classic version. In 2023, such a manicure may well be bright, bold, brilliant, extravagant. In this article, we've compiled everything you need to know about the modern French manicure.But first, let's recall how to properly make a basic white jacket.

French nails 2023: fashion trends and design novelties

Let's start with the main thing and discuss which French manicure options are considered the most relevant in 2023.

  1. Inscription

  2. Design with inscriptions is one of the main trends in nail fashion in recent years, but it seems that we have not seen it yet. Decorate the tips of your nails with miniature French manicure letters: let it be a line from your favorite song, a declaration of love or any other message to the world.

  3. Ultra thin strip

  4. Classic French manicure requires boundaries, but in 2023 they are very conditional. Mark the tips of the nails with a strip - colored or white. The main thing is that it should be barely noticeable!


  5. The same trick, by the way, can be done in the opposite direction: when creating a moon manicure, highlight the hole at the base of the nail with a thin strip.

  6. Pastel

  7. Cosmetics and nail polishes in pastel shades are an absolute must these days. And if the relationship has not yet developed with eye shadow resembling school crayons, start simple. A French manicure, done in muted pastel colors, remains in the casual category, but adds chic to the look. The big advantage is that this nail design looks stylish on both short and long nails.

  8. By the way, you can find dozens of other pastel manicure ideas and new nail designs in this article.

  9. Bevelled edge

  10. Nail masters love to experiment, especially with French manicures. Here is the result of one of the most successful experiments. It is important that creating such a design is even easier than a regular jacket. Use masking tape to make sure the beveled strip is perfectly flat.

  11. Bright design

  12. Take a cue from the masters who worked at the Oscar de la Renta show: a pastel base combined with a bright tip looks very impressive - especially on long nails.

    Oscar de la Renta

  13. Animal print

  14. Manicure with a pattern that resembles the color of a zebra, tiger, snake or any other animal is a real hit of fashion shows. Fans of French manicure are invited to beat the trend in their own way, for example, as in the photo below.

  15. Neon

  16. Manicure trends go hand in hand with makeup trends, so our list of the trendiest nail art ideas would be incomplete without this item. Light green, pink, blue, yellow neon polishes in 2023 should take their rightful place in your cosmetic arsenal along with neon shadows. Use these colors to add pops of color to your French manicure.


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Trend French manicure 2023 with nail shape

Determine which nail shape suits you best with our guide. And to choose the most successful version of the jacket 2023 - our tips and photos below.

Square nails

To literally smooth the corners, avoid clear and sharp lines in the manicure. Do not separate the tips of the nails with stripes, as if drawn on a ruler: let them be smooth and soft.

Almond shape

Almond-shaped nails look very feminine, but remember that this shape is optimal for long nails and nails of medium length.French manicure with such initial looks really organic: to emphasize the graceful shape, do not separate the edges of the nails with too wide strips.

Sharp nails

Sharp nails often look too aggressive - cute drawings on the tips of the nails will help smooth the impression. Another option is bright lace patterns. Avoid strict geometric details.

Round and oval nails

Round and oval nails always look neat with proper care. In addition, they are the easiest to care for: they break less often than square ones. When creating a French manicure, don't be afraid of bright colors and graphic elements.

Ballerina nails

If you prefer the ballerina shape, you are clearly not one of the timid. Break your line in manicure as well, decorating your nails with the most whimsical combinations of colors and nail designs.

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Beautiful French design 2023: options for any season

Manicure doesn't have to be seasonal (just like makeup), but if you're looking for ideas, why not consider these options?

Spring French

How to quickly create a spring mood? Buy a bouquet of flowers - or get a manicure, in the design of which floral motifs are used. You can use dried real flower petals or use one of our flower manicure photo tutorials.

By the way, the easiest way to create a floral pattern is with stamping.

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Color-blocking manicure (contrasting combination of blocks of bright colors) does not lose popularity, and this is only to our advantage. In the spring of 2023, choose a duet of colors to your taste and decorate your nails in the French manicure technique.

One of the varieties of the trend that we talked about above is a graphic manicure, in which color blocks are joined only at the tips of the nails. Perhaps, you should not complement an evening dress with such a funny manicure, but in an image with denim shorts and a simple white T-shirt, it will look the best.

Summer jacket

If you have a dozen bright polishes lying around in your beauty closet, it's time to use them. This summer, paint each nail a different color or try the "light" option, as in the photo below.

