If you are tired of bright nail art, it's time to take a breather: choose a powder manicure!

You can't go wrong with a powder manicure in 2023: shades from the nude range never go out of style. Mainly because they give the nails a neat and well-groomed look.

When is a powder manicure appropriate?

In short, always. Powdery shades like Essie's "To the Fullest" remain relevant from season to season.

They are neutral and versatile, go with everything and complement any look: a business suit for the office, a casual set or an evening dress.

Another indisputable advantage of a pink powder manicure is that thanks to it, both nails and hands in general look elegant and neat. You can apply shades of nude on both long and short nails, both sharp and oval or almond-shaped - in all cases, the coating will look equally beautiful. Powder varnishes can be used without additions or as a basis for design; they are also functional.

Powder nail designs: fashion trends 2023

During the past fashion weeks, nail artists, of course, could not refuse powdery varnishes like Essie's Needless to Know.

They always help out when you need to create a manicure that, without any but, will complement a designer outfit - whatever it may be in mood and character. What will powder manicure look like in 2023?

A simple, but such an elegant monochromatic nude-shade coating was useful to many. Powdery polish was chosen as the base for a French manicure with black tips at the rag & bone show. In glitter nail art, he was seen on the nails of models from the Christian Siriano show. And for Rebecca Minkoff, it served as the backdrop for a leopard-print design. Tibi took it a step further and made 3D wire nail art on powdered nails. Another example of 3D design was shown by Adeam: long nails of models with matte powder polish were decorated with transparent drops that were hard to distinguish from real ones.


How to make a powder manicure: step by step photo instructions

  1. Preparation

    When doing a pink powder manicure, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the nails and the skin around the nail plate. If the nude coating is surrounded by overgrown cuticles and burrs, they will be visible first. Therefore, first - care procedures, after which it will be possible to start applying a degreasing composition and a colorless base. We talked about how to do a manicure on our own in this video.

  2. Applying color

    Gently spread the color over the nail plate without touching the cuticle with the brush: traces of varnish on it will make the manicure sloppy and “dirty”. If the first layer will "stripe" , do not try to make the second one denser. It's better to put three thin coats on your nails than two thick coats that take longer to dry. It will be necessary to dry them well, otherwise the coating will be easily smeared.

  3. Design

    Apply a design or pattern over dry powder coat. Choose the technique of your choice. It can be a classic - French or moon manicure, as well as trendy nail art options. For example, ombre, color blocking, moon jacket, graphic design or three-dimensional - with textural special effects. But glitter, rhinestones and other decor are better to use on a varnish that has not yet dried - keep this in mind.

  4. Fixing

    Apply a top coat on your nails. Especially they should not be neglected if you created an intricate nail design on your nails.


Powder Nail Ideas for Short Nails

Glitter or rhinestones

Complex design options are not the best choice for owners of short nails. Small details overload them. Therefore, it is better to make drawings minimalistic - or do without them at all. After all, there are other worthy nail art ideas - for example, with sparkles. Scatter some gold or silver glitter over nude polish. You can cover the entire nail with glitter (one or two on each hand) or, for example, focus on the tips, hole or side of the nail.

Color blocking

Colour block design will also help to do without drawings. Let one of them be powder and the other neon. You will be surprised, but these seemingly incompatible shades perfectly coexist with each other. Neon does not try to "scream" nude, which, in turn, is not lost against the background of acid color.

Polka dots

Several colored dots put on top of a powdery background by a dotter, already a full-fledged nail art. In a manicure on short nails, such a polka dot pattern looks good, as it is concise and easy to “read” even on a small nail plate.

Velvet coated

Manicure will turn out to be powdery in the literal sense, if you complement the coating with flock powder sprinkles. The soft matte texture of the nails will attract attention, and the nude shade will smooth out the impression of an unusual special effect.

Matte finish

You can do without additional materials. It is enough to have a matte top in your nail set. Apply it over a powder coat and it will immediately cease to look like a boring classic worn by those who do not allow themselves to experiment with nails. Such a textured manicure will look especially good on short nails that do not tolerate an overloaded design with a lot of details.

With empty holes

Try to make a laconic negative space manicure. Apply powder varnish on your nails, but first separate the holes from their main part with an arc. Leave the wells uncolored to make them look like they were "cut out" from the color block. By the way, if you lower the arcs lower, you can visually lengthen the nails.

Here are some more ideas for short nails.

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Powder nail designs for long nails

Art manicure

He may not turn your nails into a work of art ( although who knows?), but he will definitely show a craving for beauty. Let the powder coating become the backdrop for your nail art: you can randomly apply colored strokes on top, mix them, getting picturesque stains, supplement them with drops of “paint” - and the masterpiece is ready.


Since nude shades can be easily combined with other colors (both discreet and bright), it will be easy for you to choose ombre manicure polishes. There may be several, at least one for each nail. Create a transition of shades at the very tips of the nails to emphasize them. Or stretch several shades - for example, three - all over the nail.The effect will be the same.

Animal print

Animal motifs do not leave the catwalks. Following the trends, you can make a predatory manicure. It will turn out this way thanks to the combination of long nails with a point and a leopard or tiger pattern. It just can be done on a neutral powder-colored substrate.


French manicure with powder polish will not be a banal solution if you beautifully beat long nail tips in it. They can be outlined with thin lines along the contour, and filled inside with a different color or, for example, with sparkles. You can draw arcs in several layers to emphasize the graceful oval shape. And arrows or triangles will help to focus on sharp tips.

And look for a few more nail art options for long nails below.

Review of nail polishes in powder color

Pay attention to these. According to the editors, they can be safely used in manicure.

  • Spotty Nail Polish Essie

    This is a classic example of powdery nude. It seems that most girls, when opening a powder box, see just such a color. On the nails it is naturalness itself: soft, gentle and simple. Thanks to the resistant formula of the varnish, you will enjoy it in a manicure longer than usual.

  • Treat Love & Color in shade 70 Good Lighting, Essie

    Essie has her own exemplary powder nude - this is shade No. 70 Good Lighting. It is distinguished by neutrality - not to say that it is rather warm or rather cold. Thanks to this, the varnish is universal: it can be used with any skin tone. The special strengthening formula promises to improve the condition of nails within a week after creating a manicure with Treat Love & Color. While you and others admire the color, your nails become he althier - Essie promise that they will peel and break less.

What shades do you most often use in your manicure? Write a comment.