Celebrate the beginning of spring with the perfect make-up. Everything is possible on this day!

It's time to think over your holiday look to the smallest detail: from fashionable makeup to the perfect outfit.

What image to choose for March 8 in 2023

The day that celebrates femininity and the long-awaited onset of spring must be met fully armed. Unlike other holidays, where trouser suits and fashionable “make-up without makeup” are appropriate, March 8 does not tolerate unisex and minimalist looks.On this day, you can afford everything: dresses in large or small floral prints, bright makeup, unusual accessories and, of course, a lot of pink. The motto of this day is girls are girls! Feel free!

Fashion makeup colors

The absolute must-have of a festive spring make-up is berry-colored lipstick. Cherry, raspberry, strawberry - these colors adorned the lips of models at Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada shows.

Feeling uncomfortable with bright lipstick? Then focus on eye makeup. On the catwalks of Balmain, Oscar de la Renta and Anna Sui, models demonstrated catchy mono-makeup. On this day, you can choose any shade in pink, purple or blue.

  • Pink and brown shades will look good in brown eyes.

  • Orange and purple tones are perfect for green eyes, they will make an unusual color brighter.

  • For blue and gray eyes, we advise you to choose golden or rich blue shades.

Fashionable colors of clothes and accessories

8 March you can afford any beautiful look and any colors in clothes. Even for a pink total bow, no one will judge you. But in order not to miss the choice of outfit, we advise you to read our recommendations for creating a harmonious image.

  • The perfect dress for March 8 for girls is something that emphasizes the figure. However, it should not be too explicit. Leave room for fantasy.

  • Add bright details to your look, especially if you decide to go to a gala dinner in a little black dress. In this case, colored accessories and shoes (for example, pumps and a clutch) will come in handy.

  • Don't wear jeans on a date. Men are already allergic to them.

How to make fashionable makeup for March 8: step by step instructions

The classic make-up option for March 8, 2023 is offered by the official makeup artist of Maybelline New York, Yuri Stolyarov. A win-win option for a holiday date!

  1. 1

    Moisturize your skin with Face Studio Primer to prep your face for make-up and prolong the hold of your complexion.

  2. 2

    Skin imperfections spotted with Superstay dense texture concealer.

  3. 3

    Hide dark circles with the Eraser concealer: it is lighter and more elastic in texture, does not clog into wrinkles and is therefore better suited for the area under the eyes.

  4. 4

    Shape your eyebrows with the Brow Ultra Slim pencil: it has a thin lead that allows you to imitate hairs.

  5. 5

    Then take the Brow Precise Sharping Pencil and shape your brows to perfection. It will fix the hairs in the right position, as the formula contains wax.

  6. 6

    The space between the eyelashes on the upper eyelids, paint over with a black Master Drama pencil. Then, using the new Eyestudio Hyper Easy liner, draw arrows, drawing lines from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer ones.

  7. 7

    Use The Falsies Lash Lift mascara only on the upper lashes: this will visually make the shape of the eyes almond-shaped.

  8. 8

    In the center of your cheeks, apply the new Cheek Heat blush in shade 10. It has a gel-creamy texture and blends easily with your fingers.

  9. 9

    For lip makeup use Superstay Matte Ink hot pink matte lipstick in shade 30.

Makeup ready!

Makeup ideas for March 8

We have collected some interesting options for a beautiful make-up to create a variety of images.

Daring look

Artistically casually styled hair and bright eye makeup - this look is good for a date. Be sure to draw the mucous eyelids with black kayal: this will give the look a fatal depth.

Another way to create a daring look is to use red lipstick with a glossy finish. The attention of your interlocutor will definitely be riveted to your lips!

Smoky eye makeup with multi-colored shadows is a bold decision for a date. But the best way to create a daring look.

Tender image

Sufficiently active pink blush - that's what will make your face young and tender. Just don't overdo it!

If you like brown shades of blush, try applying them not only on the cheekbones, but also on the eyelids - this way you will get a fashionable mono-makeup in one color.

Bright look

To make your makeup bright and eye-catching, try painting over the slimy contour with multi-colored pencils. For brown eyes, for example, blue is ideal, for green eyes - purple.

Life hacks for creating a beautiful image for a corporate party

Having a corporate party at work? Prepare for it in advance. Perhaps our ideas will inspire you.

Retro look

Retro themed parties are a common choice for corporate events. Get structured doll-like curls, apply 1980s-inspired purple eyeshadow, and thicken your lashes with mascara. The retro look is ready!

Purple shadows must be combined in makeup with pink or brown mother-of-pearl lipstick.

Business look

Don't want to stand out and draw attention to yourself at a corporate party? Then give preference to the usual business style. Apply a little gloss to your lips and lightly tap the mascara on your lashes.

Or make light smoky eyes in brown tones.

Romantic look

Smoky pink-brown eye makeup and lip gloss is a look guaranteed to look seductive and romantic.

Don't like lip gloss? Then replace it with a shimmery pink lipstick.

Makeup options for an extravagant look

The secret of the perfect make-up on March 8 is that your look should be feminine and springy. Therefore, even if you want to make an extravagant make-up, we advise you not to deviate from these rules. Choose the classics in make-up - for example, red lips and black arrows.

Or do a smoky eye makeup. To make it look unusual and fashionable, do not forget about strobing. In this article, we have described this technique in detail.