French manicure with bright polish is a pretty obvious solution for summer. But if you are not a supporter of such solutions (unlike bright varnishes), try the ombre effect option. A thin brush for manicure will help you!

Spring is associated with flowers, and summer is associated with ripe berries and fruits. It would be appropriate to support this pleasant association with a nail design. Slices of juicy orange, watermelon or kiwi are the place not only on your table, but also on your nails.

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Autumn French

In autumn, take a look at the silver lacquer. It is not so bright as to be considered a "summer" option, but it does not evoke autumn blues, unlike black or burgundy.

If you want to convey a light autumn sadness with a manicure, draw leaves on your nails - yellow, red, orange.

Another way to cheer yourself up on a chilly autumn day is to create a manicure with abstract nail art. And let everyone around guess what this abstraction means.

Winter jacket

At first glance, this manicure looks like a classic jacket, but take a closer look: instead of the usual white varnish, a varnish with a small silver shimmer was used. The best reminder that winter is outside (even if it turned out to be snowless).

Closer to the New Year holidays, replace the silver lacquer with gold and you will feel how the solemn mood with which it is supposed to meet the chimes is born!

Kith's autumn-winter show was remembered, among other things, thanks to an unusual manicure. The masters separated both the tips of the nails and the holes with white stripes, and applied a matte finish on top. A great example of how to achieve a spectacular result with a minimum of funds.


Recent ideas in white jacket design

Even if you prefer classic white to all types of French manicure, the image can be easily refreshed and made more fashionable. Try shaping the tip of your nail with a beveled white stripe or create a marble effect on your nails.

Another way to quickly and easily diversify a white jacket is to cover the nail plate not with the usual pink or nude varnish, but with a brighter and bolder one. Leave the “smile” at the tip white: the contrast will be very expressive.

You can also decorate the edges of the nails with colored stripes or complement a simple white jacket with an interesting and stylish pattern.

We have collected a hundred more interesting white French nail design ideas in this article.

Double French Manicure Ideas

The usual French manicure gets along well with the moon manicure (it is also called the “reverse French”), in which not the tips, but the holes of the nails are highlighted with color. Moreover, in 2023 this combination in manicure is considered one of the most relevant. You can paint over the holes and tips with one varnish, think over expressive color combinations in advance, or give free rein to your imagination, using different shades in a chaotic manner. In any case, it will turn out unusual and fashionable, as in the photo examples from our gallery.

The main thing is that the manicure looks neat. Our video tutorial on how to create a moon manicure will help you achieve the desired result.

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Red French Manicure

Red French manicure is perhaps the second most popular after classic white. And this is understandable: any manicure with the participation of red varnish attracts the eye. We advise you to get creative, not limited to a drop of red on the tip of the nail. Use metallic and glitter varnishes, create drawings and patterns, experiment with the shape of your nails. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Prabal Gurung

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Pink French

The trendiest shade of pink nail polish in 2023 is neon fuchsia. In the case of a French manicure, the use of this varnish does not require any courage: a thin pink stripe will not argue with even the most puritanical outfit. Another occasion for self-expression is an ombre manicure, decorated in pink tones.

Black French Manicure

Black polish is associated with something gloomy (no wonder employers don't like it). If you do not want to leave a heavy impression about yourself, you will have to “compensate” for the black color with something. Complement the dark jacket on the nails with exquisite patterns, add a few bright splashes in the spirit of the impressionists, or stop at a laconic black and white design. The latter option is not only a win-win, but also one of the most fashionable in 2023.

Colorful French Manicure

To create a classic jacket, you need only two varnishes - white and pale pink, and for a trendy French manicure, you will need all the colors of the rainbow. Stripes of various shades on your nails will definitely cheer you up and those around you!

French manicure with sequins and rhinestones

Sequins, rhinestones, pieces of foil and beads are nail decor that will be appropriate in French manicure. You can integrate an interesting detail in different ways: emphasize the tips of the nails with a shimmer; decorate the strip with a bright varnish, and the main part with a shining one; decorate nails with “gasoline stains”; cover the edges of the nails with a scattering of large sequins.

Alice and Olivia

Christian Siriano


French manicure with drawings: 10 ideas

The easiest way to create a French manicure with a pattern is to put solid or multi-colored dots on your nails.They can be drawn with a special dots, an orange stick, a toothpick or even a match. Well, if you know how to wield a manicure brush, then even more opportunities open up - look for the best ideas below.

What ideas of a fashion jacket - 2023 do you remember more than others? Share your opinion in the comments!