Let's tell you how to create a spectacular look for Halloween or a pirate party

Pirate-style make-up will look spectacular at a costume party or on Halloween night. So save this manual for the future - it will definitely come in handy. If not you, then your children or friends for sure. We tell you how to make a pirate makeup for a girl.

Pirate makeup features

Of course, if you put on an eye patch, a hat with crossbones and a skull on your head and put a plush parrot on your shoulder, there will be no doubts about what kind of image this is.However, in order for the transformation into Jack Sparrow to become truly impressive, a pirate cannot do without makeup. It will be necessary to draw a beard, high cheekbones and thick eyebrows on a tanned face. And so that they look quite natural. It is also important that such makeup is easy to wash off. So you need to understand not only how you will reincarnate, but also with the help of what. The choice of products plays a key role in creating this look.

It is about how to make a pirate makeup for a holiday or a party with your own hands at home, we will tell you in a step-by-step photo instruction.

What cosmetics do you need to create a pirate makeup?

On the eve of the costume party, try to prepare in advance everything you need for reincarnation.

For face tone:

  • Infaillible foundation by L'Oréal Paris,

  • Infaillible Concealer by L'Oréal Paris,

  • Maybelline New York Fit Me Mattifying Powder,

  • The City bronzer by Maybelline New York,

  • Maybelline New York Master Contour Sculpting Stick,

  • NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Blush in Taupe.

For eyes, eyebrows and lips:

  • Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow,

  • The City Mini Palette by Maybelline New York,

  • HD Studio Eyeshadow Base by NYX Professional Makeup,

  • Color Queen eyeshadow by L'Oréal Paris.

Now that you've got your makeup ready, it's time to start creating your look.

How to make a pirate makeup: step by step photo tutorial

  1. 1

    It's hard to imagine a pirate with a pale face. Therefore, when choosing a foundation, you should give preference to a foundation with a warm undertone darker than your skin tone. Find a shade to suit every taste in L'Oréal Paris's Infaillible Palette.

    Don't forget to blend the product along the hairline, and also toned the neck and earlobes so that the sharp border between the colors is not striking.

  2. 2

    Use L'Oréal Paris Infaillible Concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes.

    More about how to disguise bruises under the eyes, we talked about in this video.

    Use the same tool to highlight the cheekbones. This will visually lift them up and make them more expressive. Blend thoroughly.

  3. 3

    Run concealer across the bridge of your nose. You will have to neglect all the rules of sculpting that are used in ordinary makeup. The line should be long and wide. And it should be drawn from the eyebrows to the very tip.

  4. 4

    Powder surfaces covered with creamy products. You can choose between matte and reflective powder. If there are reflective particles in the powder, be sure to sand the finish to bring out the shine.

  5. 5

    To intensify the tanning effect, apply bronzer on the cheekbones, on the areas above the eyebrows, as well as on the central part of the back of the nose and on its wings. Thanks to this technique, you will look like you spent many days in all winds, like a real pirate.

  6. 6

    Draw high cheekbones with the sculptor. Make a sharp bend to the corners of the mouth, as shown in the photo. To make the image more masculine, you can bring the dark line almost to the chin.

  7. 7

    Use the same sculptor to darken the wings of the nose. As in point 3, the sculptor must be applied from the eyebrow line to the very tip, but with curves. This will make the nose visually longer and wider. Also darken the nostrils along the contour to visually make them bigger.

  8. 8

    To draw thick male eyebrows, use Maybelline New York's Tattoo Brow pomade and angled brush.

    With its help it is easy to simulate long hairs. At the same time, do not tint the entire eyebrow - there should be space between the hairs.

  9. 9

    Apply brown shadows to the entire moving eyelid, blend them just above the crease.

  10. 10

    Add L'Oréal Paris Color Queen black eyeshadow to upper and lower lids.

    You can't neglect the make-up of the lower eyelid. It is he who is most actively distinguished in pirate images.

  11. 11

    Tone your lips with concealer - this will visually reduce their volume.

  12. 12

    Draw the borders of the mustache and beard with the sculptor. Such a substrate will create a shadow effect. This will make your beard look thicker.

  13. 13

    As in the eyebrow makeup, draw individual hairs of the mustache and beard. Try to make lines of different intensity. This way the result will look more natural.

  14. 14

    Add accessories. Pirate makeup is ready!


Creating pirate makeup for kids

It is especially important for girls and boys to do pirate makeup with products that will not irritate the skin and can be easily washed off with water or at least a make-up remover. So it is better to postpone waterproof eyeliners. Where to start?

  1. Pirate make-up in any case, you need to start with leveling the tone. You can use watercolor. This is a special water-soluble product that is easy to apply to the skin and easy to rinse with water. Another option is a tanning foundation.

  2. With the help of black shadows, draw a circle around the eye - this will be a kind of bandage. Instead of shadows, you can use special pigments for the face and body SFX from NYX Professional Makeup.

  3. Black eyeliner is useful for drawing mustaches and beards. It can also be used to depict peculiar scars.

Pirate makeup for kids is ready!

What will complement the image: manicure, hairstyle, clothes and accessories

To make the image of a pirate look whole, you need to take care not only of makeup, but also of its other details.

  • Pirate is a bright character. His image is largely determined by accessories. It is worth adding a bandage to your head or eye - and there will be no doubt about your "profession" .

  • Manicure with a skull and bones against a black base coat will also definitely fit into the look for a pirate party or Halloween. No less effective and at the same time simple idea is a plain black or red manicure. You will spend much less time creating it.


  • Will wear a shirt and vest, like Jack Sparrow. And the image is ready! Multiple coins can be attached to the bandana.

How do you like the look? Would you like to try this on for a costume party?