To get a manicure in the spirit of trends, you don't need much: if you have red polish in your beauty arsenal, this, in general, is enough. Red nails will always be in fashion, and an interesting design will help make them even more relevant

Today, among the endless variety of nail art options, even those who, in fact, do not like nail design, can find “their own”. Minimalism without unnecessary details will suit them. And if you don’t mind the drawings on the nails, then you can “walk around” - feel free to decorate your manicure with patterns, sparkles and other decor.At the same time, consider the trends: in 2023, one of the most relevant will be a red manicure - both with design and without. Red manicure ideas that will be in fashion in 2023, we will show in this article.

Red manicure 2023: fashion trends and novelties

Red manicure never goes out of date - for many years it continues to appear on trend lists, and all because it really decorates the image. In 2023, red manicure is back on the list of fashion trends. It will help out those who pay attention to nails and want their hands to look elegant and feminine.


If we talk about fashion trends in red manicure in 2023, not only classic red is in fashion, but also its shades. For example, a darker burgundy like Essie's On the Hook.

It was followed by nail artists from recent shows (such as Rebecca Minkoff and Guy Laroche).

You can make a solid red finish or use this color in your design. Both simple nail design in terms of execution technique (for example, French, moon design or manicure with polka dot print), as well as complex patterns, red nail art with glitter or rhinestones, ombre with shades of red are acceptable.

Besides this, in 2023, a manicure with a 3D effect and unusual decor, such as nail piercings (it was used at the GCDS spring-summer 2023 show), will be relevant. Trends are pushing us to experiment, for which red polish is the best.


Who suits a red manicure?

Let's not beat around the bush: red manicure suits everyone. In its purest form, red is relevant for all color types. It looks good on any nails, regardless of shape and length. However, there are some nuances.

Round and oval nails

In combination with this form, the red coating is a classic manicure. Rounded nails (both short and long) with red polish are what girls need, whose style can be described as feminine and strict.

Almond nails

Choose red nail polish for medium length almond nails. They are characterized by a point that will look more predatory than graceful if you grow your nails a lot (and make them up with a color like red).

Square nails

Both the soft square and sharp corners have good compatibility with red manicure. In addition to the monochromatic coating, such nails will go with a graphic design with red color.

Sharp nails

Long sharp nails are covered with red polish by girls who are not afraid of daring beauty accents, but there is a risk that such a manicure will look vulgar. Instead of a monochromatic finish, try making a design that plays with sharp tips.

Red manicure ideas for short nails

With a solid red manicure, short nails look more neat and well-groomed.

The same effect can be achieved with design. Only if the nails are short, it is better to make it concise. Avoid piling up details. This does not work on a small nail plate - the manicure will look careless.

In 2023, give preference to neat graphics with "clean" lines. For example, red and black manicure, which will also be relevant in 2023. Or a red manicure with a white lacquer design, as in one of the photos below. Color blocking is also a good option for short nails. You can also apply red lacquer as a base and add decor on top: small drawings, stripes, dots, sparkles or rhinestones - in a small amount.It is better not to decorate all nails at once, but two or three on each hand. So it will definitely not seem that you overdid it with the design.


Red manicure for long nails: trends

Many nail art lovers sooner or later start to grow their nails - at least to medium length, to provide space for design. On an elongated nail plate, it’s really easier to draw. It can accommodate more small details. And yet, masters do not advise “shrinking” this season.

When decorating nails, use large, noticeable elements. Try to successfully emphasize the shape of long nails. If the tips are gracefully pointed, focus on them. For this purpose, even a jacket is suitable.It can be done with red "smiles" . Another option is to replace the usual arcs with flames (this interpretation of the jacket is especially popular) or hearts, in which the corner seems to be superimposed on the tips of the nails, coinciding with them in shape.

Stylish nail design with red matte polish

Textural special effects can become the basis of nail design. Try, for example, to complement the red coating with a matte finish. A special top will allow you to do this, which, when dried, becomes as if velvety when viewed from the outside.As a result, bright colors are softened. And red is no exception.

A popular manicure technique is to create glossy patterns on top of a layer of matte color. Sometimes nail masters do the opposite - they paint with a matte varnish over a glossy one. In both cases, a contrast of textures is obtained, which makes the manicure more original.

Red manicure ideas with rhinestones or pattern

Red color seems to be self-sufficient. And for good reason: a solid red coating on the nails does not need additions to look beautiful. At the same time, the red color does not "argue" with other shades when it appears with them in the same picture. So it can be safely used in multicolor nail art.

Judging by the trends, in 2023, simple red design options will be relevant. Think about what associations this color evokes in you. Let it be, for example, a manicure with hearts - a little frivolous, but at the same time gentle and touching.Manicure with red flowers is another option that lies on the surface; it will decorate your look in the spring-summer season. By the way, in spring and summer, animal prints will also be in fashion - for example, under a leopard. Why not try this print with red polish?

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Gradient red polish nail art

Graceful nail art can be obtained without drawings. This proves the gradient manicure with red.

The ombre effect, first of all, beautifully “stretches” the nails. Secondly, it helps to better reveal the shades, which in such a design seem to flow one into another. And to make such a manicure yourself is very simple.

  1. Prepare your nails, apply a colorless base and let dry.

  2. Paint half of each nail with burgundy polish.

    Then apply a lighter red shade to the remaining halves. In the middle, the border between the colors may be uneven. Next, you will soften it, creating the same ombre effect.

  3. Take a piece of makeup sponge and apply two colors of polish on it. After that, apply the sponge to the nail, namely, to the place where the two shades meet, to achieve a gradient.

  4. Remove excess polish if it gets on the skin while working with the sponge.

  5. Apply top coat to set. Manicure ready!

More about how to create a gradient on your nails yourself, we talked about in this video tutorial.

Beautiful red manicure with gold or silver

Red is very radiant. It helps him gain versatility and become even more expressive. Therefore, the red metallic effect looks so beautiful on the nails.

At the same time, you can complement the background red polish with shimmery details.

Get a manicure with pieces of gold foil. Or, for example, with a small silver shimmer - it can be "stretched" from the tip of the nails to the middle or, conversely, from the hole to the tips. Get a shimmery ombre effect.

Trendy French manicure in red tones

Combine two classic solutions in your manicure: French and red polish. It can be used in such nail art instead of white. And if everything is covered with a matte top on top, a simple design will turn into an original beauty solution. In addition, you can decorate a basic French manicure in red. Such a red manicure, as in the photo, of course, is not new in nail design 2023, but such a red nail art will definitely look spectacular.

Draw patterns or small details over the nude finish: polka dots, stars, hearts, cherries, or whatever you like. This will immediately “revive” the jacket, which many people now neglect, considering this design too hackneyed.

Red manicure: photo gallery

Which red manicure do you like more: with design or without? Share your opinion in the comments.