Some people dream of finding a mascara that will stay firmly on the eyelashes without crumbling or smearing. Others are looking for tools that do not require much effort when removing makeup. That's what they will be discussed in this article

Many people like mascara, which is easy to remove from the cilia with warm water. Let's talk about what distinguishes this tool from "colleagues in the shop."

Water washable mascara feature

If the mascara is so easy to wash off, is there any guarantee that eyelash makeup will last long? You will be surprised, but among the options for mascara, which is easily washed off with water, there are even moisture resistant ones.


The mascara, which is easily washed off with water, is distinguished primarily by its lightweight composition. Maybelline New York's Snapscara doesn't have wax, which is considered one of the main components of classic mascara, on the ingredient list.

The formula is thought out so that the pigment does not freeze on the eyelashes “tightly” until you dissolve it with a two-phase make-up remover or, for example, hydrophilic oil.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of this mascara is, of course, the ease of make-up removal. No need to hold a cotton pad moistened with micellar water or other special product for a minute at the base of the eyelashes and wait for the mascara to dissolve in order to wash it off. Makeup removal takes seconds.

Another advantage is that the product eliminates the negative impact on the eyelashes. After applying this mascara, the eyelashes remain flexible and elastic.You can safely use this tool in makeup for every day, without thinking that the cilia will have to be restored later with the help of special serums and masks.

Macara that is washed off with water is definitely not suitable for those who need a super-resistant make-up. This is important if you are doing makeup for a special occasion. Mascara from the category of easily washed off is more suitable for getting a casual effect.

What is mascara?

The variety of options and formulas for mascara suggests that there is a request for different products for different cases.

  1. Lengthening mascara

    This mascara helps make eyelashes more noticeable if they are naturally short. The composition of such a mascara, as a rule, includes nylon fibers, which, when applied, are fixed on the tips of the eyelashes.

    You get not just a visual effect, but a real lengthening. You can see for yourself by trying Telescopic Mascara by L'Oréal Paris.

  2. Volume mascara

    A mascara like Lancôme's Hypnôse wraps each lash for volume.

    This makes the eyelashes appear fuller and thicker.

  3. Curling Mascara

    Many girls don't like having naturally straight lashes. To solve the problem, they use a special tool - a curler. We talked about how to use it in detail in this video.

    This effect is supported by mascara, which helps to give the eyelashes a graceful curve and fix it. Makeup visually enlarges the eyes. As a result, the look seems more open, wide open.

  4. False lash effect mascara

    This category combines the qualities of a lengthening, volumizing and curling mascara. As a result, the tool allows you to create a full-fledged accent on the eyelashes.

    From the side it may even seem that you have glued a pair of false eyelashes at the outer corners of the eyes. Although in fact they just applied mascara - in two layers or even one.

    The effect of false eyelashes is given, for example, by Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils from YSL Beauté.

  5. Healing mascara

    This mascara contains especially many caring ingredients that moisturize the hairs, strengthen them and promote growth. If you are faced with the fact that eyelashes have become weaker, break or fall out, but are not ready to give up make-up even for a while, healing mascara is your option.

  6. Waterproof mascara

    With this mascara, you can not be afraid that, getting caught in the rain or dropping a tear at a tear-jerking movie or performance, you will get dark stains under the eyes. A layer of waterproof mascara repels moisture to keep makeup intact.

    Waterproof mascara, by the way, can at the same time add volume, length or a flirtatious curl to the eyelashes. If you're looking for just that, check out Urban Decay's Perversion Waterproof.

The exact opposite of waterproof mascara is water-washable mascara. It is intended for those who do not need long-lasting eyelash makeup. This tool is for supporters of a light casual make-up; in the evening, they can simply wash their face with warm water to cleanse their skin and remove mascara at the same time.


A palette of mascara shades that can be easily washed off with warm water

Black ink

The product has a very light formula. The mascara covers the lashes with a thin layer, so the black on them will not seem too dark and saturated. Makeup with black mascara will look more like natural lashes.

Brown mascara

As a rule, brown mascara is chosen by those who do not need an emphasis on eyelashes.

This shade is more suitable for casual makeup. With it, eyelashes will look even more natural.

Blue mascara

Ink blue has recently been increasingly included in the line of basic shades.

It's not about bright blue, but about dark. From afar, it looks like black on the eyelashes. And up close, this shade expressively, but unobtrusively emphasizes the color of the eyes.

Instructions for using mascara that washes off with water

Macara with a formula that rinses off with warm water, applied just like any other mascara. The tool is “stretched” along the eyelashes from roots to tips, moving up in zigzag movements.If necessary, this mascara can be applied in two layers, without waiting for the first to dry.

To remove makeup from your eyelashes, you just need to wash your face with warm water. Or use a cotton pad dipped in water. No special tools are required; although if you wash off other cosmetics with micellar water, foam or gel, you can easily remove mascara with them.


examples of mascara that washes off with water

We have collected for you those that, in the opinion of the editors, will definitely not let you down.

  • Mascara Snapscara, Maybelline New York

    Snapscara is the mascara you can trust with your casual make-up. It is suitable for those who are used to coloring their eyelashes with a couple of light movements before leaving the house.The curved brush allows you to distribute the mascara evenly and without lumps. In addition to the black classics, the palette of shades includes No. 02 "Black Cherry" , blue No. 03 and purple No. 07. There is no wax in the mascara, so at the end of the day you can simply wash it off with warm water. In addition, Snapscara is suitable even for sensitive eyes.

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  • Unlimited Mascara Waterproof, L'Oréal Paris

    This mascara can really surprise you: Unlimited has a waterproof formula, thanks to which your eye makeup will not suffer even in high humidity conditions. And at the same time, it will be easy to wash it off the cilia with a cotton pad moistened with water. With make-up removal, the mascara will roll into lumps, leaving no streaks on the skin - there will be no “panda effect”.Mascara Unlimited has other benefits as well. First, a brush that can be bent to the most comfortable angle. Secondly, a composition that includes collagen, beeswax, jojoba oil, carnauba wax that strengthens eyelashes and other caring ingredients.

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Which mascara do you think is more practical: regular or with a light formula that can be washed off with water? Write a comment.