For a natural make-up with accents, choose chocolate shades. This range has both warm and cold tones - you will definitely find something that suits your color type

Chocolate make-up can be done in a casual style - with a translucent coating in soft shades of cocoa. And if you add a couple of layers of color to enhance the effect, you get an evening make-up. That is why it is worth having beige-brown products in your cosmetic bag. They are versatile and can be used to create any look.

Who would suit chocolate makeup?

In make-up, brown is considered the base color - just like black or, for example, gray. True, unlike them, shades from the brown range are not neutral. This means that you need to choose them according to their color type: skin tone, eye and hair color.


Eye color

  1. Brown

    Everything is clear here: the compatibility of shades is one hundred percent. True, you need to understand that chocolate makeup will not create the contrast that is necessary for the eyes to attract attention. But with such a make-up, the look will become “velvet”. If you want just such an effect, use chocolate shades like "Almighty" from the Color Queen collection from L'Oréal Paris.

  2. Green

    But with green eyes, chocolate smokey will contrast as it should. Such a make-up will make the color of the eyes visually brighter. It is most advantageously emphasized by brown shades of warm shades in combination with a shimmery eyeliner.

  3. Blue, gray

    In this case, on the contrary, a neutral taupe with an ashy undertone is more useful. Blue and gray eyes are advised to tint with brown, not black. The latter visually reduces them and takes them to the background instead of emphasizing their tenderness and beauty.

Hair color

  1. Blondes

    Girls with blond hair should not darken their eyes too much. Therefore, in chocolate makeup, it is better to do with halftones.

  2. Brown haired

    Their hair often has the same chocolate shade, so chocolate makeup will definitely suit them, including for casual looks. Only, in addition to brown, you will need to use other colors that are lighter. For balance.

  3. Brunettes

    Chocolate make-up is just as organic for them as it is for brown-haired women. Brunettes can combine several chocolate shades in makeup, thereby making it multidimensional, and the use of contrasting textures - matte and radiant will help enhance the effect.


  4. Redheads

    Red-haired girls should pay attention to chocolate shades with shimmer. And be sure to use them not only in evening looks for expressive accents, but also in make-up for every day.

Beauty blogger Sophia Schumann presents her version of makeup in chocolate tones.

Skin tone

When it comes to skin tone, it is important to consider whether it is warm or cold when choosing makeup products. Girls with light porcelain skin, which has a cold undertone, will go with shades of dark chocolate. Brown with an ash tint will also come in handy. The main thing is that there is no redness in the shade. It can cause dissonance. But girls with warm skin tone, on the contrary, need warm brown - in a wide range, up to terracotta shades.

When can chocolate make-up be inappropriate? It all depends on its saturation and intensity. So, blondes with light features do not go well with makeup with a strong dimming of the eyes. Therefore, they should not do smokey with dark brown shadows on the entire moving eyelid. But a translucent haze along the contour of the eyes will be a great solution.

How to do makeup in chocolate shades?

Basic make-up rules work in the case of chocolate make-up. But there are nuances that are worth paying attention to. Let's talk about them in relation to specific tasks.

Face tone

If you plan to do makeup in chocolate shades with an emphasis on eyes or lips, first work on skin tone: all imperfections must be carefully and gently masked, otherwise the make-up will look “dirty”. You can use Maybelline New York's Fit Me Foundation.

In addition, it is important to choose the right blush for the shade of eye shadow or chocolate lipstick. Cold brown is best combined with fresh pink - "cool" . Another thing is warm shades of brown. They should be supplemented with peach, coral or, for example, salmon blush.


Tip: first make eye makeup in chocolate shades, and then tint your eyebrows. So it will be easier for you to avoid the risk of getting too intense make-up with an emphasis on both eyes and eyebrows.


Did you decide to emphasize your eyes with chocolate shades? It is important that the accent matches your features in terms of brightness. Blondes with blue eyes should limit themselves to darkening the eye contour, dark smoky ones are not the best option for them. But for brown-eyed brunettes, chocolate smoky eyes with a shimmer are quite suitable.


Chocolate can also be lip makeup. If you have used burgundy lipstick, try replacing it with dark brown. Or, for example, instead of a matte nude lipstick, use a shade of cocoa with milk. Just first check the "compatibility" of the color with your skin tone. Chocolate shades for every taste can be found in the Les Chocolates collection from L’Oréal Paris.


How to make a chocolate make-up: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Face

    Moisturize your face and apply primer if you need long-lasting makeup. Spot mask breakouts and other imperfections using a corrector. Then apply foundation. The skin around the eyes can be left without makeup for now, so that an even tone is not spoiled by shadows that can crumble when applied to the eyelids.

