Editor-in-Chief Veronika Gnezdilova testing the Away We Glow palette of matte and shimmer eyeshadows

I almost never use Monotones. Palettes, in my opinion, are much more convenient: they already contain perfectly harmonizing shades, so it is impossible to make a mistake in the combination of colors. I tested the Away We Glow palette in shade 02 Hooked On Glow. Here she is.

The set contains shadows in beige and brown tones. All shades are warm, able to advantageously emphasize the beauty of girls of the “autumn” and “spring” color types. You can determine your color type by reading this article. She helped me make sure that my color type is “autumn”.

Under the lid of the eyeshadow case in three matte and seven shimmery shades. The texture of the shadows is satin, which makes them very pleasant to apply.

Shadows are applied in a thin layer on the skin. The shimmer is noticeable, but not flashy, which allows you to use shadows even in daytime makeup.

In this swatch you can see all the nude eyeshadows: three shimmers and one matte.

On this one - only matte. Compared to shimmers, they look much richer and more pigmented on the skin.

There is one secret thanks to which shimmering shadows can also be applied to the eyelids in a dense layer. To do this, moisten the brush in micellar water, draw shadows on it and distribute over the eyelids. We wrote about this technique here.

All shadows from the palette blend well and blend well. Along the ciliary edge of the upper and lower eyelids, I applied a matte brown shade, on the upper eyelid and a little on the lower eyelid - shimmery gold, the borders of which I shaded with a beige matte shade. As a result, I got this makeup.

The Away We Glow palette in shade No. 02 Hooked On Glow I will keep for myself for daytime makeup. And I will use golden shimmery shades on my face as a highlighter. I really liked the delicate glow effect.