One of the ways to achieve an even and imperceptible tone that looks like a “second skin” even up close is air makeup. What is it and what are its advantages?

This method of creating a make-up came to us from the film industry. The airbrush began to be used by makeup artists to create a natural tone that would look good on screen. Over the years, this became more and more important, because the quality of the shooting improved - the cameras easily caught any skin imperfections. Aeromake disguised them perfectly. And soon this technique was adopted by makeup artists in other areas.

Aeromakeup - what is it?

This is a non-contact makeup: cosmetics are applied to the skin using an airbrush, a special tool that sprays liquid or cream products.

They lie on the skin in a veil of tiny particles and form a very thin layer without streaks, streaks, spots and other “side effects” that can appear when applying foundation with a brush or sponge.

Advantages and disadvantages of air makeup

The main plus of air makeup is the ability to create a tonal coverage of such quality that cannot be achieved manually. It will turn out smooth, resistant and at the same time very thin. It is almost impossible to notice it on the skin. Thus, the airbrush is what you need for the “makeup no makeup” effect.

In addition, air makeup reliably masks imperfections, so you don't need to use additional concealer and proofreader, thereby making the coating heavier.

During air makeup, cosmetics are used very sparingly. A couple of drops of foundation or blush is enough. The airbrush grinds them down so that only a thin film of creamy texture remains on the skin.

Contactless application of cosmetics is perfect for owners of problematic or, for example, sensitive skin (often it combines both characteristics). It easily reacts to external influences, including brushes / sponges, which can transfer bacteria to the skin if not cleaned on a daily basis. In this sense, the airbrush is a safer and more hygienic tool. He also applies makeup so that it does not clog pores and therefore does not provoke breakouts.

Among the disadvantages of air makeup is perhaps the very need to acquire an airbrush and learn how to use it. It is convenient for professionals to work with him, as they do makeup to another person. Spraying foundation on your face will be more difficult.

How long does air makeup last?

You can rely on air makeup to last all day. The tone applied by the airbrush is well fixed on the skin, so it can withstand a dance party and the heat of spotlights at some kind of solemn ceremony. If you make a make-up in the morning, it will remain the same even until the evening - you won’t have to correct it. It will only be possible to blot the skin with matting wipes if a greasy sheen suddenly appears in the T-zone.

What makeup is used in air makeup?

Use an airbrush to apply primer, foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer. We are talking about special products for air makeup, which have the same formula on a water, water-polymer, alcohol or silicone basis.

Some make-up artists create eye makeup with an airbrush. In this case, various stencils are used so that the color does not fall on those areas of the skin where it is not needed. True, the pros admit that shadows are best applied and blended by hand, in the traditional way.

When using an airbrush, cosmetics with a small amount of water are added to a container in the form of a funnel - it is fixed on a sprayer, which is commonly called a "pen" . It is not recommended to pour the usual foundation from your cosmetic bag into the funnel. Manufacturers claim that this can lead to clogging or even damage to the device.


How to do air makeup: step by step instructions

Airbrush is designed for professionals. This does not mean that you cannot use it at home. All you need is someone to help you apply the makeup. It will not be easy to do it yourself: when the airbrush sprays the product on your face, you need to close your eyes.

  1. Preparation

    First of all, prepare the airbrush itself.

    Attach the pen to the compressor. Fill the funnel on the sprayer with the desired product and the amount of water indicated in the instructions for it.

    Cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Gather your hair and tie it with a scarf or towel. Place another towel over your chest so that it covers both shoulders and collar. Thanks to this, cosmetics will not get on clothes. Another option is to just wear things that you don't mind getting dirty. Turn on the device to release the air and check its operation.

  2. Applying makeup

    Start your air makeup with a primer. In case you want to apply it the usual way, this video tutorial will come in handy.

    Following the foundation will go. Spread it over the face with circular motions of the pen. The starting point will be the tip of the nose. From it move to the hairline, gradually expanding the radius.Apply the product immediately to the entire face, and not to individual parts of it; do not pause - the work of the airbrush should be continuous. Only in this case the tone will be even.

    By the way, you need to hold the pen at a distance of 15-20 cm from the face. In the process, it is better to close your eyes and hold your breath so as not to inhale particles of cosmetics.

  3. Finish makeup

    After applying the product with an airbrush, wait a bit: the layer of cosmetics must dry. After that, you can proceed to the makeup of the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Just try to touch the skin with the tone applied with the airbrush as little as possible. It's important to choose shadows and mascaras that don't flake (and apply them as carefully as possible), otherwise all your second skin efforts will go to waste.


Pro tips for airbrushing makeup

  • After applying foundation with an airbrush, blot your skin with a tissue. This simple trick will help you make coverage even easier by removing excess makeup.

  • In air makeup, cosmetics can be layered to more reliably hide skin imperfections. Reapply foundation to problem area 3-5 minutes after first airbrush application.

  • Be sure to clean your airbrush after every use. It is necessary to pour water into the funnel and turn on the device, covering the tip of the pen with a napkin. Water will come out of it along with the remnants of cosmetics.

Have you ever tried air makeup? Tell us about your impressions in the comments.