Experiments with make-up on the occasion of the beginning of spring continue! We show what will happen if you come to a gala dinner with eyes of a "non-native" color

People most often want what they don't have, so curly girls buy hair straighteners, brunettes dye their hair blonde, and fair-skinned people sunbathe. The same story with eye color: admit it, at least once in your life you wanted to change it. These days it's even easier than painting your nails - just wear colored lenses.

The first samples appeared in the early 1980s, but until recently, colored lenses did not look too natural (especially on dark-eyed girls). However, modern versions help create a believable look, even if you have rich brown eyes.

To show what colored lenses are capable of and how much the color of the eyes changes the image as a whole, we conducted an experiment with the participation of the national makeup artists of L’Oréal Paris in Russia Anna Zavgorodnya and Roman Mokroguzov and three famous girls from the beauty world. Each tried on two pairs of Alcon Air Optix Colors lenses, and the makeup artists showed how to enhance the novelty effect with makeup. 10% off Alcon colored lenses.

Grey eyes

Gray, blue and green eyes change color depending on the lighting, clothes and makeup, so every time the look is unique. Choose lenses in the boldest and most unusual shades, such as sapphire and honey, for variety. The famous model Elena Kuletskaya, who has managed to try on thousands of different images during her career, is trying to surprise herself and those around her. But before embarking on bold experiments, prepare a basic makeup.

  1. Use Infaillible Essence Primer to make it easier to spread foundation.

  2. Apply Infaillible Matte Foundation (we used shade 175).

  3. Blur spot imperfections with Infaillible Concealer (shade 328).

  4. To make light and imperceptible contouring, instead of a special sculpting tool, use Color Queen matte shadows in the shade "Almighty" .

  5. On the apples of your cheeks, blend Le Blush (shade 160).

  6. Apply Color Riche Shine Pink Coral Lipstick in shade 112 to lips. The color is not bright, but the effect will be noticeable: the lipstick visually smoothes the lips, gives them a slight glossy shine and makes makeup more sensual.

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Air Optix Colors True Sapphire Lenses

  • Color Queen in Courageous, apply only to the upper eyelid to highlight the new sapphire eye shade.

  • Walk along the upper lash line with Matte Signature in shade 07 Copper: it perfectly sets off blue and blue eyes.

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Air Optix Colors Lenses Honey

  • To emphasize the honey color of the eyes, use contrasting shades in makeup, such as purple. Add Color Queen shadow on the upper eyelid (shade "Unusual" ).

  • Make up the lower and upper eyelashes with extra black mascara “Bambi look. False eyelash effect.”

  • For lips, take Color Riche lipstick in shade 230: it will not distract attention from bright eye makeup, while the image will look complete.

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Brown eyes

It is certainly easier for light-eyed girls to change their appearance beyond recognition, but in the case of brown eyes, correctly selected colored lenses can achieve a more noticeable effect. To get a truly impressive result, choose gray and green colored lenses, remembering to further “deepen” the shade with a make-up. Use eyeliners, shadows and mascara in contrasting colors: blue, copper, red, orange. Lifestyle blogger Maria Chervotkina shows you how to achieve a wow effect.

    1. Prep skin for makeup with Genius Hydration Genius Light Fluid.

    2. Apply Infaillible Liquid Foundation with an ultra-matte finish, blending from the center of the face to the periphery. In this case, you can not use a primer, since the foundation is resistant.

    3. Spread the Infaillible concealer over the entire moving eyelid (to increase the durability of the shadows), and if necessary, mask redness, dark circles under the eyes with it.

    4. Gently emphasize the crease of the upper eyelid with the Color Queen shadows (shade "Almighty" ).

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Air Optix Colors Lenses in Sterling Grey

  • Use a flat brush to apply the same shadows in Flaming to the moving eyelid, blend to the crease: red and orange shades help to emphasize the beauty of gray.

  • With the same shade of shadow, go along the lower eyelid, as close to the lash line as possible, and blend well.

  • Make your eyelashes with extra black mascara “Bambi look. False eyelash effect.”

  • Le Blush Peach 160 Apply to the apples of the cheeks and gently blend towards the temples for an instant refresh.

  • Make up your lips with Color Riche lipstick in No Cliche.

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Air Optix Colors Gemstone Green Lenses

  • Draw a graphic arrow with Matte Signature liner in blue 02.

  • Apply Volumissime Royale mascara to your lashes.

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Blue eyes

In nature, bright turquoise eyes do not exist, but if you have blue eyes, try on lenses of this color. The natural shade will soften the “turquoise”, and the image will turn out to be very effective and unusual. Well, brown lenses are just a must have for you - and let your boyfriend (or your mother) answer your question: “What has changed in me?” Lifestyle blogger Yana dayana_mum decided on a similar experiment.

Infaillible foundation with an updated formula, spread over the face (shade 200 on the model).

  1. Infaillible concealer in universal shade 328 use locally.

  2. Shadows Color Queen in the shade "Almighty" use instead of the sculptor - apply them under the cheekbones, on the temples and on the skin at the inner corners of the eyes, closer to the bridge of the nose. Blend well.

  3. Le Blush in shade 120, blend onto cheeks, adding a little to the chin for color unity.

  4. Define brows with Plump & Set mascara in shade 108.

  5. Apply Infaillible Cream in shade 103 Protest to lips in 103 Protest.

  6. Use the Color Queen in Elusive instead of a highlighter - add them to the cheekbones, to the skin at the inner corners of the eyes and to the check mark above the upper lip.

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Air Optix Colors Lenses in Turquoise

  • Color Queen in Extraordinary apply to the entire upper eyelid: pink-peach shadows with a golden undertone will perfectly emphasize the green pigment, as they will create a bright contrast.

  • To deepen the shade, orange shadows of the “Energetic” shade will help: spread them with your finger over the moving eyelid, add to the crease and blend with a fluffy brush. Use them to darken the areas at the outer corners of the eyes.

Air Optix Colors Brown Lenses

Apply Paradise Extatic blue mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Don't be stingy with mascara, layer it in thick layers: makeup should be intense to emphasize brown eyes even better.

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Did you like our beauty experiment? Whose transformation was more radical? Share your opinion in the comments.