Chief Editor of the website Veronika Gnezdilova tested the brand's cult tonal products from the Fit Me line

I have problem skin and breakouts happen more often than I would like. Therefore, since adolescence, I began to try all kinds of tonal means to mask pimples. By the time I was 28, I had perfected the technique, and I learned to recognize a good foundation by one glance at the texture. I have a lot of requirements in terms of tone, even some luxury brands could not cope with most, but Maybelline did not disappoint.I'll tell you in detail what exactly I liked the foundation and powder from the Fit Me line.

Fit Me foundation

He's good on all counts.

  • If you have oily skin, Fit Me Foundation will be your favorite from the first application. It contains powdery microparticles that mattify the skin. If you apply the tone before heading to the office, you will only have to powder by the end of the working day. It's perfect: no matting wipes and endless layers of powder!

  • The texture of the foundation is liquid, and upon contact with the skin becomes velvety. I apply Fit Me with a brush but it spreads well even with my fingers. The cream is easy to shade, leaves no stains, lays down evenly. Within a couple of minutes, after the “shrinkage”, it seems that the cream literally merged with the skin and became completely invisible.I tested shade 105. It was too light for me as I just got back from vacation. I'll save it until spring and start using it as soon as the tan fades.

  • Another advantage of the cream is its high covering power. The tool hides traces of post-acne with ease, just one layer is enough. In addition, it successfully camouflages enlarged pores, making them less noticeable.

Powder Fit Me

I always put powder over foundation. Firstly, it helps to fix the tone: this way it lasts longer and does not roll off. And secondly, with its help I additionally matte the skin.

Powder Fit Me, like foundation, controls the appearance of oily sheen on the skin and masks enlarged pores. If you use both products in tandem, you can extend the effect of perfectly even matte skin.

The texture of the powder is very delicate, velvety. On the skin, the product is not felt at all and does not dry it. I only powder on the T-zone with a fluffy brush, just enough to keep my skin matte for a long time.