Is it hard to imagine something on your nails other than the classics - red lacquer and nude shades? For inspiration on new solutions in manicure, take a look at the trends 2023

Palettes of polishes are getting wider, but many of us still doubt whether to paint our nails with an unusual color, and ultimately return to proven options. Maybe change the approach this year? There are many newcomers to the list of trendy shades that are worth a closer look. Perhaps they will become your new favorites in manicure.

Trendy colors and shades of nail polishes - 2023

The motto of nail artists in 2023 is not to take manicures too seriously. Of course, it is a manicure that allows our nails to look neat and well-groomed. And at the same time, this detail is an opportunity to experiment, raising your mood and making gray everyday life brighter.

Are you tired of the usual monochromatic manicure? Then this test is for you!Take the test1/7

How often do you get your nails done?

  • Every other week
  • Every three weeks
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

Perfect bridal manicure?

  • French (French)
  • Soft beige or pink finish
  • Red manicure
  • Manicure with rhinestones or glitter polish

How do you choose the shade of a pedicure?

  • I choose the same color as on the nails
  • I always choose a different color than on my hands
  • depending on the mood
  • I love experiments and I choose pedicure with design

What is your favorite makeup item?

  • Smokey eyes
  • Red lips
  • Arrows
  • Maximum natural eye and lip makeup
5 / 7

Your wardrobe has more

  • Sportswear
  • Women's dresses and skirts
  • Office Style
  • Jeans and T-shirts
6 / 7

Which beauty quote do you like best?

  • "In order to be beautiful, it is enough for a woman to have a black sweater, a black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves." Yves Saint Laurent
  • "It's hard to be irresistible if you're lazy." Sophia Loren
  • “The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence. You can be beautiful, but if you're not confident, you can't be sexy." Beyoncé
  • “Do you want to know the ultimate beauty secret? Fall in love - it really works! Nicole Kidman
7 / 7

Which star look do you like best?

  • Irina Shayk
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Zoe Kravitz


It can be a lemon yellow pastel, like in the manicure from the 3.1 Phillip Lim show spring-summer last year, a translucent "plastic" yellow, like Chromat, or, for example, a yellow-green color with glitter, like House of Holland.


This year they are an alternative to powdery shades of nude. Use a soft strawberry milkshake pink on your nails, as seen in the Erdem and Helmut Lang shows. Another option is translucent white, which looks like diluted. Both in the first and in the second case, the manicure will turn out to be feminine and elegant, no matter how long you use these varnishes. See for yourself - make a manicure with a shade of "To the full extent" from Essie.


It can be blue like Marta Jakubowski, pistachio like Courreges or cotton candy like Afffair. For such a manicure, the Temptation shade from the Essie line is useful.


The complete opposite of pastels - neon - is also in fashion. Whenever you're in the mood for something brighter, paint your nails acid green (like they did at the GCDS show), electric blue like Courreges, or blue like Mark Fast.


One of the most notable nail trends of 2023 is silver glitter polishes. They can be with a matte metallic effect, as it was in the Off-White or Kith manicure, with glitter or with holographic overflows, like at Julien Macdonald.

Black and white

Most often they appeared in a duet in the catwalk manicure, and not separately. So it was with rag & bone in a design with a black base and a white dot on the hole, with Koché in a variation of a jacket with black tips.


Of course, it could not have done without red. This color is loved by nail artists, and they rarely supplement it with something else. At the spring-summer 2023 shows, a “pure” red manicure adorned the looks of Moschino and Marco de Vincenzo.


No less than red, burgundy turned out to be relevant. Wear it in 2023 with either a glossy finish like Guy Laroche or a matte finish like Rebecca Minkoff.


Need a neutral discreet manicure? In 2023, judging by the trends, it can be created using gray. For him - the nail masters who worked at the Tibi show spring-summer - 2023.


What color of nail polish will be in fashion in winter 2023?

  1. Red

    This trend will move from winter to spring and summer. It is best to choose a monochromatic red manicure, and if you want to make a design with this color, then graphic, as in the Prabal Gurung show autumn-winter 2023.

  2. Coffee beige

    Among the nude shades at past shows, coffee with cream was most often chosen. It looks beautiful on short nails, applied in one tone, like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Carolina Herrera and Elie Tahari fall-winter 2023.

  3. Neon

    In winter, bursts of color in the image will not interfere with you. In manicure, choose neon - green, pink, blue, like on the nails of models from the Chromat show.

  4. Metallic

    Shiny metallic shades always make a statement during fall/winter shows. That's what happened this year as well. Choose silver and gold for manicure or more unusual colors, but also with a metallic finish. It can be, for example, emerald, as is the case with The Blonds show.

Trend nail polish shades for spring

  1. Pink and blue

    Start the spring season with soft pastels. Use them in a solid color to freshen up your look. Or combine in a design to create a watercolor streak effect.

