It's hard to imagine a lover of beauty experiments without neon shadows in a makeup bag. However, in 2023 they are moving from the category of outrageous to the category of trendy, because eye makeup in neon shades is declared among the main trends

Finding neon shadows is not a problem today, but, based on the relevance of the trend, it is worth picking up a whole palette. Appearing in your beauty arsenal, it will inevitably push you to bold decisions in make-up, even if before you could not even imagine that you would make acid smokes or multi-colored arrows.

Neon shadows: new make-up trend

Most of us think that a bold make-up needs a special occasion. In the new season, make-up artists urge us to change this approach and create a bright make-up with a specific and quite rational goal - to color "gray everyday life" . You can change your image step by step towards a more extravagant one. Or take a chance - and immediately make a make-up with neon shadows, as in the latest shows.

On the Mark Fast show, for example, smoky eyes combined green and acid yellow; shades shaded to the very eyebrows, without fear of negligence. House of Holland suggests wearing neon shadows with glitter. A creamy eyeshadow in a tart green hue served as eyeliner for the makeup artists who worked at the Helmut Lang show. Nicole Miller decided to combine neon shades of yellow and red shades with golden shimmer in the runway makeup. The combination turned out to be very successful.Especially effectively these bright smokes emphasized blue eyes. A more relaxed combination, if such a definition is suitable for neon shadows, was chosen at the Cividini, Balmain and Iceberg shows, where purple and mint shades became the main ones in the image.

At the Jonathan Cohen show, pink neon was applied in large strokes at the outer and inner corners of the eyes, while the middle was left uncovered. It turned out an unusual "gap" between bright colored spots.

Features of neon eyeshadow

  1. Brightness

    What you used to consider bright, you need to multiply by two or even three - this will be neon. Neon colors are very catchy. They inevitably attract attention, standing out against any background. Therefore, they have no place in a modest, restrained make-up.

  2. Glow effect

    The neon colors are so bright they look like they're glowing. These acid shades are sometimes made luminous to really shine in the dark.

  3. Matte texture

    The brightness of neon is maximized if the shade has a matte finish. Shimmer, glitter, and other textures with a glowing effect detract from the color and often visually reduce its saturation.

Be that as it may, makeup with neon shadows will speak for itself. With him, you can't go unnoticed. First, you can try to make such a make-up for a party, and then learn the tricks and techniques that will allow you to wear neon on ordinary days - to study or to work.

Neon shades palette

  1. Pink

    Pink neon can be compared to fuchsia, only this shade is even brighter.

    This color suits both blondes and brunettes equally; redheads can also make a beautiful catchy make-up with such pink shadows. As for the color of the eyes, pink neon is best to emphasize the blue ones. We showed one of the makeup options with pink shadows in this video.

  2. Green

    Green is rarely used in eye makeup, let alone the neon version of this color. True, this is absolutely no reason to completely discard this option.

    Look at Helmut Lang and Mark Fast to see how green neon is very refreshing. Color is worth experimenting with at least once. If you dare, the Get Money shade from the NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights collection will come in handy.

  3. Orange

    The NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeshadow Cyberpop will sparkle on your eyelids.

    True, this color cannot be called fiery. It is rather a cold shade.

    Especially he goes blue-eyed and green-eyed. If you select such shadows taking into account the color of the hair, then it will create the most striking contrast in the images of brunettes and brown-haired women.

  4. Yellow

    This is perhaps the most acidic of neon shades. Over the centuries, the color will not lose saturation, so you need to be ready for brightness with the prefix "extra" .

    A particularly spectacular image with yellow neon on the eyelids promises to be obtained by brunettes with brown eyes - again due to the contrast.

  5. Blue-blue

    For those who sometimes replace black with blue when drawing arrows or coloring eyelashes, neon blue in eye makeup will be most acceptable.

    But you have to be prepared for the fact that the make-up will come out much brighter than usual. We showed a makeup option with blue shadows here. If you decide to give it a try, check out Blueprint from NYX Professional Makeup's Vivid Brights collection.

  6. Purple

    Same story with this neon shade. It is catchy, but it is often used in eye makeup and therefore is unlikely to surprise as much as an accent of acid green or yellow.


