The choice is wide - from neon arrows and makeup with crystals to classic red lipstick

If you follow trends (and are generally interested in what is happening in the world of fashion and the beauty industry), then you are probably used to trying something new every season, changing with current trends. What to pay attention to? We understand fashion trends in makeup for the spring-summer 2023 season.

Spring-2023: new makeup

We talk about the trends for the spring-summer 2023 season in makeup and hair styling.

Multicolor makeup

Until recently, one of the notable spring trends was mono-makeup, based on accents made with a single color. If it was a pastel haze on the eyelids, then they were often limited only to shadows so that the mascara did not distract from the perception of color.

In the new season, in the spring of 2023, everything will be different. Makeup artists urge not to limit yourself in a make-up to a single shade. Pair pink, lilac and mint for a trendy smoky eye look that was showcased at Iceberg. Or go for a smoky that has a few neon hues paired with gold shimmer like Nicole Miller. There are no restrictions in the make-up for girls for spring 2023.


Neon shades are another big spring 2023 trend. In previous years, we wore brighter colors at the zenith of summer, and at the beginning of the season - delicate pastels. This time the use of neon in the make-up is welcomed in March. And in any technique!

Draw arrows with neon cream shadows like on Helmut Lang and Jonathan Cohen shows. Or go smokey with neon shades as a pair. So it was on the Mark Fast show. The Ultimate Shadow palette in Brights from NYX Professional Makeup will help you cope with these tasks.

Makeup without contour

Perfect arrows with a neat point at the outer corners of the eyes are not exactly in the past, but no longer the standard. No need to strive for perfect shape. Sloppy and "creative mess" is what make-up artists vote for.

You can apply eye shadow the same way you apply paint on a canvas - with strokes. Interesting examples were offered by makeup artists who worked on the show Ulla Johnson, Salvatore Ferragamo and Chromat. Find shades to suit every taste in the Hot Singles Palette by NYX Professional Makeup.


At some spring-summer 2023 fashion shows, makeup artists decided to add not visual, but real volume to makeup. In the make-up from Altuzarra, Iceberg and Marco de Vincenzo shows, paper-cut sticker arrows were in the spotlight. And in the make-up of the Anteprima models, the eyes were framed with colored threads.

At the Valentino show, the eyelids and eyebrows of the models were decorated with glitter. And Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui used crystals in decorative makeup.

Curly arrows

The use of eyeliner in the spring season - 2023 can also go beyond the usual. After all, cat eyes are far from the only thing that can be obtained with its help. Ideas from the catwalk include cloudy hands like Cynthia Rowley, winged hands like Rosie Assoulin, and Twiggy-inspired crease arches like Ralph & Russo. These will be easy to create with Urban Decay's Heavy Metal.

Major makeup trends for winter and spring 2023

Black accent

Closer to summer, you will probably want to give up black. In the meantime, you can safely follow the trends by choosing black arrows and smokey eyes.

Try wide cat eyes like at the Erdem and Zadig&Voltaire winter shows. Or, for example, casually apply black matte shadows, as in the winter shows of Jil Sander and Proenza Schouler. A more discreet option is the black outline of the inner contour of the eyes, as in the Sportmax winter show.

Color graphics

If you get tired of the classics, feel free to replace the base colors with brighter ones. And until the end of winter, and in the spring, judging by the trends, colored arrows will be relevant: pink corners, like Natasha Zinko, acid green, like Helmut Lang (spring-summer 2023), blue-white, like in spring-summer showing Chromat.


Scattering sparkles in summer makeup is not the most practical solution. Therefore, it is better to wear glitter now, at the junction of winter and spring. Experiment! Why not make, for example, smokey with neon underlay and glitter finish, like at the House of Holland spring-summer show?

Inspirational glitter makeup looks in this video.

Pastel gradient

Makeup artists offer to emphasize the gentle spring mood with pastel shades that can be combined in smoky eyes makeup using shading, creating an expressive ombre effect. For a sample, take a make-up from the Christian Siriano, Cividini and Iceberg shows of the spring-summer 2023 season.

