Beauty standards are becoming more and more blurred every year. Despite this, today few people imagine a feminine image without well-groomed eyebrows. Many consider sable to be the ideal. Let's show you how to achieve this ideal

Having beautiful eyebrows of medium width, many girls still dream of sable: it is believed that they give the appearance a special expressiveness and "character" . Does everyone need sable eyebrows and what features distinguish them? Let's talk about this in more detail.

what do sable eyebrows look like?

When they say “the effect of sable eyebrows”, they mean thick, lush, voluminous and textured eyebrows (it’s not for nothing that they are compared with sable fur). They beautifully frame the eyes and often define their expression. Sable eyebrows are a noticeable element of the image that attracts attention, even if the girl has big eyes with a doll-like look or sensual plump lips.

In makeup, eyebrows can become a full-fledged accent if they are tinted and emphasized with a gel like Brow Drama from Maybelline New York. In the before and after photos, sable eyebrows will look completely different.

At the same time, an important feature of sable eyebrows is naturalness. They should look like they are natural data. Therefore, too strong color correction and pencil strokes are contraindicated.

Not all girls are rewarded by nature with such eyebrows. And far from everyone they go. However, they are really in fashion, and therefore many seek to achieve a “sable effect” with makeup. Or grow your eyebrows so that they become wider and thicker.

Who would like sable eyebrows?

Should I go for sable brows for the sake of keeping up with trends? Before answering this question, you need to understand whether sable eyebrows suit your type of appearance.

Face shape

First of all, you need to understand that sable eyebrows should be in harmony with the proportions of the face.

For example, for girls with a heart-shaped face, such eyebrows are definitely not the best solution. They have a narrow chin and a fairly massive (in comparison) forehead. Sable eyebrows will make it even more "heavy" .

With a narrow oval face, sable eyebrows are also better not to wear. In this case, the task will be to slightly widen the face - this means that the eyebrows need to be lengthened rather than expanded.

If your face is oval but doesn't seem elongated, sable eyebrows will do.Just like girls with a diamond-shaped face. If the shape is square, it is necessary to strive to ensure that the width of the eyebrows is moderate, and the bend is soft. Eyebrows with a kink will go chubby. Read more about how to choose the shape of the eyebrows depending on the type of face, we told here.

By facial features

If big eyes with a "wide" look are the main advantage of your appearance, you should think about whether you need to distract attention from them with wide sable eyebrows. But for girls with lush lips, such eyebrows, on the contrary, can go: they will balance the bright accent in the lower part of the face.

By hair color and length

Before you set your goal for sable brows, consider that the impression they will make depends a lot on your haircut. Such eyebrows will be much more noticeable if you have short hair.

As for color, sable eyebrows are most often understood as dark eyebrows.Brunettes won't have a problem. For those who dye their hair blonde, it is worth darkening the natural color of the eyebrows only if they leave a soft transition from dark roots that gradually grow back. Natural blondes and fair-haired girls can widen their eyebrows and strive to make them thicker, but dark makeup should not be used to color the eyebrows.

3 tips for growing sable brows

  1. Remove tweezers

    If your goal is sable eyebrows at home, give up eyebrow correction at least for the first time. Let them grow and reach their maximum natural width. After that, if necessary, you will adjust them to give them a beautiful shape.

  2. Add care

    To make your eyebrows grow faster, use special hair growth serums.The same ones that are produced for eyelashes will do. However, there are separate means for eyebrows. It is also useful to do a massage by rubbing oils into the eyebrows - castor oil, olive oil, almond, peach. In this case, a massage effect will be added to the action of oils, which will improve microcirculation, and with it the nutrition of hair follicles. You can make long-term styling. During the procedure, useful substances are applied to the eyebrows.

  3. Balance diet

    It is not always possible to solve the problem of sparse eyebrows with external care. Hair also needs internal nourishment. Add vitamins to your diet that promote hair growth. For example, B vitamins. In addition, foods that are a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated acids will benefit. These are fatty fish, avocados, nuts, tofu and more.

How to achieve the effect of sable eyebrows at home: photo instructions

Required tools and accessories

  1. Tweezers

    He will be "on the bench" . Tweezers may be needed only if you need to remove hairs that are noticeably sticking out of the contour.

  2. Soap

    The famous life hack is to add volume and texture to the eyebrows with dry soap. It is applied to the hair with a brush. The tool envelops them and makes them visually more magnificent. An indispensable trick for the effect of groomed brows (English "well-groomed eyebrows" ).

  3. Round brush

    Use it to apply soap and comb your eyebrows so that the hairs lie neatly in the right direction.

  4. Pencil, eyebrow powder

    The pencil is needed to emphasize the outline. It is also convenient for them to hatch inside the contour. Powder can also be used to fill gaps.

  5. Slanted brush

    The most convenient way to apply shadows during color correction of eyebrows is with this tool. Learn more about how to make eyebrow makeup using shadows in this video.

  6. Eyebrow gel or wax

    These products can make your brows even more textured. They also allow you to pin the form.


Step by step instructions

  1. Working with the form

    Eyebrow makeup always starts with shaping it. Use a round brush to gently comb the hairs in the direction they grow.Evaluate the result and consider whether any of them need to be removed? If one or more hairs go far beyond the main contour, pluck them with tweezers.

  2. Working with texture

    To make your eyebrows more voluminous, use the "soapy" life hack. You need to rub the round brush on a bar of soap, and then spread it over the eyebrows, combing the hairs a little up.

  3. Working with color

    After applying soap, use shadow or a pencil. They need to hatch without pressure within the contour of the eyebrows. Thin lines will mimic hairs. This will make your eyebrow makeup look natural.

  4. Fixation

    Seal the result with clear gel. Apply it in the same way as soap, trying to comb your eyebrows in the direction of their growth. They will look more lush. Due to this, you will get a sable effect.


Sable brow makeup review

These funds, according to the editors, will perfectly cope with the task.

  • Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil, NYX Professional Makeup

    Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil is different from many other eyebrow pencils for the better. This is a double sided tool with a retractable lead at one end and a brush at the other. The rod has the shape of a triangle, which allows you to draw thick lines, filling the contour of the eyebrows, and thin lines to simulate individual hairs. The soft texture of the wax provides a natural result. The same purpose is served by a brush, shaped like a toothbrush, with thin bristles. Use it to blend color and neatly style your brows.

  • Tattoo Brow Pomade, Maybelline New York

    Tattoo Brow Pomade is a tool that is designed for simultaneous texturing and color correction of eyebrows. This lipstick with a soft creamy texture is distinguished by a pigmented formula. The color envelops the hairs and gives them volume, and the effect lasts up to 24 hours: the composition of Tattoo Brow Pomade is waterproof. The kit includes a beveled brush with a round brush on the other end.

  • Eyebrow Design Kit Brow Artist, L’Oréal Paris

    In a compact case you will find tweezers, shadows to accentuate the eyebrows, wax to fix their shape and a convenient angled brush with a round brush built into the other end.This set is enough for a full-fledged brow makeup with a sable effect. Wax keeps the shape of the eyebrows up to 12 hours.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


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