Concealers are essential beauty products for those who regularly struggle with signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. We tell you exactly what they are good for and what else they are capable of

The task of a concealer is to disguise. The product copes with dark circles under the eyes in a matter of seconds. Unlike foundation and powder, it has a very dense texture that allows you to cover visible imperfections on the skin.

Features of NYX Professional Makeup Concealers

The main feature of NYX Professional Makeup concealers is the composition of the funds. In addition to saturated pigments, they include a shock dose of caring ingredients.

NYX Professional Makeup concealers

NYX Professional Makeup concealers perform the functions of not only make-up, but also care. In the list of ingredients you will find:

  • aloe extract - has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;

  • beeswax - provides durability in different weather conditions;

  • vitamin E - maintains normal skin tone and hydration.

In addition, NYX Professional Makeup concealers are animal-free and not tested on animals.

And now let's talk more about the brand's main concealers.

NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop Long Lasting Liquid Concealer

Can't Stop Won't Stop is a bestseller in the NYX Professional Makeup portfolio. This tool is ultra-resistant and also multifunctional.

Firstly, it perfectly masks all skin imperfections, whether it be pimples, post-acne red spots or dark circles under the eyes (this is clearly visible in the photo).

Second, Can't Stop Won't Stop Liquid Concealer can be used to sculpt your face. To do this, you need to take two shades, light and dark, apply them along certain lines (how to do it right, we wrote here) and carefully shade the borders. The texture of the concealer is dense, but very plastic, lends itself well to shading. It is especially convenient to perform nose sculpting with concealer, as the small applicator allows you to evenly draw thin lines along the back of the nose.

It should be noted that sculpting done with cream textures looks more natural and beautiful when properly blended.

Thirdly, the Can't Stop Won't Stop concealer contains shimmery particles that give the skin a slight glow and scatter light. And of course, it can be used as a highlighter, applying to the areas under the eyebrows, on the checkmark of the upper lip and the bridge of the nose.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

HD Studio Photogenic Concealer is special in that it is suitable for any skin type. Even dry-prone skin feels comfortable after applying this product. The fact is that in its composition there is a shock dose of aloe extract and vitamin E, which are necessary to maintain skin hydration at a good level.

In addition, the concealer is marked Vegan, which means the complete absence of components of animal origin in the composition and excludes animal testing in the development process.

HD Studio Photogenic has a light creamy texture and a velvety finish. It can be applied to large areas (on the area under the eyes) and used to mask pinpoint imperfections. The covering power is good.

The palette of HD Studio Photogenic is very diverse, it has 10 shades, among which there are even green and purple. What they are for, we will tell further, and you can read more about color correction here.

NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette

The palette of color correctors is not a new phenomenon in the beauty market. However, such tools are popular, rather, with professional makeup artists. They cannot do without color correctors even when creating nude makeup.

The indispensability of the palette is explained by the fact that it can solve all skin problems at once. It's no secret that different shades of concealer are needed to more effectively mask various imperfections. Green copes well with redness, pink neutralizes bluish tint, yellow brightens age spots and freckles, and taupe sculpts the face.

The six-color Color Correcting Palette is a complete color correction kit. This is a powerful weapon that will allow you to cope with any shortcomings. The products also take care of the skin, as the creamy formula contains beeswax and vitamin E.

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NYX Professional Makeup Dark Circle Concealer

The narrowly focused tool is designed to work only with the area under the eyes and does it for 100 points.

Firstly, it contains reflective particles that visually smooth the skin.

Secondly, the texture of the product is dense, but very plastic. The concealer is easy to blend and does not clog into mimic wrinkles.

Thirdly, thanks to the caring ingredients in the Dark Circle composition, it has an anti-aging effect. Agree, not bad for a concealer! The Vegan mark on the label means the complete absence of ingredients of animal origin.

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How to use NYX Professional Makeup Face Concealers

The rules for applying concealer are not complicated at all. We wrote about the main ones above, and below we have collected life hacks used by makeup artists. I would like to repeat once again: everything is just not so simple here.

Apply green concealer to redness pointwise and before foundation.

Pink - on the area under the eyes, as it neutralizes the purple hue well.

Purple mask pigment spots and apply along the contours of the face for sculpting.

Makeup artists' life hacks for applying concealer under the eyes

We asked professional makeup artists to share the secrets of using concealer.

  • Apply concealer over foundation, not before it.

  • Before using concealer, lightly powder the skin: this will prolong its durability.

  • Don't use oily concealers, they tend to roll off quickly.

  • So that the concealer does not clog into wrinkles, it is advisable to mix it with a makeup base.

  • Draw an inverted triangle with concealer under your eyes - this is the most successful application technique.

  • Shade the concealer under the eyes carefully, without stretching the skin, otherwise there is a risk of getting additional wrinkles in this area.

Some more interesting life hacks for applying concealer can be found in this video.