Lip gloss

What about lip makeup? The Fashion Weeks hinted unequivocally that it's time to revisit glitter and products with a glossy finish.It would seem that matte lipsticks have replaced all this, but no - the radiance is back. Today, a colorless gloss can be complemented with “makeup without makeup” and a bright accent on the eyes.

Spring-summer 2023 makeup trends

Smoky effect

It can be the usual gray smoky (Brandon Maxwell and Tom Ford were just like that) or something more distant from the classics - a colored haze, like at the Richard Quinn spring-summer 2023 show. Choose shades, most successfully emphasizing the expressiveness of your eyes.

Double accent

One of the options for the original make-up for spring is the use of contrasting shadows on the upper and lower eyelids. This move was suggested by makeup artists who worked on the backstage of Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu.

Wet finish

Welcome summer with a wet effect eye makeup. Achieving a look similar to the makeup of models from the shows of Tom Ford, Proenza Schouler and Annakiki is easy if you apply metallic shadows with a wet brush.You can achieve the same effect by spreading a drop of moisturizer or lip balm over the shadows.

Red lips

If this spring you want to focus on lips, choose a win-win option - red lipstick. It has been used on shows by Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Badgley Mischka, Prabal Gurung and many more.

By the way, make-up artists have proclaimed that dark red - burgundy is also relevant, although we usually get these options from our makeup bag in the fall. Max Mara at their spring-summer 2023 show showed an original combination of wine lips and light green shadows on the eyelids.


Top ideas for spring make-up - 2023

Neon arrows

Perhaps the easiest way to support the "neon" trend is to draw arrows with a neon liner. Yes, they will turn out catchy, but this makeup is more “wearable” than, for example, neon smokes.

60s style

Even neon arrows don't seem unusual to you? Then take note of Twiggy's retro make-up. Draw lines not only along the eyelash contour, but also in the crease of the eyelid, as the main model of the 60s did.

Wet effect

" Wet" eye makeup isn't very practical: a top coat with moisturizer or lip balm can feel sticky and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to choose a more familiar glow on the lips.

Flash of color

Most of the spring-summer trends - 2023 combines the choice in favor of bright, catchy shades. Therefore, feel free to do makeup with an emphasis on color - for example, solid smoky with shadows blended all over the eyelid.Choose the shade at your discretion - both pastel and neon are relevant.

Two-color make-up

If in the new season you are ready to continue experimenting, then after mono-makeup with bright shadows, make a two-tone make-up.

Let there be one shade on the upper eyelids, another on the lower eyelids. Or you can apply a matte shadow on top and a shimmery texture on the bottom.

Classic duet

Those who are faithful to the classics will definitely need the reference combination of black arrows and red lipstick. Both remain in fashion. Choosing such makeup for the evening, you definitely will not lose.

Crystal makeup

And for a party, the idea of decorating makeup with rhinestones is quite suitable. There are a lot of options.

You can glue them on top of the arrows - in a straight line. Or, conversely, in a chaotic way to get a make-up with starry twinkling. In this case, nothing else needs to be added to the sparkles in makeup - except for a layer of mascara.

Spring Makeup 2023: Makeup Artist Hacks

  1. Color Purity

    If your choice this spring is a bright make-up, make sure that nothing interferes with the perception of color. Avoid black mascara if you have eye shadow or eyeliner on your eyelids.

  2. Transforming a classic

    Let's say you're not ready to draw lines with a neon liner, but still want to try something new.There are many ways to make a discreet makeup in the spirit of trends. Love black arrows? Add small rhinestones, pearls or a little glitter to the corners of the eyes. Do you prefer smokey? Then choose a shade from among the most fashionable this spring and blend them not all over the eyelid, but only along the eye contour.

  3. Universal Supplement

    In the spring, your no-makeup look will look more airy if you put a colorless gloss on your lips instead of a nude lipstick. It can also replace your highlighter. Smudge a drop of gloss across the cheekbones with your fingertips for a dewy glow.


Which of the spring trends will you definitely try? Write about your choice in the comments.