The Falsies Lash Lift promises to recreate the effect of lamination on the eyelashes. Veronika Gnezdilova, editor-in-chief of the website, checked whether this was true and spoke about her impressions

I love it when mascara gives ultra volume to lashes. I have already talked about one such tool. I recently tried Maybelline New York's The Falsies Lash Lift mascara and it's worth checking out too.

Maybelline has a mascara for every taste - for varying degrees of volume, lengthening and definition.Here you can find a beauty dossier on the best products of the brand in this category. But we have not written about the new product The Falsies Lash Lift yet, since it has replenished the brand portfolio only this year. The mascara immediately declared itself loudly, promising to recreate the effect of lamination. This brand has not yet been.

The tool is really different from its colleagues in the beauty shop. Eyelashes after applying it look not so much made up ( although this, of course, too), but well-groomed. Look at the photo before and after.

Macara greatly lengthens and curls lashes. Even mine, naturally straight, have found a noticeable curve. And best of all, it lasted until I removed my makeup with micellar water. By the way, the mascara is washed off easily, leaving no black streaks.

Mainted eyelashes look natural, as if you really just left the salon where you did the lamination.Marketers did not deceive: this is exactly the feeling that is created when you look at the result that The Falsies Lash Lift mascara gives. Eyelashes look long, curled, well-groomed. And of course, no lumps! Looks like this is my favorite mascara now.

Another detail is the ease of application of The Falsies Lash Lift. The mascara glides over the lashes. The product is distributed evenly, and the figure-eight applicator captures even the smallest cilia in the corners of the eyes. Consumption is quite economical, since the brush with dense bristles picks up the optimal amount of mascara.