  2. Grey

    Replace the usual nude with shades of gray. Light ones (like from the Tibi, Marco de Vincenzo shows) are just right for spring.

  3. Peach

    It can be a soft shade, like in a jacket from the Oscar de la Renta show, or a brighter color - choose according to your mood. Both versions will be relevant in the spring.

The most popular nail polish colors for summer 2023

  1. Yellow

    Summer is the time to switch to bright, sunny shades. Just among the nail trends manicure in yellow. Check it out and get inspired by Mark Fast, Chromat and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

  2. Red and Burgundy

    We don't have to wait for spring, summer or fall to paint our nails red. And yet, in the summer, it emphasizes the general mood especially well.

    And this season, in addition to it, you can also use burgundy - Guy Laroche and Rebecca Minkoff offered summer manicure with it.

  3. Blue and blue neon

    Another bright summer decision can be a choice in favor of neon manicure. The trend is set by Courreges and Mark Fast: the nail artists from these shows chose blue and blue neon for models.

Actual nail polish palette for autumn 2023

  1. Wine

    Burgundy nails will be in trend both in summer and autumn. This deep color reveals itself best in a solid color finish.

  2. Black and white

    But the combination of black and white is perfect for nail art, which is made in a graphic manner. Draw in black on white or white on black what fall inspires you.

  3. Silver

    Leave a discreet manicure for a design with a sparkle effect as winter approaches. The approach of the holidays will give a second life to the spring-summer trend for metallic silver plating.

Nail art ideas in trendy colors for short nails

Black and white graphics

On short nails it is better to do simple nail art. If you choose two colors for it, use one as a base, and design with the second. It can be concise drawings. For example, stars or hearts. In black and white, they will look especially neat.

Neon watercolor

Pair some neon shades on your nails with an ombre effect. How to do this, we showed in this video tutorial.

If this manicure seems too bright to you, try applying colors with a translucent layer. You will get watercolor stains that will make the manicure more restrained.

French vice versa

Draw arcs not on the tips of the nails, but on the reverse side - in place of the hole. Replace the usual white color with any pastel shade from the list of trends. It could be, for example, pink. To "balance" this emphasis on the base of the nails, also emphasize the tips - with a thin line with glitter.

Manicure with stroke

A solid color coating with a trendy shade will become much more original if you add a contrasting outline to it. Draw a thin line and use varnish with glitter or metallic effect for it.

Bordeaux and gold

Use burgundy polish as a solid background for a gold foil manicure. Her careless prints will decorate your nails no worse than intricate drawings, bred with great diligence. A noble combination of colors and textures will make nail art spectacular and expressive.

Manicure ideas in trendy shades for long nails

Space Manicure

This is a trendy version of nail art, in which you can combine several trendy shades at once: pastel, neon, and with a metallic effect.

Color blocking

Divide your nails in half diagonally. Leave one of the resulting sections “blank” and fill the other with black. Outline it in white. The result is stylish minimalism that will go with any look.

Emphasis on tips

On long nails, a manicure with an emphasis on the tips is especially successful. Their shape can be played in different ways, while using the most fashionable shades of the season. For example neon.

Pastel moon manicure

Fill the entire length of the nail plate up to the hole with a pastel shade of varnish - let it remain without color. Or, conversely, use pastel on the hole, and give up color on the length.

Creative mess

Approach nail art like it's real fine art. Decorate your nails with strokes of "paint" - colored varnish. Let the background be blots of black, gray and white, and complement them with neon bursts.


Newest nail polishes in the trendiest shades of 2023

Pay attention to these novelties. According to the editors, they deserve attention.

  • Nail polish 05 Seduction by Essie

    If you like a calm manicure in natural shades and with a one-tone finish, try this polish from Essie. The name is provocative, and the result is very gentle and soft: No. 05 will decorate the nails with a translucent film of a milky shade, with which the manicure will look elegant and neat.The color is universal, suits everyone and is relevant in any season, so in 2023 it will definitely come in handy for you.

  • Colorama Nail Polish in shade 749 Banana Shake, Maybelline New York

    I bet you don't have yellow polish in your nail collection yet. But it is this color that will be on top in 2023, judging by the manicure from the last shows. Pay attention to No. 749 "Banana Shake" from the Colorama collection: it is bright, juicy and cheerful - just what you need in the summer.

    Check out what our readers think of Colorama polish here.


  • La Laque Couture nail polish in shade 05 Rouge Dada, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Do you already have the perfect red for a classic manicure? So, it's time to find also burgundy - just as perfect in terms of expressiveness and depth. At Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, shade No. 05 Rouge Dada claims this title. Take note of it closer to autumn, when you want to replace the flashy summer colors in the design of nails with velvety softness.

    Check out what our readers think of La Laque Couture here.


What shades will definitely appear in your manicure in 2023? Write a comment.