Experimenting with a new collection of Lancôme cosmetics, created in collaboration with Mert & Marcus, the most famous photo duo in the fashion world

In 2023, famed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott try their hand at a new role: Teaming up with Lancôme, the fashion duo launches a capsule collection of seductive and daring Mert & Marcus makeup. It includes a palette that includes ten shades of shimmery and matte shadows, liquid eye shadows and a double-ended stick for the face.

Characteristic features of bold makeup

Dramatic eye makeup, juicy lips and, of course, contouring - a daring look cannot be imagined without these components. The rule of one accent does not work here - you can highlight both eyes and lips at the same time. There are no restrictions on colors either - shadows and lipstick can be of any shade. When creating a daring makeup, follow only one advice: the brighter and richer, the better!

What makeup do you need for a daring make-up?

National makeup artist of Lancôme in Russia, Katerina Ponomareva, has compiled a list of beauty products for us that will come in handy when creating a daring make-up.

You will need:

  • waterproof black pencil with a soft texture, which you will paint over the mucosa;

  • Ultra-volume mascara that allows you to create the effect of thick and slightly glued eyelashes;

  • shimmery eyeshadows with a rich shade and shadows with a matte texture;

  • beige lipstick to contrast with bright eye makeup;

  • sculpting blush to sharpen facial features and give it a bit of a "bitchiness"

Daring makeup: step by step photo tutorial

A bold make-up variant by Katerina Ponomareva.

  1. To hydrate and prep skin for makeup, apply Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl youth activator to the under-eye area and classic Advanced Génifique all over the face. Using a flat synthetic brush, blend Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation in shade 5 onto skin and blend with the brush in a swipe motion. With the same brush, work on the chin area and ears: this is necessary to even out the tone.

  2. For a more sculpted face, use the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Stick under the cheekbones, over the temples and along the lower chin line and blend thoroughly with a brush.

  3. Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Apply under the eyes to cover dark circles. And on the upper eyelids - to hide small vessels and as a base for shadows.

  4. Apply Mert & Marcus' new Teint Idole Ultra Duo Stick Matte Base closer to the center of the face for a smoother look and to hide enlarged pores. Apply the highlighter on the other side of the stick to the tops of the cheekbones and blend towards the temples.

  5. Apply Mert & Marcus' new creamy Transforming Liquid eye shadow on upper lids and blend immediately without letting the texture set prematurely. Shadows have increased durability and are instantly fixed on the skin, so you need to work with them very quickly. Be prepared for them to look matte on the skin when applied with an applicator, but when blended, they become ultra-shine with splashes of glitter.

  6. Apply the same shadow on the lower eyelids and blend along the ciliary edge.

  7. The interciliary space on the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the mucous membranes, thickly paint over with a black Le Crayon Khôl pencil.

  8. Shimmery purple shadows from the new Afterdark palette spread over the upper eyelids.

  9. Shimmering greens - along the contour of the lower ones and blend.

  10. On the skin at the inner corners of the eyes, add golden shadows from the same palette to visually refresh and open your eyes. Eyelashes thickly, in two layers, paint over with mascara for ultra-volume Monsieur Big.

  11. Apply L'Absolu Rouge brown lipstick in shade No. 204 on your lips - it will perfectly complement bright eye makeup.

Bright ideas for a daring evening make-up

We are ready to offer even more ideas for creating such a make-up. Get inspired by our selection of edgy looks.

For brown eyes

If you have expressive big eyes, you can apply eyeliner only on the mucous membrane, without shading it on the eyelids. Otherwise, there is a risk of visually reducing the eyes.

Do you want something more interesting? Then add shadows of a contrasting color to the black eyeliner, for example orange.

For green eyes

Emerald smoky eyes look fun and shade green eyes well, making it brighter.

The classic shade for green eye makeup is purple. It contrasts well with this color and emphasizes its depth. In makeup, you can use not only shades of purple, but also a pencil.

For blue and gray eyes

Dense lower eyeliner is the most win-win makeup option for blue eyes. Draw mucous membranes with a soft waterproof kajal: it will make the make-up brighter and more durable.

Black smokey paired with blue lower eyeliner looks daring and interesting. For more dramatic makeup, you can shade black shadows with burgundy shades.

What can complement the image of a daring girl?

Red or black manicures, wet strands, trendy chokers, miniskirts, skinny jeans and, of course, high heels - don't forget these daring attributes to complete your make-up.