Pastel and neon, retro and futurism, laconic nail art and bold experiments No, spring trends do not contradict each other. On the contrary, they open up new opportunities for us

Nail art lovers have something to do this spring. Recent shows have given life to a dozen or two new trends in manicure. Each of them can be interpreted in its own way, so the field for experiments is almost limitless.

New in spring 2023 nail design: fashion trends

Many of the "fresh" beauty trends only pretend to be new - in fact, they can be safely attributed to the same "well-forgotten old ones." But it also happens that something extraordinary appears on the catwalk - it is impressive, memorable and launches a new round in the development of fashion. There are such trends this spring in manicure and nail design.

Wet Manicure

Nail masters have been experimenting with the texture of coatings for a long time. But many of them do not go beyond glossy patterns over a matte background ( although such a manicure, we have to admit, looks beautiful and catches the eye). On matte nails, glossy drops of water are like real ones. This nail art is already repeated in salons. Why don't you try it too?

3D Manicure

This category also includes a manicure with a water effect. But there are other “volumetric” ideas from the runway – from pearl beads, like Simone Rocha and Alice + Olivia, to the use of acrylic flowers, like on The Blonds show, cameo decor, like Marc Jacobs, or manicure with chains and "piercing" , like Julien Macdonald and GCDC.


Nails "from the future" - what are they? Futuristic motifs continue to excite the imagination of nail art masters: they suggested using holographics, a manicure with chrome plating became a reference to the future.

What shape of nails will be in fashion in the spring of 2023?

Natural form

Let your nails be the way nature made them. In fashion, a small length and soft shape, which suggests the natural growth of nails. This variant was taken as a basis by the masters who have worked on shows Ulla Johnson, Area, Mark Fast, Cynthia Rowley, Prabal Gurung and many others.

Elongated oval

If you like a natural shape, but you still prefer length to very short nails, this trend is for you. Take inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana, Marco de Vincenzo, Alice + Olivia and Adeam.

Almond shape

This shape has a slight point that looks more elegant than bold. Check out Chromat, Rebecca Monkoff and Vivienne Westwood's manicures, which featured almond-shaped nails.

Sharp nails

For those who are not afraid of bold decisions in manicure, this trend will definitely suit. Nail masters are still crazy about predatory long nails with a strong point. This form in itself draws attention to the nails, and if there is also a fashionable design, the effect will be double. See for yourself, looking at the manicure from the show Halpern and The Blonds.

actual colors of manicure for spring-summer - 2023


No soft shades this season anywhere. Tenderness has always been associated with spring, and 2023 is no exception.

Pink, sky blue, mint, lavender - these and other colors of the pastel palette may well become the basis for design, as was the case with Affair, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Vivetta and many others. See for yourself - try to make a manicure with Essie's "Full Cylinder" nail polish.


In contrast to the pastel manicure, nail artists offer a neon design. Extreme in their brightness, acidic shades are also relevant. This is confirmed by manicures from Jeremy Scott, Nicole Miller, GCDS shows and more.

Milk cream

Variety in your nude manicure will bring shades of milk slightly diluted with berry shades. A translucent white finish will look as neat and delicate on nails as powder colors.

Take a closer look at the shades of milky milkshakes - for example, strawberry pink. This season was chosen at the Erdem and Helmut Lang show.

Sunny yellow

He will help you tune in to the best. Follow the Chromat, Mark Fast and 3.1 Phillip Lim shows to see the sun shine on your nails.


Glitter and metallic effect have recently appeared in the list of trends not only in winter, closer to the New Year holidays. This year we are offered to do a radiant manicure in the spring. A design with a “steel” background or nail art made in such shades will look spectacular. Look for inspiration at the Kith show.

Red and Burgundy

Of course, you can't do without the classics. In addition to red, a typical autumn shade is in fashion this spring - burgundy like Essie's "On the edge of a hairpin" .

So don't discount him. See how it was used by Rebecca Minkoff and Guy Laroche at the Spring-Summer 2023 shows.


Beautiful french manicure: spring trends

The immortal trend continues its catwalk life. Nail masters invariably choose a jacket, but not in the classic version (“wedding” jacket). They like French manicures with colored tips (like on the Nicole Miller or Bibhu Mohapatra show), beveled jacket (such as Ulla Johnson had), and also a French manicure with a double “smile” (chosen for the Courreges show).

In general, there are many more options for French manicure, of course. Most often beat the shape of the tips of the nails. The easiest way to do this is with pointed tips.

But before you start experimenting, we advise you to first familiarize yourself with the technique of creating a classic jacket. This way you will know what to build on.

Delicate spring manicure options in 2023

It seems that there is nothing more tender than a spring manicure with floral patterns. And yet there are nail artists who are ready to argue with this.

Nude manicure with shimmer, quartz with barely noticeable “streaks” of pink shades, botanical patterns on a transparent background, watercolor stains in pastel colors, soft gradient - there can be many more options. You can create your own as well.

Nail design ideas in dark colors for spring

Traditionally, it was believed that dark shades were banned in spring, but the nail artists who worked on the backstage of the shows do not agree with this - burgundy has appeared in the list of trends. But you can use other dark varnishes. They will definitely come in handy if you like the fashion for a "mineral" manicure or, for example, space nail art, which also retained its position in the list of trends.

Bright spring manicure options - 2023

Do you want nails to be a full part of the image this spring and attract attention? Then follow the neon trend.

Pair bright neon shades in your manicure following the principles of color blocking, or use them to create art design in the spirit of modern abstractions - with lines, dots, geometric shapes and color splashes.


Spring Manicure Idea 2023: Printed Nails

Printed nails are another spring trend. Many fashion design options are easy to do at home. These can be ordinary stripes or dots (you can put one on each nail, as was the case at the rag & bone and Oscar de la Renta shows).

Or, for example, an animal print. In the spring of 2023, it is among the most popular.

spring nail design trends for short and long nails

Depending on the length of the nails, the design is subject to certain rules. Short ones advise not to overload with drawings.It is better to choose a concise nail art and give up a lot of details. Even if you manage to place them on a small space of the nail plate, the result will not live up to expectations, as it will give the impression of dirty, untidy nails.

Girls with long nails are allowed more in terms of design. But it is important for them to understand that, in combination with the length, catchy nail art gives a double effect - the manicure becomes an accent detail in the image. There is a risk of overdoing it and getting a result that will violate the overall harmony of the image.

Manicure for short nails

Give preference to minimalism. Color blocks, "clean" lines, elegant graphics without unnecessary details - that's what girls with short nails especially suit.

However, if the soul asks for nail art with drawings, this is also possible. Try to draw something not too intricate or decorate with images only two or three nails on each hand.

Manicure for long nails

To soften the impression of bright patterns on long nails, do them on a colorless or nude background. Or experiment with texture: a 3D design with the same glossy drops on a matte background and other volumetric decor options look spectacular at a good length.

Do you like nail design? Or do you prefer a monochromatic finish? Tell us in the comments.