YSL Beauté national make-up artist Kirill Shabalin talks and shows about the products of the brand

The Slim first came to YSL Beauté's portfolio last year with a unique box-shaped stick. In 2023, its updated version was released - Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte lipstick with a weightless texture. By the way, famous bloggers and our chief editor were among the first to test it.

Features of The Slim Sheer Matte by YSL Beauté

Understanding what it is good for and what is its fundamental difference from the classic The Slim.

  • Unlike the previous version, which gave the lips a dense velvety coating, the new The Slim Sheer Matte lays down with a translucent layer that no longer resembles a matte lipstick, but a tint.

  • Another feature of the novelty is that the density of its coverage is easy to adjust: you can layer lipstick indefinitely. The translucent texture of the tint is completely invisible on the lips.

  • Like the classic The Slim, the new The Slim Sheer Matte with a diamond-shaped stick can be applied without a pencil. To do this, you need to substitute the edge of the stick to the center of the lips and lead it to the corners. For clarity, we recommend watching the video. Applying lipstick is really easy!

  • The new lipstick contains a shock dose of jojoba oil, so it feels like a balm on the lips. The tool evens out the skin of the lips and makes them softer.

  • The lipstick has a weightless creamy texture, but it looks matte on the lips.

  • Lipstick can be used as blush. How exactly to do this, you will learn from our instructions for creating makeup.

Makeup with The Slim Sheer Matte lipstick

Makeup variant by Kirill Shabalin, national makeup artist YSL Beauté in Russia.

  1. Apply Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Ultra all over your face to hydrate skin for a beautiful glow. Spread Top Secrets Lip Perfector on lips. As you apply your makeup, the balm will absorb and your lips will feel soft and smooth.

  2. Apply Touche Éclat Foundation to moisturised skin.For the most natural tone, mix shades B10 and BD40 on the back of your hand and use a synthetic bristle brush to spread over the entire face. Touche Éclat masks imperfections well and makes the skin visually more well-groomed due to light-reflecting microparticles in the composition.

  3. On all shadow areas of the face: on the area around the eyes, above the eyebrows and on the nasolabial folds - apply the Touche Éclat highlighter and blend so that there are no visible lines. It will highlight these areas, due to which the relief of the face will appear more even, and wrinkles in these places will become less noticeable.

  4. Sculpture your face with Touche Éclat Foundation in BD40 by applying it to the areas under the cheekbones, temples, nose wings and along the contour of the chin.

  5. Set the tone with All Hours Powder in Universal, spreading it over the center of the face (read more about the product here).

  6. Couture Brow Mascara in shade No. 2 Blond Centre, apply to the eyebrows, brushing the hairs slightly upward. Since the shade of the gel is slightly lighter than the eyebrows, it will visually soften them.

  7. Light brown eyeshadow from Couture Palette No. 2 Fauves apply to lids and blend.

  8. Apply the same shade on the lower eyelids in one or more layers. Blend the brown shade from the palette in the outer corners to make the shape of the eyes more almond-shaped.Since the texture of the shadows is satin, they are easy to blend, layer and do not leave stains, so even a makeup beginner can handle these shadows.

  9. Apply a shimmery bronze Full Metal Shadow in shade 4 Onde Sable to the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop.

  10. To make your makeup look less monochromatic, coat your lashes with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils No. 3 Extreme Blue. It contrasts well with brown eyes and refreshes the look.

  11. Apply Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte in shade 106 Pure Nude to lips. Place the pointed edge of the stick in the center of your lips and swipe it to the corners. This form of lipstick will allow you to make up your lips without using a pencil - the contour will turn out to be even.

  12. For blush, use the new Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte in shade 112 Raw Rosewood: apply a little bit of texture to the center of the cheeks and blend thoroughly with fingers or a brush.

  13. For a bolder lip look, use Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte in shade 107 Bare Burgundy.

Makeup ready! Which lipstick do you like best?

Here is YSL Beauty's complete lipstick wardrobe:

Nice bonus: Kirill Shabalin, national make-up artist of YSL Beauty, answers questions that readers asked him through the official Instagram FashionVIPdergisi.com.

  1. How to use lipstick instead of blush?

  2. Apply a small amount of lipstick to the protruding part of the cheekbones and blend with a brush or fingers.

  3. How to apply mascara to eyelashes?

  4. Start at the roots, pressing the brush as close to the lash line as possible. Paint eyelashes with zigzag movements, scrolling the brush. Fix the curve with the first layer of mascara, and add volume and increase the length with the second. If you create haze on the lower eyelid, be sure to paint over the lower eyelashes: the eyes will look more voluminous. Do you want to enhance the effect of using colored mascara? Work on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a pencil in tone.

  5. How to replicate makeup from YSL Fall/Winter 2023/21?

  6. This make-up look from the latest Saint Laurent show focuses on the lips: fill them with Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipstick in shade 1.The skin is deliberately matte - to achieve a similar effect, use the All Hours foundation and translucent powder from the same line. Illuminate the inner corners of your eyes with Touche Éclat concealer, and Le Teint Encre De Peau foundation in shade BD65 can be used for easy natural contouring. Line your brows with Dessin Des Sourcils in shade 3 Glazed Brown. Define the lash line with Dessin Du Regard Brown Pencil and apply Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara.

Photo: Rory Van Millingen