  2. Eyes

    Degrease the skin of the eyelids (you can wipe it with a cotton pad with micellar water) and prepare for further makeup with a primer. Next, distribute the base shade of shadows over the eyelids - beige. Work out the contour: apply brown kayal to the mucous membrane, and blend it along the lash line.This is enough for a light casual make-up.

    If you need more intense makeup, add shadows - create, for example, a smoky effect at the outer corners of the eyes. Complement the basic chocolate shade with other brown tones, as well as golden shimmer. When you're done with your eye make-up, apply concealer under your eyes, but first brush off any crumbled shadow particles with a dry brush, if any.

  3. Eyebrows

    Comb your eyebrows with a round brush, and then emphasize their shape with a familiar tool - for example, a pencil. Fill in the gaps inside the outline with it. Fix the result with a transparent fixing gel. Remember that rich smoky eyes do not need to be complemented by a bright accent on the eyebrows.

  4. Lips

    Add a creamy lip balm to complement your chocolate eye makeup.You can also use nude matte lipstick (the shade should be such that the lips do not look pale). Another possible option is dark chocolate shade lipstick. The last option is best combined with minimalistic eye makeup - without the smoky effect.

Brown lipstick version we showed in this video.

Best chocolate makeup photo ideas

Chocolate day makeup

Matte shades of chocolate shades are suitable for daytime make-up. Blend light shades of the color of coffee with cream at the inner corners of the eyes, and slightly darken the crease and outer corners with the color of milk chocolate. Create a soft transition between shades and coat your lashes with mascara in one coat. Makeup is ready!

Chocolate cat eyes

Blondes with fair skin should try these cat eyes. Instead of black eyeliner, use brown eyeshadow. Draw soft arrows with a smoky effect with them - the look will immediately become more expressive. A lighter beige shade is suitable as a background.

Chocolate accents

What if we emphasize both eyes and lips with chocolate color? To get a successful combination of accents, do not use too dark shades. It is better to choose an average color intensity, otherwise there is a risk of creating an image in the style of a vamp.

Smoky milk chocolate

Such smokey eyes can be worn on weekdays. They create a shadow on the eyelids, close to natural. For makeup using this technique, choose matte shades or satin ones with a subtle glow.

Metallic Chocolate Makeup

If you want more make-up with a radiant effect, then blend the metallic beige shades to a translucent haze, and then add a darker chocolate shade in the middle and “stretch” towards the outer corners.

Chocolate makeup review

These funds, according to the editors, will definitely not fail.

  • The City Mini eyeshadow palette (gamuts No. 400 Rooftop Bronze and No. 410 Chill Brunch Neutrals), Maybelline New York

    Maybelline New York has collected six-color eyeshadow palettes in The City Mini collection. Despite its compactness, this palette is enough to create many different looks, from daytime to evening. Gamma No. 400 Rooftop Bronze includes warm shimmery shades that are worth using as a basis for sparkling smoky on a special occasion. No. 410 Chill Brunch Neutrals is a six of cool colors. In addition to shadows with a shimmer, there are also satin ones, which are especially suitable for girls with light features for casual makeup.

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  • Color Queen Eyeshadow 02 Omnipotent, L'Oréal Paris

    For a full-fledged chocolate make-up, one shade of shadows may be enough. You will definitely find a suitable option in the Color Queen collection. L'Oréal Paris has carefully crafted a formula that is 30% oil for easy application. After distribution, the shadows harden and acquire a velvety finish, which allows you to appreciate the shade with all the color nuances. Thanks to the creamy texture, blending the shadows is not difficult; at the same time, the make-up turns out to be persistent and lasts throughout the day, without clogging or rolling.

    Check out what our readers think of Color Queen shadows here.


  • Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay

    Girls with a warm color type should take a closer look at this eyeshadow palette - Naked Heat just includes several chocolate shades with a warm undertone. But that's not all. Under the lid of the case, you will also find red-brown shades: brick and terracotta. And also - shades from the nude range, which are convenient to soften more saturated colors in casual makeup. There are 12 shadows in total in the palette; In addition to them, the kit includes a double-sided brush for applying and shading.

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  • Liquid Lip Lingerie Matte, NYX Professional Makeup

    Do you want to do chocolate lip makeup? In the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Matte collection of liquid matte lipsticks, you will definitely find everything you need: it can be shade No. 23 After Hours - chocolate caramel, No. 14 Confident - taupe taupe or, for example, No. 05 Beauty Mark - milk chocolate in its purest form. The main thing is to choose a shade that will be in harmony with your color type. The lipstick has a dense color, a comfortable and very light creamy texture, as well as a caring formula with sunflower seed oil and vitamin E.

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