Eye makeup with neon shadows for every day

Let's say right away: you should not wear neon makeup on weekdays if you study or work in places where there is a strict dress code. However, if there is no prescribed regulation, but by default they expect discreet images in a casual or business style from you, then in this case you should think twice (or thrice) about neon.If you are not limited by anything, then you can safely act.

For brown eyes

Get neon makeup.

Blend blue or purple neon shadows along the outer contour so that the indentation from the lash line is minimal, and circle the inner contour (mucosa) with white kojal.

For blue and gray eyes

Use neon shades of blue or orange to draw the arrows. With dry shadows, they will turn out soft, and cream ones will allow you to make makeup graphic. The arrows should not be wide, otherwise they will not work for weekdays.

For green eyes

Green-eyed can use green neon. Or orange again.

Create eye makeup with little graphic details in the spirit of catwalk looks. Draw the corners from the arrows or, for example, draw a series of small, neat dots along the lash line.

Bright evening makeup with neon eyes

In makeup for a special occasion, you can afford incomparably more. Of course, evening events are different, and not everywhere neon accents will be the best element of the image. And yet, on weekdays, there are much fewer situations when a bold make-up with neon is approved.

For brown eyes

Emphasize brown eyes with wide arrows for half a century. They can be painted with cream shadows of one of the neon shades. Blue or purple are among those that are especially suitable for brown-eyed, as they perform two tasks at once: they create contrast and emphasize the depth of the look.

By the way, you can make ombre arrows and combine two neon shades in them.

For blue and gray eyes

The task is to make them brighter and more expressive. Cope with this can, for example, blue-blue neon.Or the opposite (on the color wheel) shade - neon fuchsia. Gray-eyed, you can use red - of course, also with a neon effect. In the evening make-up, blend the shadows, "stretching" the color from the outer corners of the eyes to the temples, to get something similar to cat eyes.

A layer of shadows can be used as a base, which will be organically complemented by metallic arrows to match the base or a scattering of glitter at the outer corners of the eyes.

For green eyes

Girls with green eyes can choose a neon shade from the same range for makeup - light acid green or, for example, darker neon green, close to emerald green. In addition to these options, orange and yellow colors are suitable for green-eyed. In the evening make-up, all this can be combined by shading one shade over the upper eyelids, and another one over the lower ones.


Step by step photo tutorial

How to make a simple and effective make-up using fashionable neon shadows, shows Elena Tikhonova, a reader of and one of the winners of our big contest.

  1. Even out your complexion, apply concealer, highlighter, blush and bronzer.

  2. Shape your brows as usual and apply the yellow shade from the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette in shade 03 Phoenix to the upper eyelid.

  3. Apply a pink shade from the same palette on the mobile eyelid.

  4. Plump the colors and add an eyeliner with L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Tattoo Signature Eyeliner.

  5. Tweak your makeup if necessary, apply lip gloss and you're done!

Best neon eyeshadow review

For a bright spectacular make-up, these products are probably best suited. According to the editors, they are trustworthy.

  • Off Tropic Shadow Palette (Hasta La Vista), NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Professional Makeup put together a dozen tropical-inspired glowing neon shades in the Off Tropic Shadow Palette. For those who miss summer, this set will cheer you up and help you create bright looks with an emphasis on the eyes. In addition to “pure” matte colors, the palette also has neon metallics, such as blue.All shades are well combined with each other, and the texture makes it easy to blend the shadows, getting expressive transitions.

  • Eyeshadow, Urban Decay

    Urban Decay's solid color eyeshadow collection has a few neon shades in case you want to experiment with makeup. Someone will suit mint blue Narcotic with a matte texture, someone will choose purple neon Flash; but whatever you choose for your make-up, these shadows will show themselves in the best way - the coverage will be saturated and persistent.

  • Vivid Brights Creme Colour, NYX Professional Makeup

    Need cream eye shadow in neon shades? Then the Vivid Brights Creme Color collection is for you.In it, NYX Professional Makeup focused on brightness. Thanks to the soft velvety texture, the product is pleasant to apply, leaving a feeling of lightness on the skin, while the coverage is dense. Makeup is firmly fixed on the skin and does not smear during the day. Shadows can also be used as a base for dry shadows.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


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