Telling about all the details of the process

Understanding how to choose the color and texture of foundation for the face.

Why do I need foundation?

What remedy can hide the traces of a sleepless night in a few seconds and instantly refresh the complexion? Of course, the foundation! It can rightly be called a means of first necessity. Eye and lip makeup does not hide anything - it is created in order, on the contrary, to emphasize the contour of the lips or, say, to make eyelashes longer and more voluminous.And the foundation, hiding imperfections and evening out the color and texture of the skin, allows you to feel more comfortable.

However, the desired effect cannot be achieved if the foundation is chosen incorrectly. Therefore, before buying, we advise you to study all the requirements for this tool in detail. Next, we will tell you step by step how to choose the right foundation.

Steps of foundation selection

  1. First you need to decide on the format and texture. Love weightless coverage? Cushions and vibes will do. Prefer dense textures? Traditional cream tonal foundations will help you. Having decided on the format, go to the shade. We advise you to test the maximum number of them in order to highlight three or four of the most suitable ones. For those with oily skin, products with a mattifying effect are suitable. Are you suffering from dullness? Your option is tonal foundations with a radiance effect.

  2. The next step is application. You need to test the tone on the face, and not on the hand, as many do. The skin on the wrist differs in color and texture from the skin of the face, so the test drive should be carried out “at the destination” of the product.

  3. The last stage of testing is the longest. We need to see how the tone will behave during the day. If it does not lie in spots, does not float during the day and does not roll up in the evening, then you can safely buy the product.

How to choose the optimal shade of foundation?

Let's tell you how to act, focusing on the color type.

Spring color type

The spring color type is easy to recognize by the warm shade of hair: golden, honey, straw. Even blue eyes in the appearance of girls with such a color type look soft, there is no cold in them. For such girls, a beige foundation with a peach undertone is suitable.

Color type "summer"

Girls with a summer color type are dominated by cold shades. Usually these are blondes with light eyes and an ashy shade of hair. Therefore, the foundation should be chosen without a yellow or olive undertone. Even a slight hint of tan will look like something foreign on them.

Autumn color type

Warm beige or golden skin tone, brown or green eyes and brown or red hair are the hallmarks of the autumn color type. These girls will need a warm shade of foundation, but without yellow or pink undertones.

Winter color type

Winter color type may look different. These are “snow whites” with translucent pale skin, and owners of a swarthy olive tone. Therefore, there is no universal solution here. You need to choose a tonal coating based on individual characteristics.

Now that we have figured out how to select the shade of the foundation, taking into account the color type, let's see what requirements for the foundation should be made depending on whether your skin is dry, oily or combination. Sensitive skin also needs special attention.


cream foundation for different skin types

Understanding how to choose a foundation, based on the generally accepted classification.

Oily skin

Often oily sheen? Look for oil-free, matte and poreless labels on the bottle. Amethyst powder and zinc oxide in the composition will be a plus.

Dense tonal foundations will not suit you, even if it seems that they will certainly hide all the flaws. Oily skin will not be happy with this choice. It is better to give preference to light formulas of cushions and fluids.

Dry skin

To choose the right foundation for dry skin, pay attention to products marked Radiant and Moisturizing. The composition should contain components such as hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils and herbal extracts. They will relieve the skin of dryness and peeling and give it a he althy glow. It is better not to use powder for owners of dry skin at all in order to avoid overdrying. It can be replaced with cream powder.

Combination skin

The owners of this skin type have the hardest time. After all, some areas of their face are prone to peeling, while others, on the contrary, to shine. The best choice is products with a light texture. It is good if the composition contains antiseptic components that control the reproduction of bacteria. But be careful. Often such products have a drying effect, so they should be applied only to areas prone to oily sheen. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.Oil-based foundations are best avoided.

Sensitive skin

A mandatory item when choosing a foundation for sensitive skin is the presence of SPF in the composition, as, for example, Dream Satin from Maybelline New York.

It is important to avoid potential allergens in the composition, but the moisturizing effect is welcome.

What should be the age-appropriate foundation?

You can't discount the age-related features of the skin. Let's talk about them in more detail.

For teenage skin

Teenagers often suffer from rashes, so you need to choose products without essential oils in the composition. Look for antibacterial ingredients like tea tree. You should also pay attention to tonal foundations with a matte effect, which hide the pores. They are great for correcting imperfections in problematic skin.

For young skin

For young skin, light tonal foundations are suitable that lay down in a weightless layer, like Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation.

