Summer and manicure are inseparable in 2023, because summer is a great time to experiment with your look. The trendsetters from the nail industry are sure of this. They generally support everyone who likes to expand beauty horizons and sees nail art as a means of self-expression. Why don't you look at the manicure from this point of view?

To understand what summer manicure should look like in 2023, let's first look at fashion trends in nail design.

Manicure for summer 2023: fashion trends and novelties

Here are some new beautiful summer nail art and manicure ideas that you can safely implement on your nails in 2023.

Are you tired of the usual monochromatic manicure? Then this test is for you! We will help you choose a trendy nail design based on your beauty preferences.Take the test1/7

How often do you get your nails done?

  • Every other week
  • Every three weeks
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

Perfect bridal manicure?

  • French (French)
  • Soft beige or pink finish
  • Red manicure
  • Manicure with rhinestones or glitter polish

How do you choose the shade of a pedicure?

  • I choose the same color as on the nails
  • I always choose a different color than on my hands
  • depending on the mood
  • I love experiments and I choose pedicure with design

What is your favorite makeup item?

  • Smokey eyes
  • Red lips
  • Arrows
  • Maximum natural eye and lip makeup
5 / 7

Your wardrobe has more

  • Sportswear
  • Women's dresses and skirts
  • Office Style
  • Jeans and T-shirts
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Which beauty quote do you like best?

  • "In order to be beautiful, it is enough for a woman to have a black sweater, a black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves." Yves Saint Laurent
  • "It's hard to be irresistible if you're lazy." Sophia Loren
  • “The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence. You can be beautiful, but if you're not confident, you can't be sexy." Beyoncé
  • “Do you want to know the ultimate beauty secret? Fall in love - it really works! Nicole Kidman
7 / 7

Which star look do you like best?

  • Irina Shayk
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Zoe Kravitz

Summer design with volume effect

Among the unusual trends of the summer season, this one, perhaps, can be put in the first place. Many nail artists have treated the creation of a manicure for fashion shows in the summer as a creative task and used stones, voluminous floral decorations, threads with beads and much more.

Summer manicure with pearl beads has become a separate trend.

Another striking example is the stones on the nails, like at the Marc Jacobs summer show. In order not to overload the impression of such a manicure, it is better to choose a neutral shade as a base coat, like Essie's "Perfect Cut"

Printed summer nails

The most popular thing at the last spring-summer show was the animal print on the manicure. If you are hesitant to wear outfits with leopard spots or tiger stripes, vote for this trend with your hands with a matching summer manicure. Look for examples in the chronicle from the Rebecca Minkoff show.


Some of the masters are for making the summer manicure simple and understandable. Why spend a lot of time and effort if a couple of details are enough to make your nails look elegant in the summer? Polka dots like Zero + Maria Cornejo, stripes like Kith, colorful summer corners like Ulla Johnson - it's all easy to repeat on your own.Such a minimalistic manicure will become a real decoration of the image for the summer.

Non-classic jacket in summer manicure

This is the evolution of the minimalist trend. A simple and elegant summer design that can be easily modified to suit your taste. Make the tips colorful like on the Nicole Miller or Bibhu Mohapatra shows, or double layered like in the case of Courreges in summer. Move the “smile” to the side or combine this technique with a summer moon manicure.

What shape of nails will be in fashion in the summer of 2023?

You can meet June with long sharp nails, and then change their shape during the summer until they are cut short, almost “under the root”. At the shows that took place by the summer, there were all kinds of forms possible, so the choice is yours. In summer 2023, you can safely experiment in manicure and pedicure.

Summer round nails

This form is most relevant for those who prefer short nails, especially in summer. Give them soft rounded outlines so they will look neat and tidy.

Elongated oval

This is an option for those who like long nails even in summer, but don't want them to look aggressive.

The rounded tips of these summer nails just help soften the impression.

Summer almond

Summer almond nails are a combination of length and slight taper at the tips. This shape looks elegant in summer and is not as bold and "dangerous" as sharp nails.

Sharp nails

One of the most popular in recent summer fashion shows. It will appeal to those who prefer a bold manicure for the summer; on sharp nails, you can embody many nail art ideas that play with both length and shape in an unusual way.

Summer soft square

Actual form for those who prefer a neat and concise summer manicure.

This form looks best in summer at a short length. It can be more graphic in case of long nails-tips.

Actual colors for summer manicure - 2023: photo ideas

Summer Nude

In the successful design of nails in the summer, their well-groomed appearance plays a key role. Nude nail polishes help to achieve this effect.

In addition, they serve as an excellent basis for summer nail art: any decor looks neater against their background. You can see for yourself if you try a nude-based manicure, such as Essie's "Full Cylinder" for example.


Delicate pastel shades in summer manicure, which models showed at the shows of Marta Jakubowski, Oscar de la Renta, Vivetta and many others, will be trendy this summer.

They go so well together and it's worth using in summer nail art. The result will be very gentle. Pay attention to the shade "On style" from Essie.

Summer neon

This summer trend is the exact opposite of the previous trend. If you are not afraid of bold beauty solutions, choose dazzlingly bright neon shades of manicure. In the summer of 2023, they are at the height of fashion in both makeup and manicure.

