What could be eye makeup in 2023 according to global beauty brands? We conducted our analysis and at least found differences from last season. And we have collected a lot of inspiring examples! Let's go study?

Most likely, you will need a new palette of bright shadows, a couple of jars with rhinestones and beads, as well as cream pigment or eyeliners of different shades. Yes, eye makeup trends 2023 are about catchy accents that leave no chance to go unnoticed. Unusual arrows, art make-up, bold shades of shadows - such make-up is broadcast by our favorite brands: Urban Decay, L'Oréal Paris, NYX Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani, etc.

Eye Makeup 2023 Fashion Trends

Some beauty gurus decided to forego eye makeup altogether when they created images for models. "Clean" eyes without shadows, mascara and eyeliner is also one of the trends. But you can contact him at any time. But other options for trendy makeup will require a reason and courage. Next, we’ll walk you through what eye makeup trends are worth adopting in 2023.


Of course, this trend will not surprise anyone. Unless it is noted that arrows in all their diversity are in fashion. Some of them will be a great example of what everyday eye makeup can be in 2023, and some of them are just to admire.

You can even take a pencil or eyeliner and draw something along the contour of the eyes. Experiment with different colors, using two or three different shades at the same time. You will find 15 options for creative arrows in this video.

Green shades

This cheerful shade literally shot this year in different brands. You can use both monotonous eyelid makeup and complex smokey using similar shades: marsh, khaki and light green.

You don't have to be shy about glitter - shimmer eyeshadows in 2023 are suitable not only for parties, but also for bright summer looks. And to make their shade more saturated, apply shadows on a special base, which, as a bonus, will help to better fix makeup.


Shadows and pencils alone are indispensable in 2023 if you set yourself the task of trying all the trends of the year. On top of complex makeup, makeup artists placed additional accents with the help of rhinestones and large sequins. Looks luxurious! It remains to find where to go in this form.

Splash of glitter

Glitter glitter doesn't seem to be leaving the list of beauty trends. Makeup artists generously apply glitter on the eyelids of models, creating makeup on the principle of smokey eyes.

And if you can't decide on the color of the glitter, take a bright palette from Urban Decay or NYX Cosmetics, which are made for experiments!

Eyebrow accent

We are not talking about applying colored shadows to the eyebrows, although there have been such cases.First of all, you need to achieve a shape that suits your face. And eyebrow products will help with this - their boom continues. Brands are releasing new gels, lipsticks, mascaras and shadows, with which you can organize a brow bar right at home. For example, one of the latest innovations from NYX Cosmetics is Thick It Stick It mascara for styling eyebrows, according to brand representatives, in just 30 seconds it allows you to fix hairs, add visual volume and color to them.

Drawings of paint

Makeup done in an art style also remains in fashion, which is confirmed by fairly recent photos below. This is an opportunity to emphasize the eyes in an original way and show your creative abilities. You can choose any shades of shadows and, like an artist in front of a canvas, randomly apply them to the eyelids.

Eye makeup for spring/summer 2023


Spring-summer 2023 is a celebration of bright colors with the prefixes "extra" and "ultra" , flashy neon shades will be especially relevant. Yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, neon acid green, blue and electric blue are among them.

If you are not ready to use them in your make-up, you can choose pastel - it is also in trend. And the palette from YSL will help to bring makeup to life.

Are you for the classics? Then choose black arrows.

We hope they won't go out of fashion soon, and share our favorite liners with which we draw our dream arrows!


It all depends on what color you want to do makeup. When it comes to neon, it looks best with a matte texture.

However, this rule is not ironclad, although it is better to move away from the obvious wet finish, which was a lot of talk last year.

Leave it for lip makeup - that's where you can not be afraid of a glossy glow, because gloss for this zone is at its peak again.


In spring and summer, you can trust the classics - use arrows or a haze of shadows when you need to emphasize your eyes. But much more makeup artists encourage us to experiment - not only with colors, but also with shapes and lines. It can be an art makeup with “paint strokes”, or a collage makeup with stars, or, say, curly arrows in the shape of wings.

Autumn-winter eye makeup - 2023


In autumn and winter, neon brightness will be replaced by a softer gamut.But instead of the usual skin tones, the Pantone Color Institute suggests using a classic purple hue. Is it easy to find this color in beauty brands? Take a look at our selection and draw your own conclusions. By the way, a great option to stand out among the girls who also saw that lilac is in fashion is to use purple mascara instead of purple shadows. We think it will be difficult to find competitors in this business.


Classic texture will emphasize the neutrality and softness of the current shades of autumn and winter - 2023.

If, on the contrary, you want to add expressiveness to them, use a metallic texture.

Besides this, a "mineral" texture will be in fashion - like quartz crystals.


Most of all, autumn-winter shades - 2023 are suitable for make-up with a smoky effect - full-fledged smoky eyes or haze of shadows shaded along the eye contour. Products with a mineral texture or a metallic effect can be used to create soft arrows.


Beautiful makeup - 2023 for brown eyes

  1. Bright arrows

    Brown eyes like no other need contrast makeup to be in the spotlight. Therefore, feel free to take bright shadows and draw unusual arrows.

    If classic color makeup is your thing, finish your eye makeup with glitter. Is it possible not to notice such a make-up?

  2. Green Smokey

    Another way to accentuate brown eyes is to make a glowing makeup using green shadows. Let it be shadows and glitter from NYX Cosmetics - it is difficult to find them in a variety of equals.

Actual makeup - 2023 for green-eyed girls

  1. Coffee-colored monomakeup

    An on-trend option for every day could be a layer of matte milk-coloured eyeshadow applied to the moving eyelid.

    And in the evening you can cover the moving eyelids with a shimmer to get a highlight. And work out the contour of the eyes with black kayal.

  2. Green on green

    Did you know that green-eyed girls really like makeup in shades of green? The main thing is that the tone of the shadow and eyeliner should at least slightly differ from the color of the eyes and thereby create a soft contrast.

  3. Tenderness itself

For a date with green-eyed girls, we can recommend a lovely pink makeup, as in the photo below. Still, for romantic meetings it is better to choose the classics.

Makeup options - 2023 for blue or gray eyes

  1. Pastel Haze

    Surround the contour of light blue or light gray eyes with a cloud of shadows of the same delicate shades. It can be pink, blue, mint - or any other pastel colors.

  2. By the way, you can wear them not only separately, but also together, connecting the shades with a gradient.

  3. Simple graphics

    Examples from the web tell us that graphic arrows are still in vogue. For blue-eyed people, it is better to draw them not with black eyeliner, but with gray, dark blue, emerald or, for example, plum. The lines should be thin, otherwise, against the background of such arrows, the eyes may “get lost”.

How to make a trendy fashion eye makeup: step by step instructions

  1. Preparation

    Degrease your eyelids and apply a primer like Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay.

    After that, you can distribute the basic shades of a beige shade over the eyelids.

  2. Working with color

    If your plans include smoky eyes in bright trendy colors, then you can do without a beige base. Immediately blend over the eyelids with the desired shade of shadows - pastel or neon. Make sure that the borders of the shades are softened. If your choice is a graphic make-up with cream shadows or arrows, then the base in the form of a neutral shade of shadows will not hurt. With this preparation, the color will "fall" better.

  3. Final touches

    Finish your make-up with details. It can be a glitter accent at the outer corners or a highlight created by a shimmer in the middle of the eyelids. And also - kajal on the inner contour of the eyes. Finish off with a layer of mascara. If it is important for you to show off the beautiful shades chosen for your makeup, then you can not use mascara.


Which eye makeup trend 2023 is your favourite? Share your preferences in the comments.