Beauty trends are worth following, if only because they are rapidly changing each other - and what was in fashion yesterday is no longer relevant today. So that your make-up does not lag behind the times, we have collected all the anti-trends in one article

Runway looks are no longer the main source of beauty trends. They are showing up more and more on Instagram. True, the make-up that is created for posts on this social network looks good in the photo, but in many cases it is completely not designed for ordinary life. This is what makes Insta-makeup one of the main anti-trends of today.

Dense matte tone without a single hint of the natural radiance of the skin, cheekbones polished with a highlighter, stencil-shaped eyebrows, cat eyes with a glitter background and a contrasting kayal, and in addition to them - false eyelashes and matte lips. This is what a typical Instagram post looks like.

Using all these techniques together, makeup bloggers bring a variety of types of appearance (with their advantages and disadvantages) to the same denominator. Another disadvantage is that the result is very “heavy” and looks more like a mask, and after all, most of us want the make-up to give the impression of a “second skin”. In addition, there are other beauty trends that have become obsolete and must give way to new trends.


  1. Full face tone

    Makeup artists - for not applying foundation all over the face, if it's not really necessary.

    The baby skin trend is childishly clean skin without makeup. No need to strive for the perfect tone, as in frames from magazine shootings; if there are imperfections, mask them pointwise with concealer, and leave the rest of the skin fresh. Touche Éclat by YSL Beauté will come in handy.

  2. Matte tone

    The time of a desperate struggle with any skin shine is over. Today, a slight radiance is a sign of her he alth: a slight glow seems to fill the skin with vital energy. Even visually it seems that the matte tone prevents the skin from breathing.

    Much more relevant foundation products with a wet finish, which create a feeling of freshness of the skin - as if it were just after washing. Another option is to use a velvety tone and apply a little clear balm to the cheekbones. It will give the skin the desired natural glow.

  3. Contouring

    The wave of facial contouring trends is over. Many girls tried to introduce sculpting into their daily beauty routine, but in practice they were convinced that these techniques are more suitable for evening makeup.

  4. Aggressive contouring

    Remember how a couple of years ago everyone studied contouring schemes to do makeup like Kim Kardashian? Her makeup artist then admitted that the contouring in the make-up of this star includes more than 20 steps. Today, even the usual contouring in several stages is advised to be done with caution. It is worth shading the sculptor badly - and all efforts will go down the drain: the makeup will look unnatural. By the way, due to trends, the sculptor is often used instead of blush. Beauty guru vs. If in the photo the darkening of the cheekbones looks expressive (as if a shadow had fallen on the face), then in life the traces of the sculptor are more like dirty spots - especially when viewed in profile.

  5. Strobing out of place

    Highlighter has become a basic tool in your cosmetic bag? That's right, but don't get too carried away. Nobody forbids “highlighting” the skin, but you shouldn’t do it deliberately: a layer of shimmer that glares in the light is best left for an evening make-up. In the daytime, a light wet glow created with a cream or balm will look much more appropriate.


  1. Wide thick eyebrows

    Many people still dream of having eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. And they try to repeat them with makeup, even if by nature their eyebrows are quite rare and thin. It is still better to focus on your own data. Copying someone else's is not a good idea.

    In addition, wide and thick eyebrows are no longer a trendy trend.Make-up artists, working with models, strive for the golden mean. Almost no one chooses threaded eyebrows today, but the extreme width, due to which the eyebrows are the first to catch the eye, is also not an option. They will not make you more beautiful if your real eyebrows are far from sable.

  2. " Perfect" brows

    The general obsession with wide and thick eyebrows has led to the fact that most girls began to paint them in about the same way - in order to get closer to the new standard of beauty. Brow-masters make arched eyebrows for almost all clients with a darkening closer to the tip, a slight break and an impeccably even contour - “extra” hairs have no chance to stay outside of it. Individuality is lost. In addition, too perfect eyebrows look unnatural.

    Trend-setting makeup artists urge to stop doing carbon copy makeup. Today, slight negligence is in fashion, so the hairs that break out of the contour should not embarrass you.It is enough to comb them gently with the use of gel - this way you will achieve a textural effect that will truly decorate your look. Learn more about how to use the brow gel in this video.


  1. Cut crease

    Makeup itself with an emphasis on the crease, of course, remains in fashion - this is the basic technique. But it is better to avoid sharp and clear lines in it that visually divide the eyelid in half.

    Unless, of course, you do Twiggy's 60s make-up, which is now on the trend list. Use the cut crease technique to slightly darken the crease (the shadows you apply in this area need to be smudged to a haze) and thereby create a volume effect.

  2. All in one

    Makeup trends 2023 are about freedom of expression: you can apply cream shadows as paint strokes, use sticker arrows and sprinkle neon shadows on the eyelids with glitter. But you need to do it with taste and choose one accent element.

    Gradient smokey with 2-3 shades plus arrows, kayal on the inner contour and false eyelashes - a combination that definitely looks unfashionable and out of place in 2023.

  3. Lush lashes

    Increasingly, make-up artists, creating images for the catwalks, refuse mascara altogether. What can we say about overheads - they are used only if they intentionally do doll eye makeup. You shouldn't layer on mascara: it makes your eyelashes heavier and your eyes too.

    Judging by the trends, mascara with a light formula will be popular, which makes the eyelashes brighter in color, and a little longer and more voluminous, but without the extension effect. If you can afford it, don't color your lashes at all. This is also in the spirit of the times.



  1. Matte makeup

    This trend has been in the top for more than one year. During this time, it seems that every beauty brand managed to get its own version of liquid matte lipstick - long-lasting and without a single hint of shine. The dense velvety texture looks spectacular on the lips. But the relevance of the trend is fading away.

    Sometimes after applying matte lipstick, a colored “crust” remains on the lips, and not a beautiful coating with a texture “that makes the shade more expressive.” Therefore, makeup artists again turned to products with a radiant finish. So, one of the main trends of 2023 is a transparent lip gloss like Lip Lingerie Gloss in Clear from NYX Professional Makeup.

  2. Fake volume

    There are many ways to make lips visually more voluminous. But it is worth choosing among them only those that give an organic and natural result, which will be perceived as such not only from afar, but also up close. For example, the technique with the expansion of the contour of the lips (outline) is often used on the set and in the images of Hollywood stars for the red carpet.And in ordinary life, this make-up looks ridiculous - like an attempt to draw new lips. Do not ignore their natural contour when doing lip makeup. It is better to add volume to them with a radiant texture.


What beauty trends have you never liked? Share your opinion in the comments.