For mature skin

For those who are older, foundations with a lifting effect are suitable, like Designer Lift by Giorgio Armani.

SPF in the composition is also a mandatory item.

Why it's important to consider foundation texture

The result of face tone correction largely depends on this parameter.


The word "fluid" is translated as "fluid" . This tool has a liquid texture, which does not exclude the powdery effect. It is easy to layer to make the coverage more dense or, conversely, thin. But before applying the product, the bottle must be thoroughly shaken to achieve uniformity of the pigments.Vials with fluids are often equipped with a dispenser or dropper for ease of application - they are easy to recognize among other foundations.


The consistency of the tonal mousse resembles whipped cream. Many people love mousses for their velvety and soft finish. At the same time, the coating is practically not felt on the face. Apply it better with a sponge.

Cream Powder

Cream powder combines the functions of powder and foundation. Thanks to this, the product is suitable even for dry skin, because it does not dry out, unlike classic loose or compact powder.


Cushion is a two-level packaging format. There is a sponge under the cover of the case. It is worth pressing on it - and it is impregnated with the agent located one level below. With the help of a cushion, it is easy to achieve the effect of a second skin. Try, for example, Dream Cushion from Maybelline New York - and see for yourself.

For more information on how to apply the Cushion, see this video.


Tone spray is one of the relatively new formats. For a natural make-up, it is ideal due to the fact that it allows you to spray the product as thinly as possible.


How to choose foundation according to the season?

If you live in a climate zone where the seasons are very different in temperature and humidity, it is better to have at least two foundations in your makeup bag.


For spring and summer it is better to choose lighter products that will not overload makeup.


For winter, more nutritious and dense tonal foundations are suitable. Even if you are completely satisfied with your foundation, it is still better to purchase a second bottle of the product in a different shade - because in winter the skin looks paler.

lasting foundation

It can be different and is usually indicated on the packaging, but products that can repel water remain out of competition.


Foundation with this marking is suitable for makeup that must survive many hours in a humid environment. However, you cannot use it every day. Firstly, because the waterproof effect is achieved due to the high content of mineral oils and silicones. They create a film that repels water, but the same film prevents the skin from breathing. In addition, the waterproof tonal foundation cannot be washed off with the usual make-up remover. You will need a hydrophilic oil or a two-phase oil-based product.

Regular remedies

If you don't have a strong need for waterproof products, it's better to use regular ones. Moreover, the choice is huge, and you can easily find a product that will last on the skin all day without any complaints.

what is the effect of foundation

In addition to masking imperfections, foundation can provide additional effects.


Moisturizing foundation will appeal to girls with dry and sensitive skin in the first place. Thanks to a well-thought-out combination of components, it will not only even out the tone, but also eliminate peeling.


Matifying foundation will keep your skin shiny and provide a powder effect, eliminating the need for layered makeup. This is a good option for girls with oily skin.

Providing radiance

Products that include reflective particles are ideal for dry and dehydrated skin to help fade dullness. However, if you have normal or combination skin, then they are also suitable. Just on top of the tone, you will need to apply transparent powder to get the effect of a subtle natural “radiance”.

With SPF

Products with SPF are always best to use, but this is especially important for owners of sensitive skin and those who are going on vacation or just spend a lot of time on the street. The ultraviolet filter resists photoaging, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

How to choose a shade of tone depending on the lighting?

Light spotlights

You will need a waterproof product with a matte finish.

Bright sun

And the matte finish will help out again. In this case, the product should be with a light formula so that the coating is not felt on the face. On hot sunny days, rich tonal foundations are not the best choice. After a few hours, you'll just want to take your makeup off to let your skin breathe.

For discos and night parties

To make the skin glow beautifully in flashes of rays, a tone with reflective particles will come in handy.


Matte foundation is suitable for office work. Highlighter will help to add freshness to makeup.

Neon light

Such light can make the skin dull. To avoid this, choose a foundation with reflective particles.

Makeup artist tips for choosing foundation in the store

To make sure you know how to choose the right foundation for your face in the store, a small checklist from professionals will help.

  • First determine your color type. So it will be easier for you to navigate among the variety of shades.

  • Test the cream on several areas - apply it on the wings of the nose, forehead and chin. This will help you see how it behaves on different areas of the skin.

  • Experience coverage in different lighting conditions. The most important criterion is natural light. Go outside and take a look in the mirror. Only in this way will you be able to understand whether the tone has really completely merged with your skin tone.

Done! Using this guide, you will easily make the best choice and find a product that will provide the effect of flawless skin.