Red classic for summer

Those who want a summer manicure to look a textbook feminine, red color will help out. It is difficult for him to find a replacement, so nail artists working at fashion weeks turn to him from season to season, and even in summer.Moschino, Marco de Vincenzo, Guy Laroche voted for the red color of the manicure in the summer of 2023.

Lemon yellow

Yellow color in manicure for the summer, which until recently rarely appeared on trend lists, continues to gain popularity. Samples from the show 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chromat and Mark Fast confirm that these fresh and cheerful shades look just fine on summer nails.


Trend techniques in nail design in the summer of 2023

Summer jacket

It seems that nail masters will turn to this technique at the spring-summer 2023 shows most often. It easily adapts to new manicure ideas, whether it's an unusual color scheme or a change in the shape of the accent on the tips of the nails. You can also create your own version of the jacket for the summer.And we showed the basic technique in this video.

Lunar summer manicure

Another version of the classic summer manicure that can become trendy in no time. It is easy to transform. Usually the hole is emphasized with a semicircle, but you can beat this detail in a different way.


Working with two shades and creating a transition between them is the easiest option for a summer ombre manicure. Today, this effect is used to create artistic color stains. This technique is useful to make a watercolor manicure for the summer or, for example, mineral nail art - it also usually has color transitions.

Negative space

Summer manicure with transparent inserts that give the impression that colored elements have been “cut out” from the general background is another trendy technique of the season. It allows you to make a laconic and stylish manicure for the summer in the style of color-blocking.

Summer manicure with drawings

Among summer nail designs, the most relevant are prints: small and large polka dots, stripes, cages and mesh, animalistic motifs - like a zebra, leopard or Dalmatians. Not the last role in their popularity was played by the fact that it is easy to draw them on nails on your own. Even girls who rarely practice creating summer nail art can handle this.


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Manicure photo ideas for summer 2023 for short and long nails

Summer manicure with frame

Many girls find it difficult to achieve a neat shape of a summer manicure on a short length. A manicure with a contour stroke will help to give such nails a clear outline.

It can be empty inside, without color. In this case, the result will be concise and effective at the same time.

Summer manicure coloring

Art manicure imitating abstract strokes of paint is one of the trends that has already made itself known. It looks good on any nails - both short and long. You can create your own interpretation of such nail art. For example, make it the main motive of the strip, similar to the strokes of a felt-tip pen. And on top add "splashes of paint." In this case, your nails in the summer, without exaggeration, become a real canvas for creativity.

Summer printed nail art

If you have short nails, then in the summer for manicure it is better not to choose complex variants of patterns with small details. Firstly, they are difficult to fit on a small nail plate. Secondly, excessive decoration in the summer in this case can turn into a visual mess.

If you draw in the summer, then something noticeable, understandable and large enough. It can be a simple print: stars, polka dots, strokes, leopard spots, cat paw marks - there are a lot of summer manicure options. You can also apply your own print on each nail - then the manicure will turn out bright and colorful, which is what you need in the summer.

Mineral manicure for summer

Don't feel like drawing small details? Choose a fashionable mineral manicure for the summer. All you need is a soft mixing of shades, as on a palette with paints. Add light or dark "streaks" to your summer manicure, inspired by the texture of marble, and, if you wish, a little glitter for a more voluminous and expressive effect.


The negative space technique allows you to create a summer manicure in which color blocks are connected to each other, like puzzle pieces or constructor elements. Alternate bright colors with nude nail polish for a dramatic contrast in summer nail designs.

stylish summer manicure For long nails

Lunar jacket for summer

Neither a summer jacket nor a moon manicure will seem boring if you combine them in one design. In addition, no one forbids decorating holes and tips of nails in summer using bright colors and sparkles. Make the accent on the tips neon (this technique, by the way, emphasizes the length), and fill the holes at the base of the nails, for example, with glitter.

Liquid metal

Summer manicure with a metallic effect is relevant, but you won't surprise anyone with shimmer polishes. If you need something extraordinary, try creating a liquid gold or silver effect on your nails. Apply the polish in jagged-edged blobs that resemble spilled metal.

Neon summer manicure

One of the main beauty trends of the season. Summer is the time when you can allow yourself and your manicure to be brighter, so even acid shades can be used.If you make a full coverage of neon varnish, there is a risk that only a manicure will catch your eye in your image. Try to make only one of the design details neon for the summer. For example, the tips of the nails in the jacket, which, perhaps, is better than other nail art options, emphasizes the length.

Summer yellow manicure

At the recent summer fashion shows, the masters decided to give the models a cheerful nail art in shades of yellow, which for quite a long time remained in the shade of other colors. In 2023, yellow has defended its position in the top trends for the summer. Using varnishes from the solar palette, you can make a laconic monochromatic coating, and a full-fledged design with drawings, decor and other details.

Animal print

If for one reason or another you ignored the summer fashion for animal prints in clothes, then why not make up for the omission with the help of manicure and nail art? Many patterns, taken from the animal world, rhyme perfectly with bright hues and color blocks.So you have a chance to create a truly original summer manicure by combining different techniques.

Summer manicure 2023: photo selection

Which manicure will you choose in the summer of 2023? Tell us about your favorite trend in the comments.