Lamination-effect mascara, a collection of red lipsticks and shining products for a “glassy” glow of the skin are the beauty premieres of 2023, which promise to cause a rush of interest. But first things first

Maybelline New York Makeup Updates

In 2023, Maybelline New York has a few products that will benefit from finding a place in your everyday makeup bag. Among them:

  1. Cheek Heat blush

    This is a gel-cream blush in a tube. With a light translucent texture, they allow you to achieve a natural blush on the skin, similar to the one that adorns our faces on a hot summer day. To gently emphasize the cheekbones, a drop of Cheek Heat is enough.

    The blush blends effortlessly, leaving a weightless finish on the skin. The tool is ideal for a summer make-up. where to find?

  2. Eyestudio Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner

    This year, Maybelline New York delighted lovers of neat black eyeliners with the new Eyestudio Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner in felt-tip pen format.

    Applying is easier and more precise with a 6-sided body that fits comfortably in your hand and a flexible applicator. The lines dry quickly on the skin and last up to 24 hours - Maybelline promise that during this time the arrows will not be smeared or imprinted on the eyelids. Learn more about how to draw arrows with a liner in this video.

  3. The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

    This Maybelline New York mascara is inspired by popular in-salon lash lifts and perms. The Falsies Lash Lift is their alternative.

    The product contains fibers that "complete" the cilia along the length. The brush delivers a subtle curl that lasts up to 24 hours, says Maybelline New York.

  4. Superstay Concealer

    The Superstay foundation collection will soon be complemented by a concealer designed to work around the eye area. The tool will help you achieve the effect of flawless skin, successfully masking signs of fatigue. First of all, dark circles. Superstay Concealer has a thick texture that blends easily. As a result, the coating looks natural.

    Bruises under the eyes will not give themselves away: the concealer is waterproof, lasts up to 24 hours, without clogging into skin folds.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Spring Makeup Collection

Flowering spring nature, fresh colors that always delight the eye after a long winter, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Creating the spring collection - 2023 Blooming Crush, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté specialists gave free rein to creative imagination.

Perhaps the brightest of the new products are Radiant Touch 3D Glow radiant powder, which not only evens out the tone, but also gives the skin the effect of natural radiance, as well as Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler in a new shade with silver sparkles. This mascara is advised to be applied over the usual mascara - shimmering particles in its composition will make the look sparkling.

In addition, four new shades of radiant Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick will complement the Blooming Crush collection.

And Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer in two new shades.

The same shades are now in the La Laque Couture nail polish collection, so that spring manicure complements makeup and harmonizes with it in colors.

Lancôme New 2023

Lancôme kicks off the year with a reimagining of what's already been a hit. New versions of L'Absolu Rouge and L'Absolu Lacquer, released for Valentine's Day, and Renergie Lift Makeup foundation with an anti-age effect are among the new products that saw the light of day.

L'Absolu Rouge Valentine's Day Limited Edition Collection

For Valentine's Day Lancôme presented a limited edition lipstick L'Absolu Rouge. Dark red shade No. 196 Chili Cocoa and No. 274 Milk Tea, pink with a brown note, “dressed up” in soft velvet tubes for the holiday.

In addition to L'Absolu Rouge, Lancôme has launched L'Absolu Lacquer in matching shades. Frequent travelers who enjoy airport beauty shopping can pack these new arrivals in a heart-shaped box that turns your purchase into a beautiful gift set.

Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation

It has long been ranked among the best anti-age foundations, but this did not stop Lancôme from improving the formula of the product and releasing an updated version in 2023. Thanks to its special texture, the foundation makes wrinkles and other irregularities less noticeable. Reflective particles in the composition also conceal age-related changes. As a result, the face looks fresher and younger.

The formula contains a lot of useful ingredients, including vitamin E, caffeine, soybean oil, fern oil, iris extract and many others. Together with SPF 27, they promise special care for mature skin. And the 12-hour durability of the Renergie Lift Makeup coating allows you not to think about the need to regularly update the tone.

NYX Professional Makeup New 2023

In 2023, NYX Professional Makeup will surprise everyone who loves special effects makeup. The beauty brand launches the High Glass collection, which includes products to give the skin a radiant finish.

Inspired by the glass skin trend (a multi-step treatment that results in flawless "glassy" skin with natural radiance), the High Glass collection includes High Glass Face Primer, High Glass Illuminating Highlighter Powder in three shades, as well as High Glass Finishing Powder to complete the make-up.

Urban Decay makeup news

At the beginning of 2023, everyone who is not indifferent to Urban Decay cosmetics should take a closer look at the new lip product - Vice Lip Chemistry.

There will surely be a “chemistry” between you and this remedy, which the very name of the product predicts. It cannot be otherwise: the formula of the novelty is designed so that the shade of lipstick after its application adapts itself to your color type. In addition, the composition with beneficial ingredients adapts to the natural pH level of the skin.

And that's not all. The texture, which combines the properties of lipstick and tint, allows you to create on the lips an impressive make-up in its brightness with an ultra-glossy finish. The coating is soft and resistant - it promises to stay on throughout the day and not cause any discomfort.


Shu Uemura spring collection

Shu Uemura has done everything so that every woman can find her perfect red shade of Rouge Unlimited lipstick: there are as many as 13 of them in the new Flaming Reds collection.

Love for classic lip makeup in red color Shu Uemura emphasized by presenting novelties in scarlet bottles.

In addition to lipsticks, the collection includes a lip liner with a metallic effect - Magic Metallic Lip Liner.

Shades of Bronze Ou and Gold Wow will diversify experiments. The radiant liner will make your lip look truly fiery - as intended when creating Flaming Reds.

What new products in 2023 are you most looking forward to? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.